Internet Marketing (IM) Graphics Plugin Review – Landing Pages and More

Internet Marketing Graphics Plugin Box

I want to introduce you to a brand-new excellent Internet Marketing (IM) Graphics Plugin, and also to clear up some concepts related to landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages and opt-in pages.

Internet Marketing Graphics Plugin Box
You can use this WordPress graphics plugin, to build those types of pages in an easy way, without any type of additional knowledge and even more, without hiring a web designer / programmer!

I had luck to be a beta tester of this great graphic plugin, and I’ve been testing it in several places with very good results.


But now, briefly, let’s start explaining more about these popular Internet marketing pages:


What is a Landing Page?

In a simple manner: it’s the page where you land! – but the landing page was designed to accomplish a purpose πŸ˜‰
You can arrive to this landing page, from an ad or banner or a specific link and so on.

The idea behind the landing pages is to prepare the terrain for a purchase or to pre-sell some kind of affiliate product. Also, not necessarily the goals are sales, can be subscriptions or try to capture email addresses in exchange for a freebie.

It’s common to put on social media profiles, links to landing pages. In that way you know, exactly, from where this person arrived to your site from.


What is a Squeeze Page?

The purpose of a squeeze page is to ask the visitor some type of data. Generally speaking, it’s the email, and may be the name. The visitor gets as an exchange, another extra page with rich-content or a gift or an e-book.

The layout should be simple, few colors and without any type of additional outgoing links. The visitor enters the data into the form or leave the page, there is no second option.

I bet you’ve visited tons of squeeze pages, especially when you subscribe to newsletters!

There are more sophisticated, who add audio or video (video squeeze pages) but the idea is the same: collect data.

In many cases, squeeze pages are also called opt-in pages because you opt to enter your email. You confirm the subscription and probably you’ll receive a follow up email done with an autoresponder.


What is a Sales Page?

If you’ve purchased something online, you’ve been there!

There are plenty of information, testimonials, calls to action buttons, bullets and buy now or download now, etc.
If you’ll purchase, after the sale page, you’ll go immediately to the payment-page.


And may be you wonder: what the heck is the relationship of those pages with the IM Graphics Plugin? A lot! Really, a lot!


Let’s see the installation and the main characteristics of the Internet Marketing images plugin, plus why it’s useful to make those pages!



Normally, plugins can be uploaded as zip files in the dashboard, as long as the file is less than 2MB. On this case, the package comes with over 9MB, therefore you must install the plugin via FTP or CPanel / Filemanager.

In my case, I decided to install it via CPanel.

Tip: I’ve found that if you try to upload any type of file (no only the plugin) via CPanel and you’re using Chrome browser, perhaps there can be some type of issue. Hence, do it with Firefox browser.

  • Go to CPanel — > File Manager –> Go to your domain
  • Next, go to the “wp-content” –> Go to the “plugins” folder.
  • Upload the zip file on the “plugins” folder.
  • Extract it there.
  • Return to your WordPress site / dashboard and on plugins, the IMG should be there.
  • Click Activate – Ready!


How to Use IM Graphics Plugin

It’s very easy and powerful too!
Press the IM button on post area
You’ll see a pop up with all the buttons available by default.

How to Use - IM Graphics Plugin

Select the folder of the button you want.

Select the color and the position where you’ll place it: center, left, right, none.


WP Graphics Plugin - Folders - checkmarks

Press Insert – Bingo!

You’re viewing in action these great graphics, right here, right now on this post πŸ˜‰ All of them are inserted via this plugin.


IM Graphics Plugin Benefits


Save time and money: You don’t need expensive software, programmers or costly WordPress themes to generate marvelous landing/squeeze/sales pages.

Boost your regular posts; enhancing the visual aspects of the same, like I’m doing with this post πŸ˜‰

Expandable: You can add your own graphics, independently of the WordPress media, on the correspondent folder of the plugin.

PNG, JPEG and PSD graphics are included to play with. With the PSD (Photoshop) graphics you can change colors, texts, etc

It can be installed and used on any WordPress theme.


IMG Disadvantage:
Instead of uploading the plugin normally on dashboard, the upload should be done via FTP or CPanel, but practically none of the hosts admit 9MB of files (the package of high quality-professional graphics)
Actually in few minutes, it was up and running. Truly, I don’t see any other type of disadvantage.

I’ve seen these types of visual add-ons with special premium WordPress themes or touching your WP code to add the images by hand in the case, for e.g. bullets.

This is the first time, I handle easily those graphics, and surely I’ll add even more images to my catalog – having more colors on posts, and making them more scannable, plus visual appealing πŸ™‚

For your information, this plugin is also developed by Andy Bailey, the genius behind of the awesome CommentLuv.


Pack of Premium Quality Graphics - IM Graphics Plugin


You’ve a myriad of graphics, then of potential marketing tools:

  • Arrows
  • Attention Phrases
  • Blank Footers
  • Blank Headers
  • Bonus Signs
  • Call to action Buttons
  • Check Marks
  • Dollar Value Signs
  • Guarantee Signs
  • Numbers
  • Price Tags
  • Stickers


You can get the plugin and the pack of premium quality graphics – plus as bonuses – a set of free .psd files, empty shapes pack and retro badges pack, for $47 here >> IM Graphics Plugin


This an example of a call to action button, cool, isn’t it?


Ready to boost your site? Grab it here: Internet Marketing Graphics Plugin


Feel free to comment, exposing your ideas and thoughts about this IM plugin – I’m listening you πŸ™‚


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    Thanks for your comment Shubham! It costs $47 and you can visit it here


    Vernessa, yes uploading it via FTP is ideal, but it can be done also via Cpanel.

    Thanks! I tried to make it as detailed as possible to be helpful.

    You’re right, Andy only releases good products.

    Much appreciated your feedback πŸ™‚


    Any idea where to find good landing page templates? I can’t find any anywhere… I found but that’s it. You’d think there’d be a bigger market.

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