How to Deal with Social Media Every Week and Not to Get Lost at the Cyberspace

Every week that begins for me, I’m quite overwhelmed by emails coming, RSS reads, new followers plus Twitter mentions, Facebook emails/notifications, pending stumbles at StumbleUpon, Foodbuzz and more…
If I add to comment on other fellow blogs, write future posts and to promote your articles on your social networks, this can be so time-consuming (unfortunately they day has only 24 hours)

Do you have similar experiences often?

Social Media is becoming part of our lives. We need to deal with it, in the better and controlled way possible for an optimum use of our time. We need to do other off-line activities and not become out of fit and start with eating disorders or unhealthy crash diets for our daily sedentary lifestyle. Of course in the time line, work, family and friends must be included in the equation also.

Other extra social pearl to add to my calendar and that took time indeed! This weekend I went a further step with a pretty new Food Blog Forum (I’ve joined it, obviously as sweetsfoods). As I haven’t seen a group about Social Media & Social Networking, I opened one there. Since there were several doubts, I’ve opened also a Help Group at the Forum to channel suggestions or help wanted. As you see, the social possibilities are rising even more and also the time involved in them.

How to Deal with Social Media Every Week and Not to Get Lost at the Cyberspace

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To handle all these social media tasks, I want to share a brief of my own experience and hopefully you’ll share yours in comments 😉


Gmail is the principal email I used frequently, and I’ve the emails classified in color labels according to the importance of the same, in combination with filters.

– Priority responses, label in red color.
– Comments received or in moderation, in orange color.
– Important subjects, but not priorities, in yellow color.
– Pending label for subjects that I haven’t answered or received a reply yet, blue color
– Social networking sites that can be read or answered later, in soft colors like light blue and green.
– Sporadic communications, newsletters received and so on, without colors.
In all the cases, I’ve the superstars allowed, for better classifications.

RSS Reader

I use Google Reader for my subscriptions, classified in folders, depending of the frequency of the blog updating, theme, and the importance for me, of the blog.
Principally, my RSS reader has folders of:
– Food Blogs
– Social Media, Blogging and SEO Blogs
– Health & Fitness Blogs
– Google Connect
– Assorted themes
Once a week, I update the different blogs, making them, go up or down, changing folders according to the feedback received or other important events. Also, I add new subscriptions and delete other ones that I’m not reading, to have a clearer landscape.


I use it several times per week, in peeks of 15-20 minutes or less. If I found something worth-sharing I break the former rule but I return to stand by status, of the Twitter stream. When it’s possible, I increase the activity a little for the #FollowFriday following, every Friday or after ended and published my last post.
Using Twitter in an appropriated way is important and certainly the Twitter applications count indeed.
Nowadays, I use HootSuite and TweetDeck.


* When I know I’m going to be busy or complicated to tweet, I schedule some tweets to not be absent for many days.
This option is useful, simple to do it and let me being more organized (Certainly, I need to make live tweets and replies, as usual, for not being like a robot)
* Show conversations, let you to catch up former tweet- conversations without losing the thread.
* I’ve columns for social media/blogging, foodies, mentions, sent tweets, direct messages, pending tweets and some more.
* I’ve a special column to monitor my id of twitter sweetsfoods misspelled as sweetfoods. In that way I can reply to the twitters accordingly.
I use HootSuite exclusively for Twitter, although it allows you to add Facebook, MySpace, Linkedln and many more.
HootSuite has stats incorporated, this bonus is done only with the URL shortener.


* I’ve the same columns like HootSuite more that here, I check briefly the Facebook stream also.
* If I need to reply to several @twitters, you can do it at once, instead of making one by one.
* I’ve minimized it, at the task bar most of the day and the notification-sounds are turned on for mentions and direct messages. (In that way, you don’t need to be checking the twitter status to see if you’ve had some feedback)
* For the tweet I’m writing, often I add the #hashtags recently used, just pressing a button “recent hashtags”.


Like Twitter, I take a glance several times per week through TweetDeck or directly at the Facebook page.
I avoid distracting applications, games and sort of, like Farmwille, Social City, Scratch and Win, etc, etc – I know lot of them are cool, but the time is finite.
I check new friends, suggestions and invitations once a day or when it’s available a tiny window on the day.


Checked on daily basis or when I need to stumble an article. It’s pretty annoying to see at the StumbleUpon toolbar, the “red emails” coming and increasing exponentially during the day so, in burst of minutes, I see if there is something worth an up. Having hundreds of subscribers at StumbleUpon can lead to have spammy members. When someone send me more than the habitual: my first reaction is a warning, and if I need a second one, unsubscribing from this stumbler.


Checked several times per week or when it’s an important event/article to visit.

Tip applicable when I’m writing an article, for you: turn off all social sites, emails, and notifications; only show your text editor and a tab for deeper researching purpose.

–> I’ll be increasing slowly and steadily my social media articles as w
ell as my health & fitness posts, among the foodie ones. If you like that I touch a specific theme, just let me know in comments or contact me.

Well now, it’s your turn where you’d express your experiences with your preferred social sites. How do you handle them?


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    You can do what you want and need Soma 😉 time is finite!


    I know perfectly well about persons promoting strictly their own material bordering the spam. Traffic can come from several origins not only of social media, the seo factor for many bloggers, is null 😉


    fantastic read Gera! I agree social media is a great tool but can be very time consuming! I think it's all about how organized you are. I personally use social media to keep up with other blogs and their delicious postings.

    Sometimes people abuse social media tools strictly excessively promote their own content. Social Media is about sharing and promoting other content than their own that deserve proper recognition. I feel people stress too much about driving "traffic" to their own blog instead of just enjoying blogging.


    You have this well organized and I can learn from this post. I am working on balancing my life, in general and finding where social media really belongs.


    great tips Gera

    Barbara Bakes

    I like the idea of folders for Goggle Reader. Thanks for the great ideas.
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    Carolyn Jung

    Thanks for all the great tips. I know all of these new cyber tools are supposed to make our lives easier, but I often feel inundated by them, with messages and Tweets piling up like crazy. Nice to know there ARE ways to get more organized and efficient with them.
    My recent post Noshing at Nombe in San Francisco


    Thanks for the tips!
    My recent post Family Outing

    Cajun Chef Ryan

    Gera, you hit the nail on the head with this one. The volume of information is on overload indeed, I cannot find the time to comment anymore on all the blogs I follow, I try my best, but fall short. I wonder how anyone finds the time anymore to even write their own blog post and then follow and comment on 20 or more other blogs and post comments every day. A certain challenge indeed!
    However, I have found many great sites from Stumble Upon, Twitter, and Facebook that I would not have seen otherwise.
    My current focus is on anything related to France and French cuisine, since I'm about 2/3 of the way through reading Julia Child's book "My Life In France"

    Bonne appetite!
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    Gera I have to read this more quiet, I love these ideas you give I need some things, To the blogs I love to go to my friend's blogs and other so interesting but really is impossible visit all…
    Nice post! huggs gloria


    Social media is really important for bloggers! Thank you for this wonderful post, Gera :0

    Tangled Noodle

    Thank you so much for this! I do feel that my social media use is out of control, but I think my biggest problem is not amount of time I spend on it. Rather, it's the QUALITY of that time. I often have several hours free but for some reason, I never get anything accomplished in that time period – no blog posts, few tweets, no replies to comments left on my blog.

    I appreciate your suggestions, especially with regard to using organizational tools such as HootSuite for Twitter and in Google mail. I'm going to look into those!


    You are so organized Gera! Much more than me. I haven't heard of HootSuite before. And I know what you mean about Stumbleupon when I see 100's of messages every day. I would have to spend all day to get to them all. I had to cut way down on friends and refuse some. Some of them didn't understand and are still mad at me. I am off to check out the new Food Forum. Have a great weekend!


    Ugghhh! Yes, I can totally relate. The stuff really has a talent for piling up behind your back. Or maybe it's the other way around. I have a talent for letting it pile up behind my back. Whatever. 😛


    I'll admit it. I am severely overwhelmed… trying to deal with it now…
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    Honestly – YOU’RE one of my major go-to social media sites! You are always so full of important and valuable information – and always so generous with it. I tried Food Blog Forum a while back and go on it every now and then, but haven’t quite figured it out. The RSS reader is wonderful – I could spend all day reading all the great feeds in there.

    I’m looking forward to you writing more on this – you are one of the best experts out there.

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