Moving to WordPress in several weeks

Again I’ve some issue with the IntenseDebate comment system. Apart that I’ve 2 areas to comment (a problem never solved by them till now), other problem is that one single reply of a comment I’ve done by email, generated thousands of my own replies (there are still there, I was bored after deleting some hundreds).

Moreover, some comments are missing frequently and the last pearl on this week, after IntenseDebate deactivated the CommentLuv plugin to update it, they also deleted the URL field on my comments. May be they solve it in some days (or not) and support can respond it, in an eternity or never, as usual. Therefore this is enough with ID and I don’t want to return to blogger comment system, then I’ll be moving all my blog to self-hosted WordPress in several weeks.

UPDATE Jan 27, 2011:
I’ve received an email from support explaining about the URL issue and they will try to remove this glitch of thousands duplicated comments for a single reply. If they aren’t deleted, when I move to WP this huge duplicated quantity will go with me, not good.

They will also remove extra installs on this actual Blogger platform to have a better transition.

Also they informed me a WP plugin to import IntenseDebate comments from Blogger blog to WordPress. This is very useful. Thanks to support.


UPDATE Jan 28, 2011:

Support was intensively working on my template/blog and it seems is overloaded of JavaScript. After I deleted several JS widgets I’ve again 1 single area to comment, but yes it’s still lacking the URL field. The cleaning up of the blog-code can help, or at least can reduce, potential problems in the transition of the posts to WP.


If you want to comment, please use ID of IntenseDebate or enter with WordPress or use twitter.
If you wish to use name and email, the URL isn’t there; in this case put it in the area of comments your blog-link. This isn’t an advisable practice, but this is an exception and I’ll support it.

I had a pillar article to publish on this week, but after seeing other problem with the ID comment system, I suspended the post and subsequently, also posts that were ready in my draft folder – I’ll reserve them for my new WP home.

I’m preparing technically for the move and it’ll be “funny”, because I’ve half comments in blogger and the other half in ID.

Which are my next movements?

– Host my blog in reliable server, with a reasonable cost and a good customer support.
I much appreciate for WP users, which are using and why? Any suggestions?

– Transfer my own domain from Blogger to

– Try to maintain my principal emails on my own domain if it’s possible @

– Choose a WP theme, to begin free; later I’ll study the most sophisticated paid WP themes. Again, any suggestions?

– Move all my post with comments, half in blogger and the other half in ID – I don’t know how it’ll be the result of these mix of systems on the new platform, the worst scenario should be doing it, one by one, by hand….

– Update all my images on the new platform; this must be done by hand – time and more time…

– Update all my new links to try to not lose the “SEO juice” I’ve till now.

– Choose and install plug-ins. Which recommend you, as most helpful?

– Update my RSS feed to the new server maintaining the RSS feedburner.

And more tasks …and …and I hope I’ll have the less possible headaches in the transitions, but in programming often are unexpected issues.


Doing a brand-new blog, with new domain is much easier than dragging posts and comments behind to the new platform.
Then I need to focus completely in the transition. I’ll be most of my time in blogging, making the necessary steps to accomplish successfully the move.

This means that I need to sacrifice my social-networking-time for the technical-time required (I hope the less possible!)
In other words, I’ll stop visiting/commenting/sharing posts of other bloggers, till I conclude all the essential tasks to migrate to WP – sorry people!

I expect to be posting normally in my new WP home (after cleaning all the dust e.g. wrong links, settings, etc) as soon as I can, but I bet that will be several weeks in the middle.

I’ll stop using Stumbeupon and other social sites, perhaps a little on Twitter/Facebook but you can contact me anytime, I’ll be working in my blog-backyard.
Also, I’ll not post the “best of the week” series, until I end the migration – because I’ll not have time to read the articles.

In next weeks, I’ll publish and pick the winner of the CSN giveaway with and, perhaps, this will be the last post on this blogger platform.

For people using self-hosted WordPress: any kind of suggestions, articles-related, tips or ideas are welcomed 🙂

For all my actual readers and new readers – I expect to meet you virtually again as soon as I can.

Best for You,


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Gera is a techie & foodie passionate about how to succeed in social media. He focuses also on successful blogging tips and food connections. You can connect with him on Google +. Subscribe to his Free WPulsar Newsletter about WordPress Plugin & Theme Reviews, Blogging and Social Media.


Congrats on deciding to move, and I also dislike IntenseDebate, I like Disqus okay but prefer the WordPress commenting system directly. For hosting provider I am with HostMonster and happy with them, I was using DreamHost and was having 6 hours of outages per week before HostMonster.

There are lots of good free WordPress themes out there, but beware of ones with encrypted footer.php files that have a ton of “advertiser” links that leak out your pagerank to other sites.

I have helped many bloggers setup and convert to WordPress systems, it is by far my favorite blogging platform.

Barbara DeGroot

Good luck to you, Gera! I started straight away with a self-hosted WordPress blog, although a complete blogging newbie, and it was a huge learning curve for me. That said, there are a couple things I’ve learned that might be useful:

– I have used Thesis theme, a not-free, premium WordPress theme from the beginning. Although I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever, I have no regrets. It’s truly excellent, has an unbelievably wonderful and very active support forum, and has given me the flexibility to design exactly the type of website I wanted for myself.
– I use for webhosting services and have had absolutely no complaints. But, if I had it to do all over again, I probably would use Blue Host, which has an excellent reputation.
– has an ethic that I truly appreciate. It’s not commercial, has an enormous body of (free) literature available, and a similarly enormous number of useful free plug-ins to pick from. You will also have a learning curve, but (knowing you) I think you will be happy.

Happy adventure on your new plan for your wonderful blog!


Hey Gera, sorry to hear about your troubles with Intense Debate. I know that losing CommentLuv is really annoying. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the switch to WordPress. DiTesco has a complete guide for migrating from Blogger to WordPress that you should check out before you make the move. Let me know if you need the link.

claudia lamascolo

Gera just keep in touch will follow you no matter where you go!


Hey, I will be moving to wordpress next month too!


Best of luck, but WordPress is the way to go. I’ll get ZomppaKat to get in touch with you – she’ll have all sorts of ideas!


Sorry about all of your troubles Gera! I hope your transition to wordpress goes smoothly for you! See you there!


This is great news Gera, and don’t worry about networking, I am sure that most of your friends will wait your return from this job 🙂

Here is my recommendations:

Before anything, get yourself a free WP blog at, this will help you a lot to get used to WP before kicking it! Second thing is to install WP on your sever a way from your blog to test it first and again get used to it!

Then here you go…

– Try to keep your domain names a way from your hosting service (If you can), I recommend GoDaddy to buy domain names!

– For hosting, I recommend BlueHost shared hosting as a start because they are fast, Also Hostgator is good because they have good support!

– Try to focus on moving your posts first, then do comments latter if you want to go WP commenting system! So, don’t worry about comments at this level!

– For WP themes, I really can not recommend free theme as I don’t use them, so trust me on this one, check out ElegantThemes and get yourself an account (It’s not that expensive), I am sure you will find it useful as hell to get this one, they have over 50 themes now, and they are great!

– WP plugin, this is a long story, but I have a few blog posts that mention all plugins we are using at FamousBloggers that can inspire you! Do a little search there and you will find it! (email me as well if needed)

Of course I will be glad to guide you through if you need any help!

You know how to reach me 🙂


I second you on this, DiTesco have done wonderful job on his guide for migrating from Blogger to WordPress!

It’s a must ready as it’s the recent that I know of!


I have been contemplating this move for a while too. Recently, I got some great advice on how to do it as smoothly as possible (check out

I just need to set aside the time to do it now!

I hope everything goes smoothly for you Gera!


Geesh! What a nightmare. Hope it all gets resolved once you switch over. I have and can’t say I have major problems at all.
Hope the switch goes smoothly for you. Good luck.


I switched from blogger to Once you’ve decided on your theme and template, it’s as simple as pushing a button. I’m hosted on godaddy.

Good luck!

Ciao Florentina

You should host a WordPress theme like Thesis on your own website. You are in Control ! I’ve been using it and the support is fantastic, plus all the online forums, plug-ins etc. I believe WordPress is the best platform for a blog.

winelady cooks

Hi Gera, Sorry to hear about all your frustrations. Good luck with your move to WordPress. I’ll be checking up on your blog to keep in touch with you.

Hope all goes well.


Yes my experience with godaddy support has been very good. Any time I’ve called, a tech stayed on the line and walked me through the problem/question.


Hi Gera. So seems that you do have a lot to do and many thanks to Ileane for recommending my guide to migrating from blogger to WordPress. Just to let you know, I moved directly from Blogger to a self hosted platform. I used Bluehost for this purpose and am still with them up now.

A couple of things.

1)The most important issue that I was worried about was loosing my ranks, PR, Alexa and all kinds of stats you can think of. Since you have your own domain name already, the PR for example is set for that URL and will carry it where ever you go. So not a problem.

I installed “maintain blogger” permalinks and this solved the issue 100%. I did not even have to worry about the images because it does that too, automagically. You just have to be sure that you are following the right steps, one at a time.

2) Now, I can’t guarantee that you will be able to take your comments with you. Believe me, I tried everything possible and I lost a lot within the process. Something your readers will understand if that happens. It won’t affect any of your rankings so it is just a matter of being prepared for the best, or worst, however you prefer. If that plugin works, that’s awesome.

3) You can maintain you email with your @sweetfoods domain but you will have to ask your web hosting service to set the corresponding cnames for you. Some allow you to do that directly via cPanel, some you will have to ask them.

Well, I hope this helps. If there is something I can help you with, I have the experience of the move, so just shoot.

claudia lamascolo

Have a great weekend let me know if there is anything I can do to help repromote’


You had the right choice, WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. And you should use the default comment system also, intensedebate or disqus can’t compare to it.
Good luck, mate.

Tia Peterson

Good luck with your move, Gera! I too “intensely” dislike IntenseDebate. I would simply deactivate it before the move, Blogger should retain a copy of your comments, and then when you move to WordPress, the comments will come with you.

Frankly, and I have installed more WordPress blogs than you would imagine, I would avoid both Disqus AND IntenseDebate and simply use the perfectly fine commenting system that comes with WordPress.

Those are my 2 cents!

Tia Peterson

That’s great to hear!

I would suggest either Thesis or Headway for you. Both will be fine given your existing layout. Headway will probably be less of a headache, though. So perhaps try that one first! Everyone who uses it, that I know of, say that that they really like how easy it is to customize.

Tia Peterson

And I would strongly suggest Hostgator as a host. 🙂



With all of the pros commenting here and supporting you, sweetsfoods will be up and running in no time I am certain!

As for Go Daddy, the hosting is reliable, price ok, but support is almost non existent! They do provide cpanel access that is fairly straightforward. I use a shared hosting plan. Godaddy also offers wordpress hosting plan which I can’t speak to. One feature I found to be very helpful is having the ability to restore your site from an earlier time. This was most helpful after the string of hosting hacks that occurred last year.

Good luck !

Peter Joseph

I used disqus before and i strongly recommend that you don’t ever use an external commenting system – mine got messed up too.

woooohhh for moving to wordpress though, great decision 🙂


I use wordpress!!!!!You are going to love it!


I am living in the “Land of Computer Woes” this week – so technology can be aggravating! Best of luck on “moving day” – just make sure we can find you.

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