Seven Mobile Restaurant Apps to Spot the Best Around You

Restaurant Apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone


As John R. Kemble puts it, “what is stronger than a mother’s love? It’s the smell of spring onions on your girl’s breath”. Such has been the impact of a good food in one’s life. It sometimes makes you wonder if there is anything on Earth that is more precious than a delicious dish. Often all a person is able to think about is savouring that yummy meal at the end of each day. What could be better?

Although a delicious dish does not mean the same for everybody. Remember, one man’s food may be another man’s poison. So, how do you find your delectable food? It’s simple. Feed yourself with technology.

Whether looking for the best fish and chips in London or the best sushi in Tokyo, you are sure to find it with an exhaustive list of Android apps. For more information regarding the best apps for Android why not visit one of the many exhaustive online resources? Like visiting AndroidPIT’s Android blog. Here you will find both applications related to food and a whole host of other things in addition. Give it a try today. Finding an Android blog that suits you, can prove to be invaluable for the dedicated Android user.

So, let me talk about few mobile restaurant apps that will serve you in choosing or making the best food to facilitate better eating habits.


Restaurant Apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone


#1 Yelp

Yelp gives you perhaps the most honest and unbiased selection of restaurant-reviews available. Though there are a number of sites and services that give you this information, Yelp stands out among them.

This is particularly useful when you are looking to find a restaurant quickly and without much fuss. The beauty of this particular app, is that you can find a restaurant with reference to your GPS system. Just insert your coordinates and let your Android do the rest of the work.

The app also features certain scheduling capabilities like sending invitation for lunch to a specified list of contacts. Yelp is absolutely free to download for most devices, including Android, iPhone and Blackberry.


#2 Foodspotting

Like to take pictures of your food? Can’t start a meal without savouring the image? Then Foodspotting may be is the app for you. Never forget that delicious meal again with Foodspotting, the application that lets you share all your favourite meal snaps with an active community of users.

This helps other users to find the best possible dishes around his city in a neat pictorial form by scrolling through the photos. This application allows users to find their best dishes in cities, they have never been before.

As with the above, Foodspotting is available for download for a variety of devices including all those mentioned.


#3 Seafood Watch

Developed by the members of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, is capable of identifying the sea-foods from different restaurants and stores. It allows users to search for different sea foods using the common market name and also allows them to sort foods based on rankings. The app is also further enhanced to allow users to add restaurants and stores with their favourite sea foods.

Seafood Watch app is available for both iOS and Android users.


#4 Zagat

Zagat is a universal food app for the iPhone, Android and everything in between. It can find nearby restaurants automatically using GPS much like Yelp. It lets users to read reviews and view ratings of almost 30,000 restaurants. Also the app provides offline access in case of unavailability of WiFi and 3G.

Being a paid app at $9.99, it boasts additional features like Table reservations, browsing thousands of restaurant menus, user recommendations, view photos and get tips on dishes. Also it is compatible with Android, Blackberry, WebOS and Windows phones.



With WHERE, you can look out for the best places nearby and the best things to do when travelling. The application helps you to find out what are the best local places around and offers that are suitable for you.

With just a few taps, the app allows you to find the best bars, restaurants, stores and more. You may be accessible to new deals and offers with the local business. You may save your favourite places and synchronize them with your friends. You may even keep track of all the special offers and get notified when an offer is announced.

The application is available for iTunes.


#6 UrbanSpoon

Are you confused about where to have the best food experience? Here is an application that can help you. Just shake your iPhone and the device will help you in picking up a good restaurant. With comprehensive list of choices, you may also see what your friends recommend.

Special features of the application include – finding restaurants around you using the GPS, filtering list neighbourhood, cuisine or price searching, comparing and rating for local restaurants along with fellow-eaters. It covers most of the places in the United States, Canada and other metro areas.

The application is available for free in your iTune store.


#7 Don’t Eat At and Don’t Eat That

Yet another wonderful app! This application is used in addition to Foursquare (a popular location-based social networking site). When a restaurant has been flagged as having terrible food, or is unhygienic or any number of negative factors, the potential diner receives a text message warning she or he to leave the restaurant.

This app works based on public opinions that helps a user differentiate between genuine restaurants and other restaurants that look catchy from outside, but may not be the best behind the scenes.

Don’ Eat That is an iPhone application priced at $1.99. The app will tell you exactly what ingredients are good for kids, pregnant women and a whole host of other useful dietary information.

I eat merely to put food out of my mind” -N.F. Simpson. There are several men and women around, who live to eat rather than eat to live, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, food is the greatest gift of God in all sense.

Be sure to check out our recommendations today to increase your chances of uncovering the most pleasing dining experience today.


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