Guest Post on BizChickBlogs – Best of the Week in Blogging, Social Media, Food, Facebook and Internet Tools

First, I want to introduce you to my guest post on the fantastic Tia’s blog: BizChickBlogs.

Tia is doing a series called 10 Things Learned in 2010 and she invited me to write for it.

As you’ve noticed, I’m posting guest posts recently, but these excellent guest writers (Thanks to all!) helped me to manage better my time. Therefore, although my time is scarce for writing at this time of the year, I’ve accepted and here we go:

# Check out my guest post: 10 Thoughts I Learned This Year that Will Help Your Blog



Well, hope you’ve enjoyed my guest post (in other words: reading, commenting, sharing in your favorites social sites and subscribed to her useful blog 😉

…..And then you’re returning to read my regular section of the end of the week – Am I right? Yes, great!

Now, without further ado: The best of this Week!

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging and social media.

Guest Post on BizChickBlogs - Best of theWeek in Blogging, Social Media, Food, Facebook and Internet Tools

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Where can you enter in this equation? It’s simple: commenting on my blog and interacting with me on my social sites is the better way to have you present in my mind when I’m compiling the data to make it 😉

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Blogging – Social Media


* 7 Tips for Writing 1,000 Words Each Day

* 10 Things I Learned in 2010 About the Pitfalls of Blogging

* The Difference: Copying Your Mentors vs. Becoming Your Best Self

* Donald Trump’s Top Three Tips for Dominating Your Niche

Social Media

* For Restaurants, Social Media Is About More Than Just Marketing

* The 5 Critical Errors Most People Make When they Start Using Social Media for Business

* How to Create (and Stick to) a Social Media Schedule

* 6 Social Media Success Metrics You Need to Track

* Tip for Increasing Your Facebook Klout


FoodBlogs – Foodies


* Friday Food Facts and Fun, Second Edition –  Note: Thanks a lot for the mention Dan!

* English Mincemeat

* Baking | Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake … a winning Dorie Greenspan recipe

* Life’s Decisions and Santa’s Whiskers

* Chocolate Crunch Snowball Cookies


* Honey and Brown Sugar Crusted Ham

* Keep the Antipasto

* Food from Fiction – Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

* Salmon Steaks with Roasted Grape Tomatoes


Article of the Week on Sweets Foods

* 4 Reasons Food Tattoos Are So Popular


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    Cajun Chef Ryan

    I am so way behind in the blogging world, I feel like it will take me years to catch up, but you have distilled so many useful tips here, a great way to sort out all the successful ideas into one post.

    Bon appetit!

    Ching Ya

    Well done on the guest post on BixChickBlogs, I gotta say those are some very refreshing blogging tips. I like how you describe 'blogging is like music', personally I see each blog post as an art – if it's not about story-telling, it has to provide valuable info or something that benefits everyone, not just the author alone. 🙂 It's a way to communicate and share our knowledge, experiences. You got a stumble from me for that post. Keep up the great work and thanks a bunch for the resourceful links here too.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
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    Sanjeeta kk

    Lovely read, and a whole bunch of resourceful links out there, Gera.
    My recent post A Healthy Wholewheat Veggie Pot Pie

    winelady cooks

    Hi Gera, Great post again. I'm bookmarking this so I can read it after all the holiday madness this week. This is the first time I turned on my computer in several days — I'm a little frazzled!!!!!

    Looking forward to reading all this great information. My goal for the new year is to be more focused and learning as much as possible.

    Thank you for listing my Keep The Antipasto post, you are the best.

    Happy Holiday!
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    I'm HUNGRY Gera …thanks for another delicious wrap on the week, and the other great links. Hope you are enjoying the holidays, and your Mum is well! Take care!!
    My recent post Baking Garam Masala Fruit Cake … a twist to the tradional- my recipe from scratch!


    That was wonderful article Gera! I stll have a lot to learn.
    My recent post SPRINGERLE- German Christmas Cookies


    I really like this idea to have a ‘Best of the week’ area, I also really like Tia’s 10 Things I learned in 2010 idea, since 2011 is coming to a close that might be something good for me to do, maybe as something for my blog as well as something for my personal life.


    That’s a really smart idea to have guest posts when you have other things you need to spend your time on.

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