Shestamp Reviews (Oct) Is This Website Legit Or Not?

Shestamp online website reviews

Shestamp Reviews: The article below will reveal some facts about an online platform claiming to deal only the unique products.

Does an online platform even dupe you? Our articles often suggest not to rely on any new online website without checking out its reviews. 

In this article below today, we will discuss some points about an online website launched to serve its customers with décor items, puzzles, stickers and many other products. But as suggested, please scroll down to Shestamp Reviews to know about the website’s reviews and get the answers to the frequently asked question about this website in the United States.

Get the details below!

What is Shestamp?

As already mentioned, Shestamp is an online platform claiming to provide Unique products to its customers. They have mentioned in their bio that the store has collaborated with some highly trained professionals and has links with some production houses to deliver their orders as soon as possible and have appointed vets to ensure product quality.

Scroll through this article to know the facts whether Is Shestamp Legit or not!

The website offers interchangeable gnome door stamps, jeep stamps, vintage truck stamps and many other options. They also offer keychains, stained glass window stickers, adhesive hooks and many other products.

We have mentioned the website’s specifications below, which will help you discover some of its policies!

Specifications of Shestamp

This section below will introduce you to the details of the policies mentioned by the website. This will help you gain better clarity about Shestamp Reviews

  • Website: The website deals with stamps and stickers.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Hymax Co Ltd, 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, Greater London, England.
  • Contact Number: Not mentioned on the Webpage.
  • Shipping Time: 48 hours after order placement.
  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping on orders above $39.
  • Delivery: 10-20 Days after the shipping process.
  • Returns: The website offers a 30-40 Days return policy.
  • Product Guarantee: The site is also offering 3 Day product guarantees.
  • Refund: Refunds for the returns will be initiated within a certain number of days.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX.

Pros of Shestamp:

After analysing the website’s specifications, go through its pros and cons in the next sections to get more facts about Shestamp Reviews. 

  • The website offers a 30-40 Day return Policy.
  • The website’s plus point is that it offers a 3-day product guarantee on its delivered products.

Cons of Shestamp:

  • The website’s company address is mentioned in the form of a screenshot attached to the page.
  • Contact Number is missing from the Webpage.
  • The website’s social media appearance is also not detected.
  • Some of the about us Content of the website is also copied from other links.

Is Shestamp Legit?

We have gone through an in-depth analysis of the website to reveal its authenticity, and all the related points are thus mentioned below for your clarity:

  • The website’s domain was registered only a month ago.
  • The Social Media Appearance of the platform is also missing.
  • The website’s contact number are also not available on the platform.
  • About us, the Content of the Webpage is also copied from the other pages.
  • We cannot find any other website with the same name, thus approving the website’s originality.
  • Shestamp Reviews are also missing over the internet.
  • The website’s shipping and return policy can be appreciated as they offer more time as compared.
  • The Trust Score of the website is also very low.
  • We are not able to find any trust pilot reviews for the same yet.

These all are some of the factors recognized while claiming the authenticity of any online platform. Based on all these, we cannot state this website to be entirely legit. Instead, it is a new platform launched only a few days ago, trying to reach its targeted audience.

Scroll down to the final verdict to know the conclusion of the article.

Shestamp Reviews:

As already mentioned, we cannot fetch any link over the internet directing to the website’s reviews. There might be the chances that people are still not aware of the platform, as it tries to establish itself.

Final Verdict:

You have gone through all the points directing to the website’s legitimacy and all the other facts. Based on all these factors, we can say that the website is too new to be judged. Instead, you must check out its reviews after some time, as it seems that it is still trying to be known to its targeted customers.

Have you ordered from Shestamp yet? Are you satisfied with Shestamp ReviewsPlease let us know your reviews in the comments section below for clarity and improvement.

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