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The article highlights the preferred educational qualifications needed by the General Write for Us Guest Post contributors while presenting their articles.

Are you the person who believes that online information has the potential to change people’s lives all over the world? Are you interested in publishing your solid interests and expertise for our fellow readers? If your answer is positive, we are here to assist you in exhibiting your valuable writing skills through our General Write for Us Guest Post articles. But the skills must be sharpened with instructions, and then its lustre will always stay, overshadowing the other articles.

Introduction to our platform “”

Our platform is one of the leading online content-creating forums. And we have taken up the duty to make our articles outshine from the other platforms by publishing high-quality General + Write for Us articles. And our readers have liked our approach, and we are getting more readers daily from different professionals and countries. And our contents are intended for the global population rather than a specific region.

We are publishing the below-mentioned topics in a reader-friendly manner.

  • Reviewing the Latest Websites and Products
  • Gaming Tips
  • Sports Updates
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Recent and Popular News

General Write for Us writers Desired Experience and Educational Qualification

There is a reason for selecting this general topic; in today’s world, people are increasingly curious about what is going on around their lives; thus, the general topic will have the power to satisfy all of their thirst for knowledge. Our readers may spend 5 to 10 minutes reading the whole article, but they spend valuable time showing their trust in our website.

Thus, every “Write for Us” + General guest post contributor should make an extra effort to educate our people by picking the issues and exciting facts happening in our daily lives.

Educational qualification: The interested candidate can be from any diverse educational background, but they should have proper knowledge about their field and its associated current information.

Skills: Candidates should have strong analytical and writing skills to produce quality articles for their readers.

Write for Us General Reference topics

If the guest post writers need help in selecting the topics, they can pick them from this list of topics or select a topic from their field of interest. Another method is to imagine yourself as a reader and ask yourself if, if you were in their shoes, you would be able to read the entire article with complete satisfaction. If the answer is yes, then the “Write for Us” + “General” writers can choose that topic.

  • The latest research works on increasing women’s menstrual hygiene, and currently, the world is debating the usage of chemical napkins during the menstrual period. Is it safer to use, and will it cause cancer in women?
  • Interesting FIFA World Cup facts
  • The latest government regulations on digital currencies and their workings

Write for Us + General Guidelines

  • The guest post writers should be responsible for creating content for all age groups; it has to be universal. Thus, we sincerely request the writers not use any explicit mature content in their articles. 
  • Please don’t promote any harmful products in the article; if any of the writers do so, it will be rejected immediately.
  • Write for Us+ General writers can draw inspiration from anywhere, but we cannot tolerate even 1% plagiarism, so kindly recheck the entire article for any copied content before submission.
  • The guest post writers should choose the simpler sentence over the complex jargon sentence; the more complex sentence may create many grammatical errors and decrease the readability score of the article as well.

“Write for Us” + General articles SEO guidelines

  • It is necessary to add the accurate keywords associated with the article; moreover writers can find the keywords from the Google Keyword Planner.
  • It will suggest high-score SEO words, and the writers should incorporate them into their articles.
  • Keywords play a significant role in increasing the SEO score, but they have to be used wisely.

General + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

Our reader base comprises various professional groups of people, including print media professionals; thus, if any of the people get to know about the works of the authors and if they get impressed with their works, then there is a higher chance for writers to move forward in their writing careers.

How to submit the General “Write for Us” article?

We only accept the completed articles sent via this [email protected]; any other submission method will not be considered.


We hope our guidelines are easier to follow for the authors; we are on a journey to create an enlightened and empowered reader community. And we also expect knowledgeable General Write for Us Guest Post authors to take part in our journey. Thus, we come forward to make a change in this content creation world using general topics articles.

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