StumbleUpon Tips and Tricks to Stumble Upon like a Rockstar!

StumbleUpon Tips and Tricks to Stumble Upon like a Rockstar Picture


Is still StumbleUpon a secret for you? Don’t understand the SU basics or the nitty-gritty of its working?
Whether you use it just for fun or to increase your blog-traffic, this article will be perfect for you!



StumbleUpon Tips and Tricks to Stumble Upon like a Rockstar Picture

There are available several very good articles about SU explaining the essentials and more, but I want to contribute with – my own pure experience – as a frequent stumbler with truly StumbleUpon advanced tips.

Then, I’ll cover the “how to use StumbleUpon-basics” briefly, and move on aiming to deeper SU secrets, (really not well-known) or unread in the StumbleUpon-FAQ in the advanced segments. Ready?

The first StumbleUpon tip: consider the same etiquette of the all Internet, have fun, not abuse the system independently of your interests and always remember avoiding these social media mistakes.

But first:

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon or SU is a great community of Internet users called “stumblers” who discover, share articles, information, news, photos and videos customized to their interests. Also, we can define SU as a social-related discovery engine based fundamentally in its toolbar installed in your machine (almost essential to use it) and available for several browsers (I recommend Firefox and Chrome)


On this StumbleUpon guide you’ll find two different points of view:
The more bookmaking-side and the community-related.

Let’s begin with the SU basics.

Certainly as every social network, you should fill your profile and interests. Managing your interests is important because your future stumbles will be based in those preferences.
Put your profile picture – avatar (I recommend to put the same like you’ve on Twitter, Facebook or other social sites) and choose a StumbleUpon theme that suits you best.


SweetsFoods StumbleUpon Profile Image

Take some time at those settings, remember that other stumblers will visit your profile and it’s better to maximize the space available. If you’ve a blog put the URL of the same and even a subscription page adding links to your other social profiles.


StumbleUpon Bookmaking-Side


StumbleUpon ToolBar


Stumbleupon Firefox Toolbar Description and Buttons Picture


You can customize also the buttons available; these are what I’ve on my bar at Firefox.
The appearance of Chrome and Opera bar is lighter, I prefer the Firefox-version. Now, you can install a StumbleUpon bookmarklet in your preferred browser or you can stumble without bar, but it’s much better if the StumbleUpon toolbar bar is installed.

– Stumble: show your next-random page – but it depends heavily of your preferences.
– Shares Waiting: If those red numbers increase quickly and you get nervous seeing it all day – one StumbleUpon tip: hide the bar when you’re performing important tasks or when you’re writing. When you need to stumble a page, just enable again. You can use the default CTRL + F11 to switch (sometimes it doesn’t work this combination and I’ve chosen other)

SU can be very addictive and like other social networks, use it in bursts of time of 15-20 mins if not, you can drain all your productive time stumbling, you must manage your presence in the cyberspace wisely.
Those numbers will be affected with the noise other stumblers sending you, so you should control who you are following.  See more at this point in the community chapter.

– Up and Down: Need I say more?
– Tags: They are paramount in the classifications of the pages. A big mistake, in order to save few seconds, is to avoid putting the correspondent tags. Why? Other people will find your stumbles, profile, even for SEO for the search engines, so put them and be descriptive when you’ve the chance. You’ll read more about tags soon in the SU discovery-process and reviews.
– Quick Direct Share: From here, you can share individually to other stumblers and see recent shares in a basic way (there is an advanced sharing inside StumbleUpon)
– Info: Very handy when you want to see who has liked or reviewed the page you’re visiting.
– Your favorites: All your liked gathered as favorites, organized as “grid” or “list”.
– Recent activity: Update here is the last stumbles of people you follow
– Stumblers: People you’re following
– Inbox: Center of internal messages. The private kitchen of SU 🙂
– Groups: There are lot of interesting group-discussions you can join, but aren’t very popular. I use from time to time the SU help or SU group.
– Tools: The word says all. You can change here topics, SU toolbar options, find new stumblers, help, etc.


StumbleUpon Discovery Process

If the page you just thumbed-up isn’t added to the StumbleUpon index, a discovery window will pop up.


StumbleUpon Discovery and Review Process Picture


You’ve two options:

* Quick Submit: this option is handy if you don’t want to lose time in adding a review. The SU system will do your work automatically classifying the page in a category. Why this can be useful? For example, let’s say you’ve discovered an article that you know is very important for your niche and very soon other people can stumble it, before you finish the manual process. You use the quick submit in a snap, then you’ll appear as the person – before others- who discovered that article. With enough time later, you can add a review or correct the category.

* Add a review, here you’d add:
If the page is safe, in other words, nothing adult-related.
Topic:  Choose the topic you feel suits best to the article.
Tags: Fundamental for others finding the article, even for SEO. Here I use one of the software tool for bloggers: Memokeys with my popular tags already stored in memory – very practical.
Review: Also very important because your stumble will stand out of other stumblers when they are visiting that page.
Language: normally English by default, you can change it accordingly.

Which is the advantage in discovering a page, photo or video, before others? Your profile will appear as the person who discovered on all the StumbleUpon system and many of other stumblers will have curiosity in seeing who is that person, visiting your profile, subscribing to your stumbles and even sending an internal message.

I’ve “discovered” many online-friends in that way. Every time somebody visits your profile, you’ll see them in visitors – with red numbers. Curiosity is part of the human nature!


StumbleUpon Community

Let’s begin about Following / Followers – the situation is very similar like Twitter.

– Following: You can follow other stumblers that you find interesting to a maximum of 500 stumblers (here is the difference with Twitter, so choose them if you really like their content)
The content of the persons you follow will appear in your StumbleUpon stream, depending also if you’ve interests in common.

– Followers: Stumblers that are following you and they will see all your movements at SU, identical to Twitter – instead of tweets you’ll see thumb ups and discoveries.
There is not limit for stumblers who are following you.

– Shares
In order both persons can share their material each other – both must have “accept shares to my toolbar” enabled.
Caution again: only accept sharing from people you trust. Un-check stumblers who are sending you overload of information or crap! Your time is gold; hence do not hesitate in doing it to minimize the red numbers on your toolbar from noisy people.


Stumbleupon Sharing Accept or Not in Your Toolbar Picture

StumbleUpon trick: when you visit stumblers take a look their favorites and also the “Interests”. In that way, you’ll have an idea if worth-following that person and even if worth to enable or not, the sharing option.

You can share to your followers clicking the bottom “share” in each article of your favorites. As always, use your common sense- like to be overwhelmed of shares on your toolbar? Well, most of other stumblers either, therefore use the sharing-option with prudence and with material that worth-to-share.

Other SU tip: Like receiving emails without subject in your regular email address? No, well I don’t either! – then with SU-share is the same thing, type brief words about the material you’re sending! Internally these messages are the communication channels of StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon Shares Pending to be Reviewed Image



Now you can know- before hand – the shares sent and received. Just click Inbox -> View Shares and voila! Here you’ll see the shares waiting on your toolbar in red color, this time-saving and it allows clicking the ones you consider interesting, first and discard or overlook the rest.

Anyway in your toolbar all the “sharings” waiting don’t disappear (it’s only a preview) – I’d like the option to delete the others that I’m not interested, but for the moment, isn’t possible, and then you must click all the sequence to reach the desired page via the toolbar.

A common question done for bloggers and internet marketers. Can I stumble my own material? Yes…but not overdo it!. Use the same adage of Twitter. Like twitters that only tweet their links? No, well here it’s the same.

From time to time, stumble your article – but remember this is a great community and be social -not selfish and vote up, review material of the other stumblers, enjoy, and have fun!. This isn’t a contest about how many “ups” you have or followers – honest social networking is the key!

If you’re thinking about traffic yes, SU can give waves of them, sometimes is not the best bounce-rate, but it’s up to you about your blogging strategies. Again keep in mind that some people could be a future friend or subscriber and then more stumbles to you, then more traffic.


** Extra Stumble Upon Bonus, PhotoBlog It!

You’ll find stumblers with really beautiful stumbles, some of them masterpieces with superb photos and colors. You already know that we’re visuals and you can dress your thumb ups, discoveries and reviews with photos available in the article you just voted. Other people go a step further, adding images from external hosts that aren’t related to the article just for fun – not my case.


How can you add a photo of the article to SU?
First the how: this option is available for users with the toolbar installed. Right-click on the image you’d like to add and then clickStumbleUpon Photoblog It!”.
The image must be smaller than 715 x 715 pixels and a weight less than 250K.

Benefits: Stumblers love nice blogs (yes they call it blogs), full of pictures (instead of just plain links) and when other stumbler visit your profile she/he can be impressed and may be will be a future followers. This is a nice and funny method to become more popular.


…And Even More StumbleUpon Tips!


** SU in “Stealth Mode” and Why Use It
Want to know how to visit other stumblers in stealthy-mode? Even if you hide the toolbar, your cookies are saved in your browser and will reveal your identity. The better way is to copy the URL address of the stumbler and paste it in other browser that you aren’t using for SU. Simple and effective.

But, why? If you’re dealing with a potential spammer and you don’t want to warn them you’ve visited it, this is useful. Also if someone new to you is requesting something like a friendship, etc , but you like seeing who is that person, without noticing to her/him your visit, then you can use this simple method.


** Maximum 500 Shares and You’re Over!

What happen when you don’t use SU for a while? Well your “received” shares increase and increase… but there is a limit, Max 500 (having noisy people and you can reach them easily!).
The good news is that StumbleUpon stops counting the “shares” and disables the system after reaching the maximum.
The bad news is if you start using SU again, those 500 shares will be waiting for you and they must be clicked, repeatedly to reach a zero – there is no way to “empty” them at once.


StumbleUpon Maximum Shares are 500 Image

And other additional SU tip: If you communicate with other stumblers – via shareshave in mind that they must be quite active on the SU community, because if they don’t use SU for long time, these messages will not reach them; again after they reach the 500 max, next shares (message included) are deleted.

If this is your case, it’s better sending messages via the internal SU system that will generate probably an email or they will be recorded in the SU inbox, with a red number.

StumbleUpon is an excellent community, visit other stumblers, review their profiles, vote, discover good stuff and you can be addicted ;-)…but also you can make good friends!


Over to You:
Using StumbleUpon or used before? If it’s yes, then which is the best characteristic about it?
If you aren’t using it, which is the motive? A StumbleUpon alternative?
I’d be delighted to know your thoughts in comments, of all your feelings about StumbleUpon!


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Gera is a techie & foodie passionate about how to succeed in social media. He focuses also on successful blogging tips and food connections. You can connect with him on Google +. Subscribe to his Free WPulsar Newsletter about WordPress Plugin & Theme Reviews, Blogging and Social Media.

claudia lamascolo

This diffinitely is a help for me I have never understood stumbleupon especially since I never get any more stumbles than who I share it with.. I see some info that goes far beyond the imagination in hits and traffic… but never have been able to crack that code… will continue to see if the mystery becomes clear in the future… this article has some great tips for beginners wished I had it a year ago too! 🙂 will share with everyone!


    I know Claudia! StumbleUpon has its tricks and can be sophisticated to use or simply just for fun, is related to your targets. I tried to cover for both.

    Sometimes the “ups” you can get are random or bots, but it depends also of the friends and mutual interests. Thanks for all your feedback!

Kristi Hines

Now that is a comprehensive guide. Never thought about visiting stumblers in stealth mode – going to have to try that! 🙂


    Every now and then, some stumbler deserves a visit in this “silent mode”, it’s very basic, but it can be useful to avoid problems.

    I use them with spammers or stalkers, especially via SU internal message. Hope this basic trick can be helpful for you 🙂


Wow, you may have uncovered one of the biggest mysteries out there! I think I need to reread…and stumble this one for sure!! You are always so incredibly full of information.


    StumbleUpon is mystery for many people so I try to give some light and spread the world about it 🙂


Hey Gera, this is great. I see that SU has changed a lot since I started using it a loooong time ago. Sometimes I really get annoyed with stuff people submit, more and more trash!

I use SU a lot and when I have some time on my hands, I stumble just for fun.

I made a mistake of letting a person share updates with me once and she is blasting me with stuff I don’t care about, all from her blog. Not to mention that now I have to go and click every share to get rid of them.


    Brankica, SU is very dynamic changing its algorithm, toolbars and improving in new functions frequently.

    When I’ve the toolbar enabled, I’m an easy-trigger-up on the articles I’m reading and perhaps discovering some of them.

    The problem you mention is very common and I’ve un-shared lot of people or directly asking them to slow down the shares, to very few per week or if not, un-friending directly – done many times, sad but time is vital.

    I suggest warning her or a measure in the middle, just tick – no share and the problem stops. Therefore you’ll have more time for other stuffs 🙂


Great you liked and hope seeing you there 🙂


By far, the best SU tips and tricks I have come across. Very thorough and effective. This is really useful and I just figured out after reading this that I am just a notch over a “dummy”. Lots of things to learn and do. Gotta run and see how my settings are doing. Thanks!


    Thanks so much Francisco! As a habitual SU user I tried to cover some different aspects of other great articles there. If you use it a little, you can be a power user 🙂 and then more traffic and followers to you.

    As all social sites, is stumbling in a natural way and you’ll see the results in the stats, no matter if you are a “newbie” or “pro” LOL 😉


Hi Gera,

This is by far the most comprehensive post I’ve seen about using Stumbleupon. Thank you! I get a lot of my traffic via SU and I need all the tips and tricks I can get.

I don’t think my profile is up to par, so I’ll be making some changes to that as well as putting some of your tips and tricks to use.

Very helpful!!



    Thanks a lot Evelyn! For me too; it is an interesting source of social traffic.

    The complete profile is important because many people visit it habitually and you can get friends, followers and even subscriptions 🙂

    Apart of that, some data of the interests in the profile, SU uses it to target your stumbles.


Thank you so much Gera for the extensive insight. I know for sure I can trust your advice!

I made a mistake of allowing shares from almost everyone. I arrived at this decision through a guest post about SU from a mutual blogging friend. Perhaps I misunderstood however not likely. No names. It’s OK no harm has come from the share setting plus I’ve received other reliable advice from the blog owner.

I’m going to read many more times I’m sure, while going step by step through your suggestions.

thanks again


    Thanks a bunch Kathy! I took lot of time to do it; in the research and tried to reduce to the minimum – anyway more than 2000 words. There are more angles about Stumbleupon, but if not, the post would be endless.

    Speaking about allowing shares is a sensitive point, because you must, indeed, visit every single share. I try to decrease them to a minimum, cutting noisy people and also the persons who only broadcast their own articles without caring others (in other words, only submit their material and don’t stumble others).

    I suggest you to disable shares of stumblers that are overloading you or sending you junk; I clean up often from them too 🙂
    Finally, it’s your time and you must control it, right?


I always curious about “Stumble Upon”, and as always, I thank you, for doing all the work for us.


I’ve read some SU tips in the past, but this post is certainly the best I’ve come across, one of the problems with StumbleUpon is, as you say, the point when you haven’t used it for a while and those shares really tot up!

Never knew about stealth mode though, now I do like the sound of that 😉


    Wow the best – I’m honored Karen! 🙂 I’ve struggled also with the 500 max and you must click in a hectic way to get a zero…not good..

    “Stealthy” mode is another secret weapon against spammers there 🙂


thanks for the tips,Gera!

B. Johansen

I am glad to find this deatiled guid to SU.. I have just started using the communety, and it is a lot better than I expected..


    Ohh thanks! Hope these SU guide will help your understanding about it.

    Yeah it’s a great community and you’ll notice the good outcome 🙂
    Which is your username on SU?


I have a stumble account but very rarely go there. I quickly scanned your stumble tips and they look very helpful. Will have to revisit and study more in depth. I’d like to use it more.


    Joanne – It’s a common situation about SU.

    If you use it just few minutes per day, you’ll notice traffic and also it’ll be fun, really can be addictive, so no more than 15 mins 🙂


Thanks for the precious info!



Kevin Martineau

Great post Gera!

I love StumbleUpon. It has become my #1 source of traffic for my blog.

I was thinking of doing a similar post on StumbleUpon in the near future. If I do, I will make sure that I link to this post because it is so informative.



    Kevin I know you love StumbleUpon, I see you there often 🙂

    I didn’t know that SU is your main source of traffic wow!

    If you do a future post about SU and you put a link to this guide, it’ll be a pleasure to receive a ping coming from you 😉


Hi, Gera!

Well I just assumed from the article that it all depends on interests of us, if we’ve interest in thing SU is good for us.

by the way you compiled a nice guide.



Pleasure Edgar! Try some of the tips I learnt and, for sure, your experience with StumbleUpon will improve.
Visit me later to inform me the positive results 😉


Thanks so much!


Carolyn so happy you find the article useful.

Start using it frequently and the few visits will be hundreds 🙂 Thank you!


Thanks so much! Hope you’ll enjoy SU 🙂


Spending just few minutes per day and you’ll have a positive experience with SU.

I’ve the toolbar installed but I only allow it – within the “window” I’m using SU – if not I hide it. In that way the red numbers coming and also space that take on the screen will not disturb.

Thanks for stopping by Christian!


Usman, as every social site, all it depends of your objectives. Having clear that point and you’ll have fun there, plus traffic too 🙂


    From Objectives I can deduce plan, plan is very necessary for anything.

Joan Nova

I guess I’m not the only one who has found SU a mystery. Your post is making it a little clearer but I have to hold on to it and read it again. Thanks Gera. As always, valuable information for the blogger.


    Joan you aren’t alone about SU. There is a halo of mystery related to SU more than other social sites.

    I know it’s a long post and I avoided some themes to not be longer, but hope it’s helpful for other bloggers and stumblers – thanks!

Winelady Cooks

Hi Gera, Great information. I’ve been spammed several times from SU. So I don’t bother with it anymore. I’ll have to look into it again using your helpful info.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. It’s always helpful and informative.

Glad to see you back, the blog looks great. I love that you can respond to each comment. I don’t know how to do that in blogger, or if it’s even possible.

Take care,


    Joanne I understand your problem, spamming is common everywhere and SU isn’t the exception. I recommend to disable accept share, even un-follow those stumblers and warn the others to send the minimum possible.

    Glad you like the new look, it took more than expected.

    When I was in blogger I responded each with a @name in a new comment, the other possibility is to install external comment systems like Disqus or Intense Debate. I’ve had many problems with ID, so I suggest using the original blogger system, it’s simple but it works ok.

    Perhaps in the future can have replies added (they have many things in advance several months before than the common


Thanks for the tips! I do enjoy using SU, I’ve discovered a lot of great articles using that.


    Thanks! Totally, it’s a great way to discover good stuff because it was filtered by humans 🙂

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