Write For Us Football Guest Post: Get Astonished By Learning About These Excellent Tips For Presenting The Guest Post Article!

About general information Write for Us Football Guest Post

The article explains the essential criteria needed to present the Write for Us Football Guest Post article in a reader-friendly and SEO-friendly manner.

Are you a sports enthusiast who has excellent writing skills? Are you looking for the right Write for Us Football Guest Post platform to expose all your interests in writing? Then we have come up with an excellent opportunity whereby submitting your sports article to our platform helps you gain immense popularity among our readers. So, we urge all interested candidates to try this opportunity to shine in their writing careers.

Greeting from “sweetsfoods.com”

We are a team of people who are religiously working towards providing complete audience satisfaction by publishing Football + Write for Us articles based on their needs. In addition to that, all our articles are more authentic.

Write for Us Football writers Essential Skill Sets and Experience

  • For a football-based article, we are looking for a writer who is strongly passionate about football; they should have the ability to analyze the match, and they should be able to reflect on the excitement and sadness of winning and losing the match in their article.
  • To make the articles more informative and technical, football staff, coaches, players, and sports managers can contribute their knowledge to us.
  • The person waiting to write the “Write for Us” + Football articles must compulsorily possess the necessary writing skills; we are not expecting Shakespeare’s English language skills, but normal ones presenting us with error-free articles.
  • The person with high experience and novice writers will get the same special treatment from us because the writings are paramount and not the experiences!

Write for Us + Football Reference topics

  • What is meant by goal-line technology in football?
  • What are the ranking systems in football games?
  • What environmental issues are associated with constructing a larger football stadium?
  • What is the difference between soccer and football?
  • Why are so many corruption allegations arising in the football industry?
  • Why are Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs so famous?

Football Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The word limit for a football article is 500 to 1500.
  • While addressing the football article, we request the writers to add some technical terms so that our readers can learn and get exposed to many new terms like free kick, penalty kick, corner kick, offside, back pass, dummy run, dribble, etc.
  • Because our “Write for Us” + “Football” team vehemently condemns piracy and plagiarism, please abstain from copying and pasting any information from sports sources. Only original stuff is needed.
  • If the writers discuss the performances of any football players, they should give the most recent information about those individuals.
  • Please avoid errors in English grammar, as this is a global sports article.

“Write for Us” + Football articles SEO guidelines

  • The article’s spam value should not exceed 4 to 5% because it could harm its Google search ranking and indexing results.
  • Authors of guest posts must have at least an 80% readability score, which greatly impacts SEO optimization.
  • The article must use high-scoring SEO keywords in the right context.
  • Without fail, internal and external websites should be cited in the articles.

Benefits to the Football + “Write for Us” writers

  • Our platform enables guest post authors to develop their thoughts rather than force our interests on them. That’s why they are allowed to select the topics for the article they are interested in.
  • We have a friendly writer and editor team to guide guest post contributors.
  • Because of our articles’ SEO friendliness, readers are more likely to read them, which increases their popularity.

How to submit the Football “Write for Us” article?

The football sports article must reach our platform via this highlighted mail address [[email protected]].

While submitting the article, if the writer holds any special position in football, they can mention it. For example, retired sports players, coaches, etc.

The Write for Us+ Football article must be submitted either in Word format or Google Doc format. Please don’t send us the article in other formats.


Football is a sport that holds millions of emotions beneath it, so the articles that are getting published will also receive various support and cheers. That’s why we urge everyone to unfailingly participate in this Write for Us Football Guest Post opportunity to witness the true love of our readers and many more Football fans.

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