The Best of the Week – Food Blogs, Recipes, Blogging Resources, Social Media, Health & Fitness

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, health, blogging and social media. For more information read the first article of these series.

 The Best of the Week - Food Blogs, Recipes, Blogging Resources, Social Media, Health & Fitness

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Food Bloggers – Food Recipes

* Potted Cheese – Terrine De Fromage

* Kinsale – Ireland’s Foodie Town

* The Perfect Hot Chocolate

* Miniature Potato & Smoked Salmon Appetizers

* The Magical Austrian Christmas Markets!

* Chivito….sort of

* An Easy and Versatile Mushroom Pate Recipe (Party Appetizer Recipes)

* Fresh Local & Best In San Francisco Day 1

* Warm Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup and Giveaway!!

* “Little Tiger” Christmas Cookies

* TWD: Lemon Sables

* Chocolate Goodies

* White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

* Mushroom and Green Tomato Stir Fry

* Hojuelas Colombianas (Colombian Hojuelas)

* Cooking Light giveaway – Day 3

* The Fusion Confusion

* Christmas Wreath Cookies

* Easy Vegetable Pilaf

* Apple Crisp … still nostalgic about London & FBC!

* Cranberry-Bacon Lamb Love

* Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

* Sharing My Win: French Press Coffee

* Christmas Muffins – Cranberries, Pecans & Orange

* Cinnamon Roasted Almonds

* Matcha Green Tea Creme Brulee

* Cranberry Apple Ricotta Tart with Almond Crust

* A Mandelbrot for Hanukkah

* Ginger Nut Snowballs

* Cute doggies cookies

* Simple Delicious Holiday Gifts Pt.1- Truffles

* Lap Cheong (Chinese Sausages) One Pot Rice & Awards!


Blogging – Social Media – Tech

* 10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working for You

* Social Media Carpetbaggers and Snake Oil Salesmen

* The Best Free Web Icons for Different Purposes

* A Screamingly Effective Blog Disclosure Policy: How (and Why) To Get One

* 5 Tips for Building Lasting Online Friendships

* 6 ways to increase blog profits with direct advertising sales

* Google Launches Real-Time Search

* 11 Websites to Schedule Your Tweets Online for Free

* The Best of Daily Blog Tips in 2009

* Yahoo Adds Twitter to Search Results

Health & Fitness

* Snacks: How they fit into your weight-loss plan

* Know 5 to Stay Alive: Master Your Emotions

* H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Questions Continue: Should you get it if you have asthma, cancer or diabetes?

* Could Exercise Make You Smarter?

* Top 10 Tips for Dry, Itchy Skin

* UC Berkeley social Scientists Build Case for ‘Survival of the Kindest’

Article of the Week on Sweets Foods

* Julie & Julia Film Comes Out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Visit Also 2 Giveaways.


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Gera, It's so wonderful that you round up the best for us! Saves us all time so we can get to the good stuff!! Thank you (and thanks for including me!) xoxo

Cajun Chef Ryan

Gera does it again with a great list of the weekly roundup!

Thank you Gera!



Gera, I just went through several of these links and I must say you sure know how to find some good ones! Thank you for doing this and for introducing me to some blogs that are new to me! Also, thank you so much for including me!


this makes it easier to browse around. Thanks..


Thanks for the shout out 🙂


awesome round up! I love looking at new dishes

Chow and Chatter

thanks for this great post Gera you are a wizz at the social media stuff you should teach it lol


Great roundup of posts Gera and thanks for including me too! 😀

Rosa's Yummy Yums

A great roundup! Thanks for the links, gera!




Thank you for including my hojuelas!!! Great recipes.Thanks for sharing all those wonderful links!


I just watched the Julie & Julia DVD last night. Loved it! Julie is SO me in the kitchen. Although I haven't fallen to the floor in defeat yet….but it's been close.
Happy Saturday! 🙂


Thanks for the link!

I enjoyed the article about linking fitness and intelligence. It makes sense, considering the oxygen flow to the brain.


Wow! What an impressive line-up! Thanks so much for including the mandelbrots. Meanwhile, tonight will sit with a glass of wine and have a happy read. Look forward to it. Thanks for providing all these links.


@Cajun Chef Ryan
@5 Star Foodie
@Chow and Chatter
@Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella
@Rosa's Yummy Yums

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!! and enjoy your weekend 🙂


What great links, Gera! Thanks for including me again! Your the best! Hope your having a wonderful weekend!

Fresh Local and Best

Great to see so many wonderful posts. Thanks for including me!



With your blog, I have my work cut out for me, trying to keep up with all the wonderful information you share. – Don't stop!

Sandie (Inn Cuisine)

You are so good about creating lists & round-ups, and I appreciate you being so organized because I don't have the time to do it all myself…never enough hours in a day 🙂

Thanks also for including the Corn Strata in your list, it's really a great vegetarian recipe!


Gera, this is great.. Late as usual as I am.. but better late than never:-) What a wonderful round up and an awesome idea to do one. Thanks for including mine along with some real good ones. I got introduced to some new blogs!


Love the round up. Lots of helpful posts in your selections. Impressive how you find the top posts. Thanks.


great job done Gera !!
it's a great resource of useful posts…i am already hooken on to some of them..

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