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Guest Posting Guidelines – How to Submit Your Guest Post

Thanks for exploring the possibility of being a Guest Writer at Sweets Foods Blog!


What Kind of Posts I expect?

This blog cover principally three areas:

  • Blogging Tips / Resources / Tools / Blog Marketing – Intermediate, Advanced Level
  • Social Media / Social Networking / Social Media Marketing / Internet Marketing
  • Food Connections / Healthy Eating  / Lose Weight (Diets & Workouts)

By the moment, I want high quality and advanced articles, principally related to WordPress topics / blogging / social media / social media marketing / Internet marketing / mobile marketing.

Of course, I’m opened to new topics as long as they are in the categories mentioned above or similar new ones. Hence, contact me with your writing samples or post ideas of what you’ve in mind.


Which are the Benefits by writing Guest Posts?

For the Guest Writer:
You can get exposure to a new audience and the possibility of increasing your subscriptions with new readers for your site.
For every type of article I’ll be promoting it through my social networks and I guess that you’d do the same with your networks.

For my Readers: is viewing new points of view of different themes and exploring new interesting sites indeed.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Your post written for Sweets Foods must be original, in other words, the same has never been published on any other site/blog, including your own blog.
  • The article can include a by-line with a link to your blog, which will be put at the end of the article.
    – It’s not allowed linking to commercial sites /affiliate links; the same should be a blogger – guest post type.
    – If you represent a company, or is a freelancer for guest posts acting on behalf of your clients, sorry I’ll not consider your article.
  • Optionally, you can include in your by-line an extra link to your preferred personal social-site namely: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or whatever.
  • Search the blog to see the writing style and make sure that the subject you write doesn’t match a former article. Please avoid repeating themes already touched many times.
  • Proofread your article for grammatical or spelling errors. Anyway, I’ll check the same and if it were necessary, eventually, I can edit your work to correct it.
  • The article should have at least a minimum of 1500 words. If it’s possible, I prefer lengthy-quality articles; also it’d be scannable with headlines, sub-headlines, bulleted lists, etc.
  • I request to guest writers replying to each of all the comments generated of their own guest post. This is a social blog therefore after the post is live if you don’t reply to the comments, individually, in a reasonable term of 3 days, I reserve the right to delete the link in the author by-line. I know it’s harsh, but I don’t want people just “post and run”.
  • Please use an email address associated to your Gravatar image that you check often, to follow the comment-notifications and engage with the readers. At the bottom of the comment box, you’ve a button “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” to follow-up all the comments.
  • Please, link to former posts on my blog within the article, with topics-related to the same and also quality outbound links associated to it.  I’ll not accept your article if the in/out links aren’t included.
  • Attach any images you want to include in the post, including the correspondent credits and/or your own screenshots corresponding to the topic of the article.
  • If you’ve done other guest posts before, please submit some of the links to your past writing experience.

Any doubts about some point? Contact me right now, I’m all ears!


How long will it take for Your Guest Post to be Published on this Blog?

First I read your article or ideas and I’ll inform you if your guest post will be published and when.

Normally in one or two days, I’ll communicate with you about the status of your guest post. In one week, eventually, two weeks your article will be published, depending of the theme and other guest posts that I can have in the queue.


How to Submit Your Article:

Please submit your guest post as an attachment file in a word processor file or similar, and if you want, already formatted in HTML format (much better). Also include images as separate attachments.

Please state if the pictures are of your own; if not, give the link to the owner of the same (public domain or creative commons license)


Have You written Guest Posts for other Bloggers?

Yes, check out this example of guest post 10 Thoughts I Learned This Year that Will Help Your Blog

If you’ve in mind me to do a guest post for your site, please take notice that the available time to make it, depends of the work load I’ve at the moment and other weekly tasks. The better is always to contact me.



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