WPHypnoLinks Review: For Your Eyes Only

WPHypnoLinks plugin for your WordPress blog

Being a techie, I like trying always new tools. This WPHypnoLinks review is the case.

Although I couldn’t be a beta tester, I followed the evolution of this WordPress plugin until the final product and after winning a contest, I could use it.

The antecedents come by the hand of Andy Bailey, who codes and develops top-notch plugins like the Commentluv premium plugin.


What is the WPHypnoLinks WordPress plugin?

In brief, it lets to build links from keywords/key phrases according to your settings; highlighting keywords with “Jedi” effects to avoid link-blindness and more. Every blogger should make internal links to older posts and also mask affiliate links (in that way the links are shorter and most important, they don’t have your affiliate ID or of the vendor, avoiding commission thieves)


Plugin Wphypnolinks for WordPress


Perhaps you’re wondering, hey there are plenty of cloak (mask) WordPress plugins out there, why is this different?
It’s Google penguin proof and also it doesn’t overload your server. Keep reading and you’ll find out the reasons!

I’ve been using SEO smart links plugin and Pretty link like, together for those similar tasks, but both lack of some characteristics as you’ll see.
SEO smart links works fine but has a problem, all those autolinks can damage your SEO plans because Google doesn’t like those automatic stuff and they are struggling with new algos to hit sites that are using these types of plugins. Therefore bye bye SEO smart links!

About Pretty link like is an excellent plugin, but if you’ve a decent quantity of links, it can hoards all the WP resources of your server, not a good signal.
Indeed, I’m still using together with WPHypnoLinks because I don’t want to change manually all the links already established before, hence I’m mixing Pretty link old links with new WPHypnoLinks links.


Where does WP-HypnoLinks WordPress plugin shine?

It runs on the user-browser, after the page is displayed, almost without touching your server (you can set heap of links without any issues)
Also, the links are only seeing by humans and are not indexed by the search engines spiders. So here we go, is Google penguin/panda or all zoo-proof and you don’t overload your server, a nice combo, aren’t they?


Wphypnolinks Review


Even more, the links don’t show in the source of the pages so you can be relaxed, you won’t be hit by Google because, again, the auto-links you see, are for your eyes only – I like James Bond films 😉


WPHypnoLinks Plugin Benefits

  • Super Fast: has a cache system avoiding overload your server
  • Mask Links: pointing to your own blog or outside
  • Hypnotic Effects: change link effects, colors, speed and types
  • Google Penguin Proof: future algos from Google, doesn’t matter
  • Click Statistics: analyze each click. Google Analytics and Clicky compatible
  • Rotate Outbound URLs: Until 5 different URLs for split tests to see who works better
  • Import/Export Links: moving your links to other blogs is painless
  • Link Manually: use a special button on the visual editor for that task
  • Tested on Different Devices & Systems: Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • Updates Automatically: so easy, few clicks and done


Wphypnolinks Masker Rotator


Why Bloggers-You, Should Be Using WP-HypnoLinks?

  • This plugin really helps you in terms of internal linking in your blog, set it once and all your blog will have these links, improving clicks with a white-hat procedure and without worrying about Google.
  • Related to outbound links, if you sell affiliate products with platforms like Amazon, Clickbank, JvZoo, Shareasale, Skimlinks, etc. WPHypnoLinks will power them because is functional, efficient speaking about your servers, and of course you can mask your affiliate links.
  • Want to highlight a special link? No, problem you can set effects, colors, and speed.
  • Want to try different landing pages as external links? Try the rotator to experience different performances.


Fact: You can Try WPHypnoLinks Before You Buy

Yes, WPHypnoLinks has the chance to have a free fully functional trial for 2 days – the plugin works with all the characteristics I showed before, and many more – I don’t want to bother you with a complete manual – we are all busy 😉

The launching price of WPHypnoLinks is of $47, for a limited time, and for unlimited blogs that you own.

I’m using this plugin to leverage my internal links, outside targeting selected keywords and really it’s working like a charm.

Sign up for a free full 2 day trial here or click any of the links/banners related to WPHypnoLinks.


Wphypnolinks Plugin


Using or tried a similar plugin like this? How is/was the performance on your server?

I’d like to hear your experiences about this matter in the comment area 🙂



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    Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Gera,

    From an SEO point of view I won’t likely use automated linkbuilding plugins or services – but after reading the post I think I will have to check it out for myself – Is it really too good to be true? Thanks for the mention, might just prove to be a very valuable plugin.


      Anton you’re right, today everybody should be cautious automatic things, but this plugin is only for human eyes, so Google doesn’t matter 🙂


    You’ve peaked my curiosity. Will def. check it out for more info. Thanks 🙂


      Joanne if you check it and install it, let me know how it goes!


    Interesting, thanks!




    Laurent you’re right. WP Hypnolinks creates the link in the browser every time the page is displayed; it’s not a link that Google indexes because it’s NOT a standard link like href=”URL” + keyword

    SEO smart links and other autolink-plugins, are pre-programmed to find target-keywords that are stored in the WP database. When a keyword is matched, they put a standard link over this keyword.

    The problem is the system, not the plugins, because Google is looking for “natural” links and if they start to see a link with an exact-repeated-keyword, several times in a post, is obvious that is done automatically.
    It doesn’t matter if you can control the quantity of links per post, because probably this specific keyword is repeated many times along the whole blog and for that motive, you can be penalized.

    Thanks for your input.


    Interesting and informative post,Gera! I love learning about SEO and internal links! My husband is the person behind my blog and he does all the hard work, but I love reading and learning about this!


      Thank you Erica! I think that interlinking and SEO are topics that should be interesting for all type of bloggers, since we, all, want more traffic.
      I know your husband must have lot of work, but the result with your site is evident, great 🙂


    Astro, I’ve deleted SEO Smart Links and now I’m using for that task WPHypnoLinks. The head of Google spam team, Matt Cutts announced that is coming another spam-cleaning and I don’t want to be hit, just in case, by them for having autolinks that are indexed. With WP-HypnoLinks, I’m relaxed about it. I’m using it for normal interlinking and for outlinks with the slow/very-slow option in certain cases.

    You’re right; the share bar is the Digg Digg plugin and in some cases randomly, is not loading properly giving this blank space. Hope the Buffer team will fix this bug in future updates. Thanks for the warning and good week ahead!


    I knew if I didnt check here, I would have missed some great info.. been on Holiday,.. will pass the info along! Thanks Gera


      Claudia hope you’ve had a superb Holiday! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


    Julius totally with you. We don’t know if in the future Google can index those links, they are improving their algorithms constantly. Thanks for your input!


    Felicia if you try it, tell later how WP plugin goes 🙂


    Thanks so much Haily. If you any doubt about it, just drop me an email.


    Well personally I don’t use the automatic link building software/ services, why? Well if you go on to Odesk.com you can pay an Indian in India to do all the leg work like create 1000 backlinks for $30 which is what I do. The automated software costs more and you don’t know if it is true to its word or not. So far m site has been going for 3 months has a pr4, 2500 backlinks and 200 hits per day. so all in all my advice is pay a real person to do it, it works for me plus you are helping feed some Indian guys family. Good post! Keep up the good work! All the best from Dubai!


    Nicole you’re right, with all the recent Google algo updates plugins that make automatic links, just to make internal links, have no value for them (worst, if they are used extensively or in a bad way you could be penalized, this is why I dumped SEO smart links)

    WPHypnoLinks can do internal links only for people via the browser, but they don’t have any SEO value, so Google doesn’t matter at all.
    If you use WPHypnoLinks for a better navigation within the site is fine, again for humans, not spiders. Also, WPHypnoLinks is excellent to make links pointing out to affiliate links that care simply to people.
    Many thanks for your input.


    Hi I am in the process of setting up my second site. This time with word press. Looks like a better platform than I used for my first one. But that really was just to see if I enjoyed what I was doing. I am not 100% clear about all this. But will give hypo links free version or trial a go. Definatly to see of it helps me.

    Great bit of info thanks lee


    Adam, as I know, there is not an official coupon or discount available 🙁

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