Five Mid-Morning Snacks

Healthy Mid Morning Snacks


Mornings are the toughest part of the day for many of us, and after coffee or an energy drink, we can get ourselves motivated. Sometimes we simply do not have the time to brew that pot of coffee, or we forget to bring it with us. Other times coffee just is not enough to get us through to lunch.



Healthy Mid Morning Snacks


Here are five mid-morning snacks that can get you through to lunch and tame that grumpy tummy or give you the little boost to get through.


100-Calorie Goodness

Companies like Nabisco © and Kraft© have developed snacks that fills the bill for a mid-morning snack. They make little bags of Cheez-its© or cookies that have only 100 calories and they do not interfere with your caloric intake if you are dieting. The key to eating these are keeping yourself to having just one bag and saving room for lunch. There is also just enough sugar to get you by and not make you jittery. Find 100-calorie packs in many vending machines and in bulk at your favorite grocer.


A Handful of Peanuts

Peanuts are a great source of protein, come in a variety of flavors, and come in salted, roasted, and raw varieties. They do contain fat but it is not the saturated kind. Pistachios are also a great healthy snack food but are a bit more expensive. Try stay away from the honey roasted kinds that are easily accessible at most stores; they contain a lot of sugar for the amount of food you are eating.



Grapes are very satisfying, and have good water content. They also have natural sugars that give you a juicy little boost. Grapes also come in a vast array of colors and you can find seedless as well. A Zip-lock© bag full of these little health food gems is a great way to get through that mid-morning hunger craving.


Apple Slices

Apple slices are another fruit that works well for snacking. They have fiber, and the natural sugars and low calories are perfect for most any diet. Half an apple should be good for most mid-morning snacks. You can spice up your snack and add a little flavor with a smattering of peanut butter. The contrast in taste is a delight, and the peanut butter adds protein that is excellent for giving you a healthy boost.


Pigs in a Blanket?

Yes, pigs in a blanket. This is not a recipe post, but here is a quick way to make delicious mid-morning snacks for the entire week.

You need a can of biscuits, and a package of turkey sausage links. Turkey sausage has 60% less fat than regular sausage and has that substance and meat that many people crave for a snack. Pre-heat the oven to 400, and open your can of biscuits. Spray Pam or put grease on a cooking or biscuit sheet. Preferably, Pam as there are no calories.

Take out the biscuits and roll them flat with your hand. You can then place a sausage link inside of the biscuit and fold the sides of the biscuit around the sausage so that it is covered. Place all of the sausage biscuits into the oven and bake for ten minutes.

You can even place a small piece of cheese along with the sausage when you are cooking it, or condiments and other surprises if it suits you.

It is a real time saver to make these over the weekend, and then get up and take one or two with you to work in the morning. When you get to work, or are ready for a snack, just microwave them when you are ready.


Which is Your Favorite Mid-Morning Snack?


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    Great suggestions! Nuts and fruit are great for snacks. Usually in between breakfast and lunch I have a greek yogurt, it is full of protein and tastes delicious too!

    Srinivas Reddy

    I never have a mid-morning slump. My energy slump is usually in the afternoon (nothing a small nap can’t fix 🙂 ). As a morning routine, this is what I practice and recommend: copious amount if water upon rising (system flush), wait 1/2 hr, follow with fruits (body cleansers), wait 1/2 hr, follow with freshly cooked good carbs (whole grains) or protein. This routine along with green tea keeps me cruising until lunch without any slump whatsoever.


    a couple of bananas does the trick for me, eat before fully ripe they are a good source of energy also good for lowering cholesterol and B.P.


    you need to be having 5 small healthy meals a day this keeps your cholesterol and blood suger levels safe


    peanuts are good you can use a variety of nuts such as almonds which are packed with nutrition that can help reduce your waistline. Studies have indicated that almonds can help combat high cholesterol, obesity, high blood sugar and diabetes


    I find eating apples heavy in my stomach. Though its pretty expensive to buy fruits that will serve as my morning snacks, its pretty much healthier than any other foods.


    my favorite snack to munch on mid morning, are celery sticks dipped in home made humus!


    what ever your mid morning snack may be you need to sprinkle it with chia seed, the benefits this little seed has is astounding its pack full of omiga 3 and loads more


    Great Article! My favourite are the apple slices because it is a fresh meal. I will also try the Grape meal. Thanks for sharing this information!

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