Blogging – Social Media – Internet Tools – Food: The Best of the Week

I didn’t start with the correct foot this year. Near 2 days with doctors for a member of my family and…hospital for all type of tests. Finally the problem didn’t need surgery…luckily only a strict diet for some weeks to avoid repetitions of the symptoms.

Therefore, my time on this week was scarce to do all what I was planned. I’m involved in several goals for the blog, technically and social speaking – I hope some of them will be live as soon as I can.

What specific topics would you like to read, explore or research on this blog in 2011? Let me know in comments!


The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to blogging, social media and food.

Blogging - Social Media - Internet Tools - Food: The Best of the Week

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Blogging – Social Media


* Collaborating is THE Word for 2011

* How to Cook an Irresistible Blog

* What Do Guest Bloggers and Bad Dates Have In Common?

* Idea Generation: 9 Proven Techniques That Work

* Give More to Get More: Three Simple Ways To Turn Casual Visitors into Raving Customers

Social Media

* How To Stop Talking About Influence

* Is RockMelt the Social Web Browser of the Future?

* Are You After Traffic or Visitors?

* Small Business Internet Marketing: Where to Start


Food Bloggers – Foodies – Recipes


* My Sicilian Birthday Cake

* Bring It and My Little Apple Galette

* Bourbon Crêpes with Pecan Paste Ricotta and Bourbon Chocolate Syrup

* Simple Iced Cupcakes

* Lemony Cornmeal Eggless Cake

* Baking | Chocolate Orange Almond Gateau – Sweet beginning to our New Year!


* Ode to A Lobster

* Sweet and Spicy Meatballs with Couscous

* Frank Food: Dal for the Ages

* Weekend Recipe: Crostini with Mushroom, Ricotta & Marscapone

* Melt – Chicken Piccata with Mushrooms

* Cuchuco de Cebada (Colombian-Barley and Pork Soup)

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    Thanks for keeping us up to date with your best of the week in such a busy week for you. Hope the health issues resolve themselves without too much trouble. Bless your heart!
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    Gera, You are just such a wonderful life saver, I love that I can come here and check out such fascinating topics by such a diverse set of authors. I cannot not learn something.
    My recent post Special Ingredients- Sweet Lemons Sweet Limes


    You provide such a service – you are such a treasure. Thank you Gera, for all that you do – and I hope 2011 bring fewer health challenges and less work for all this stuff!


    Thank you soooo much!!!!


    Gera…you certainly don't have time to look for trouble…do you? All this research you do for us keeps you so incredibly busy doesn't it?

    Your info is always pertinent. Thank you.
    Also, thanks for including my crepes recipe ;o)

    Have a great week,
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    Hope all is well with your family Gera! Thanks for doing the best of posting this week! I see lots of interesting links to follow – thanks for including me too! If you just kept on doing what you're doing now I would be perfectly happy. Have a great week!
    My recent post Pumpkin Spice Bread


    Sorry your year seems to be off to a shaky start! I hope your family member has a quick recovery. Nice roundup this week!
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    Hey Gera, Seems that health issues are bombarding you from all sides lately, sorry for that friend.

    It's amazing and awesome that you produced such a fine weekly post despite the family problems.

    Hope all return to good health rapidly.
    Have a great week!
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    Sanjeeta kk

    This is a very lovely & informative wrap up of the week that has gone by.Welcome to WP, the site looks wonderful. Have a great week ahead, Gera. Best wishes.


    Do know that social media is growing by leaps and bounds these days. I found a bit of information that I think everyone would want. Google’s phone number where you can actually speak to a live person by pressing 0 any time during the call–(650) 253-0000.

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