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 The Best of the Week - Food Blogs, Recipes, Blogging Resources, Social Media, Health & Fitness

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Food Bloggers – Foodies – Recipes

* Top Ten Best Drinking Movies

* No Country for Weaklings

* Cool Find:

* Roasted Lemon Potatoes to Kick Off Side Dish Showdown

* Homemade Mayonnaise

* Rocky Road Brownie Cupcakes

* Pace Picante Super Bowl Party

* Lucky Pineapple

* Just Reached my 100th Post

* Fondant Au Chocolat – Love At First Bite

* Brigadeiros (Brazilian Chocolate Candy)

* Southwestern Chicken Cacciatore

* Chicken Curry, Olympics & Blogger Aid … Culinary Connections!!

* Curried Parsnip & Apple Soup

* I’ve Got a Spurtle

* Mod Squad Cake

* Epic Indian Feast

* I have a confession to make….

* Beef Chili with Masa Harina

Social Media – SEO – Blogging – Tech

* Website Widgets and Ads Raise Privacy Issues

* How to Promote Your Business, Blog or Website on Twitter

* Blogging Etiquette in the Face of a PR Pitch: What Miss Blogging Manners Would Do

* 10 Reasons People Aren’t Commenting on Your Blog

* 6 Powerful Social Media Persuasion Techniques

* Successful Strategies For Selling Ad Space On Low-Traffic Websites

* What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Huge and Long Link List Blog Posts in the long term

* 40 Lessons Learned Over Five Years of Blogging

* How to Deliver the Highest Impact with Each Post

Health & Fitness

* 6 Ways You Can Eat Like an Olympian

* Drinking beer could help prevent weak bones

* Even More Tips for Getting More Fruits and Vegetables

* Chocolate and your health: Some sweet Valentine’s Day benefits

* Exercise: It’s better than you think

* Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?
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Very interesting the Olympian Athletes food. Thanks a bunch 🙂


Another awesome round-up Gera! Thanks for including me again! I'm off to check out the post about Twitter and find out if I'm following too many. Have a great weekend!
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My pleasure, loved your cupcakes!!
Superb weekend to you 🙂

Fresh Local and Best

Great round up! Love reading all of the blogger tips!


Thank you so much, Gera!!!! Happy Valentine's day!
My recent post Chocolate Flan ( Flan de Chocolate)


Wow Gera, I love your roundups! And thank you so much for including me!
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