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Uruguay Food, Football, Forlan and Soccer World Cup 2010

  Uruguay food is linked intimately to football. With the good performance till now of the Uruguayan football team, the soccer passion is reaching new frontiers. Uruguayos and uruguayas (people from Uruguay, male and female respectively) are getting crazy with the World Cup games and Uruguayan dishes are involved too. Just in case, before entering […]

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Want to Lose Weight? Control Your Healthy Food Serving Sizes!

Overeating is one of the main causes of obesity worldwide, but we aren’t noticing that we’re eating more than the necessary and the food servings are increasing. Over the last years, the servings were increased in restaurants and fast food chains, accustoming people to consume more, hence rising the weight. Bigger food portion sizes means […]

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How to Deal with Social Media Every Week and Not to Get Lost at the Cyberspace

Every week that begins for me, I’m quite overwhelmed by emails coming, RSS reads, new followers plus Twitter mentions, Facebook emails/notifications, pending stumbles at StumbleUpon, Foodbuzz and more… If I add to comment on other fellow blogs, write future posts and to promote your articles on your social networks, this can be so time-consuming (unfortunately […]

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