Crash Diets and Yo-Yo Dieting are Not a Good Idea for Weight Loss Diet Plans

Healthy weight loss often concerns: Tired of doing infinite diets to lose weight without any type of results in the long-term? Noticed that your favorite dress has been increasing your size dangerously?
Other frequent sentence: I need to lose weight so I’ll begin a diet. Do you know all the consequences of the diet you’ve chosen?
If you’ve answered a Yes to some of these questions you need help with your safe weight loss but do it in a healthy manner!

Help with Weight loss: The Fettuccine, pasta doesn’t get fat in moderate portions and with low fat sauces.Fettuccine with tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, parsley and basil after my training. I need carbohydrates to restore the energy. The pasta doesn’t get fat in moderate portions and with low fat sauces.

Weight loss, healthy eating and workouts are intimately related and they need certain daily balance to have same harmony to lose weight.

Are there weight loss secrets? Not really, but it can be a risky task for your body and often quite impossible. The true – not a secret- , generally speaking, is only pure maths. You eat in kcals more than you burn, hence the remaining calories are converted into fat.

Nutrition Facts:

– Some cyclists need for their training diets of up to 7000 calories per day.
– Swimmers like the famous Michael Phelps can eat till 12000 calories crazy!
But this is the norm? Not at all!
The average adult person needs 2000 calories on daily basis, more and less depending of the activity and other parameters.

In my case as an amateur sportsman I’ve surges of 4000-5000 kcals on long races; I’m an eating machine with an appetite insatiable but, can I maintain this rhythm? No way, because if I continue this food-doses and lower the energetic demands, I’ll end like a cow! I need to come back to a standard 2 kcals to maintain a reasonable weight.

I want to make some reflexions about quick weight loss diets – extreme diets or crash diets. Furthermore, the ugly yo-yo effect in this “quickest” way to lose weight.
I truly hope that they’ll be of utility and they’ll help in losing weight.

Crash Diets and Yo-Yo Dieting, Really to Think

When does the problem begin? When you want to do diets for quick weight loss, for any reason, without consider the “healthy eating” involved.
Does your car function without gas? No, well your body either! Honestly, how long you’ll last eating some carrots/apples daily?

The crash diets are the worst weight loss – diet plans you can do. Suddenly you “stop” to eat the necessary daily calories. I recognize that for foodies can be hell days….
The same you can archive doing exhausting exercise routines without any type of controls, taking diet pills or giant quantity of diuretics.

May be the first days you see a fast weight loss, but what did you lose? Water, and in evil scenario.. proteins of your muscles.
You think you lose fat, but sorry to tell you that you only lost health!
The water lost is because low calorie diets origin the burning of glycogen (the gas and pure energy of your body).

The glycogen is the source of your stored energy and basically is made from glucose (coming of excess carbs). Principally it’s stored in your liver and muscle cells. The theme is that the glycogen come accompanied with water in a relation of 3:1 (3 grams of water against 1 gram of carbohydrates). Then, you see, you only lost water!!

And the yo-yo motion begins….the crash diets aren’t “effective” & safe diets in the log run. After certain time, you gain weight again and the oscillation is constant…because you aren’t eating healthy. They’re a trap!

Potentially all the diets can have the yo-yo effect, depending how you follow them and if you change your eating habits or not.

Why Does the Yo-Yo Diet – Effect Appear?

Your body needs a minimum amount of calories per day to burn, this is your metabolism. When you follow a low calorie diet (a crash diet) the body thinks that there’s a shortage of food and it begins to burn fewer calories, so low your metabolism.

Once you leave the crash diet, the body can continue with the decreased-unadjusted metabolism for weeks, even several months depending how extreme the diet was. The result is the increment in your hungry and you gain weight easily. Everybody knows a person or friend that who did low carbohydrates diets- diets for quick weight loss (really?) and become fatter than before.

Crash Diets Health Risks In Short-Term and Long-Term

I bet that you’d admit that crash diets are very dangerous to follow causing mental health disorders….you’re depressed or more irritable than usual. The big problem could be the potential unhealthy eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

Nutritional Risks in the Short-Term:

* Deficiency in sodium and potassium. This is extremely dangerous, because your body use them to control the muscles, nerves and heart. If they become very low the possibility of heart attack is high.
* Deficiency in vitamins.
* Deficiency in iron, anemia.
* Several vital organs can suffer like brain, liver, kidney and heart. As I explained before, low carbohydrate diets make the body function badly, for the lacking of energy. And guess what, your body start to burn muscle (proteins) so the damages and failures can be disastrous.

Heath Problems on the Long-Term

Crash dieters can have osteoporosis (your bones become fragile for the limited intake of calcium) getting as a result, broken bones! The list of harmful effects can continue and is endless.

Low calorie vegetarian diets can help with weight loss? Not necessarily, think twice or may be you can have overweight with vegan foods also.

Healthy Tips and Alternatives to Have Effective Diets

You’d avoid crash diets and make safe weight loss diet-plans to stay away of yo-yo effects. You know that the better is to have balance and healthy eating habits on the long-term.
For doubts you can have, you’d consult a nutrition specialist to take nutrition classes.

Controlling the food portions and reducing gradually the calories – but staying in a reasonable quantity- makes your body’s metabolism to not slow down quickly. If you adopt safe weight loss measures together with some regular exercises, you’ll see how your weight goes down
. Here are 15 tips to help in losing weight with more benefits and to create healthy habits.

Have you weight loss plans? Do you suffered the yo-yo effects or have made a crash low-cal diet?
Tell your thoughts and food adventures in comments!

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    Two things that have really helped me are a self planned diets for quick weight loss and workout. Eat the right amount and calories and make sure you get the needed nutrients and you are good to shed some fats. Focus and you will lose weight considerably. I exercise 30 mins a day every morning before wash up, it really help you get through the day fresh and energized.

    Good luck and all the best 🙂

    William Boggs

    Some of the side effects of a low carb diet can be very problematic for peoplesuffering from various medical conditions, so if you are in that group we recommend you consult with a physician before starting any diet.Some of the most common side effects of low carb nutrition plans is low blood sugar. Diabetics should be very careful when starting a low carb diet, because this could really aggravate their health condition and may even be unsafe. Consult your doctor before starting any new diet and tell them of your modiffications.

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    It really does not matter how much you eat it is what you eat that matters! I have been losing weight since 2008 and have lost 103 lbs!

    Barry Fox

    Why do people try so many types of dieting to get slim when it is so much easier – and better – to eat and live naturally? My advice as a fitness professional is: eat 5 small, balanced meals a day and exercise regularly. Eat NATURAL foods – no processed stuff! See the results for yourself.

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