Social Networking, Foodies, Blogging, Link Building, Video: Best of the Week

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging and social media.

Blogging, Social Networking, Foodies, Link Building, Video: Best of the Week

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The featured articles come from the return-feedback in comments I’ve from other bloggers, from the interacting on my social networks as well as of selected-articles chosen between hundreds of my RSS reader’s subscriptions to other blogs.

Where can you enter in this equation? It’s simple: commenting on my blog and interacting with me on my social sites is the better way to have you present in my mind when I’m compiling the data to make it 😉

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Food Blogs – Foodies – Recipes


* Shredded Chicken and Chile Enchiladas

* Madras Curry Lentils

* Norwegian Mountain Bread – Pain Rustique Norvégien

* Appetizer: Holiday Cheesecake!

* Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Spinach Lasagna

* A few Sprigs of Dill and a Baked Pinwheel Snack

* Potato-Onion Gratin

* Hot Dog Salad, a new classic!


* Baking | Espresso Coffee Cream Cake … Happy Birthday to me!!

* Irish Potato Bread and Cottage Life

* The Proof is in the Pudding: 2 Creamy Pudding Recipes to Delight Your Guests

* CNYEats A Taste of Utica Apple Squares

* Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns

* The Feast Of Sacrifice And Flour Cookies

* Pumpkin Cookie Cups Sealed with a Kiss


Blogging / Writing – Social Media – Video

Blogging / Writing

* 5 Ways to Improve Blog Readership With Simple Design Changes

* 7 Ways to Improve Your Writing … Right Now

* List your Blogging related Jobs

* My Post is Live: Now What?

* The Ultimate Guide to Getting Inspired with Flickr

* Expert Interviews, Mindmaps, and Action Worksheets for Bloggers

* 7 Simple and Effective Ways to Promote Your New Blog Post

* How To Discover Your Writing Voice

* How to Use a Manifesto to Spread your Blog’s Message

Social Media

* Who are All of These Tweeple?

* Twitter Landing Page – Should You Have One?

* A Social Media Lexicon for Dummies

Article of the Week on Sweets Foods

* Start Blogging Without All the Fuss

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Gera is a techie & foodie passionate about how to succeed in social media. He focuses also on successful blogging tips and food connections. You can connect with him on Google +. Subscribe to his Free WPulsar Newsletter about WordPress Plugin & Theme Reviews, Blogging and Social Media.


If u can tell ur frens too ,pleaseee do!!!
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Great roundup of goodies to catch up on ;o)
Hope your health issues have taken a turn for the better Gera.

Have a great week and flavourful wishes,
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Gera, I hope you are fully recovered.

Thank you for adding me to your list. You have such a marvelous array of information, I could spend entirely too much time here.
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Thank you so much for all these wonderful links!!!! Great job!


Hi TJ McDowell,

Yes I receive lot of traffic from these types of posts. Within the week while visit other blogs I make this compilation.

No I don't contact them, but sometimes I notice them or they can be automatically notified via trackbacks.

I don't get links back necessarily to the post. For me is a way of featuring people who read my blog and comment back, sharing worth articles and finally, a different way of social networking.

If you comment in photography-blogs and make the compilation weekly of that theme, I think other bloggers will appreciate that. A note: not all bloggers have clear the concepts about social networking.

Thanks for your comment!

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