Weight Loss & Vegetarians – Overweight with Vegan Food, Is It Possible?

To be healthy is a must for everyone. Do you have in mind my post about health & fitness – 15 tips and benefits to get the best of you? Well going again about health-food and how to lose weight, I wonder:

Lose Weight can switch to Over Weight (Yes, Gain Weight) with Vegetarian Food?

A vegetarian diet like vegetables and fruits might give overweight…Yes, certainly it exists the possibility!

vegetarian food
In these cases, the answer is simple: in your vegan diet you’re having an excess in the consumption of starches and flours affecting the total calories you eat, either in quantity as in frequency.
The fact to not eat meats can induce occasionally a major eating of savory cakes with dough, gratinated with white sauces, even rice, pastas, potatoes & sweet potatoes… unfortunately delicious indeed!

Speaking about more vegetarian meals, the legumes and grains (peas, maize, lentils) might be an excessive consumption as well.

– I want to remark that I’m not vegetarian and I’m pretty sure that fatty meats doesn’t fit well to lose weight, actually the problem can be worst (the exception are the fishes with omega 3 & 6 like salmon, mackerel and herring… they’re good in weight loss programs, because they lower the bad cholesterol and give the sensation of plenitude in your tummy)

I know you don’t want to loose your clothes with extra gained weight but it’s necessary to change your eat-weight program.
If you want to continue with those vegetarian meals and dishes – utterly healthy vegetarian life – and to lose weight, here go 8 weight tips. (I assume that you consume some eggs and dairy stuff)

8 Weight Loss Tips and Guide

1* You should choose the vegan food in frequency and quantity with moderation- in a distribution of 6 or more meals per day. Try to eat a correct breakfast, this is the fuel for the rest of the day!

2* Dairy products: if you eat them, do it at least 3 portions per day or substitutes.

3* Eggs: try 4 units per week and perhaps 1 egg white per day.

4* Raw / cooked vegetables: 2 daily portions (especially carrot, pumpkin and zucchini).

5* Cereals: try to eat them preferably integrals.

6* Fresh fruits: try 3 units daily and at least 2 citric included.

7* Dry fruits: including walnuts, almonds, hazelnut and chestnut in adequate proportions on daily basis.

8* Oils: to consume preferably olive, sunflower (high oleic) and soybean but in little proportions.

Pss…as we’re in vegetarian food & cooking mood, don’t forget to visit the salad poll, voting and commenting your favorite salad (not only vegetable salads)

The vegetarianism not implies necessarily a good weight management, the key if you’ve weight loss plans are balance and self-control in your vegetarian cooking!

Foodies and food bloggers taste habitually, enticing delights hence it isn’t easy to have a healthy weight but it’s a permanent task to achieve your goals.

Being vegetarian or not, what’s your experience in your diet-weight (if any)? Do you need a weight loss help? …or moderation is your real name 🙂

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    I have to admit that I had put on wt. after I started blogging:-).. but fortunately took care of it just when it started! the glory of cooking & tasting food adds to the calories, however healthy the food is.


    I like how some people think potatoes are “vegetables” 🙂

    Can’t imagine ever going vegan, but I try to make some of my meals vegetarian.


    this is why I cook healthy by using alternatives such as: baking instead of frying, grilling, using whole grain ingredients, watching portions and most importantly, staying active!

    I love food but I believe in healthy in eating and making adjustments in how you cook your food.


    I have gained weight since I started blogging but part of the reason why is that I also stopped running. I want to get started with it again but keep procrastinating. With warmer weather approaching here I am really wanting to lose a few pounds. As for vegetarian, I eat a lot of vegetarian meals but not total vegetarian.


    Great tips Gera, maybe add exercise? I mean exercise hard! Then it will pay at then end. Food alone is not enough, don’t you think?

    The Food Site

    If you were talking about the vegetarian foods available here in Malaysia, I’d have to say it will definitely help you put on more weight than ever!
    Many vegetarian restaurants here (except for the very few healthy, organic ones) use a lot of salt, oil and food colourings and preservatives and additives so it is all mostly bad rather than healthy. I once went on vegetarian diet for a week (years ago, due to ignorance) to lose weight by eating at these place and ended up putting on at least 5 lbs.
    The best bet is always to have balanced meals that are low fat, with minimal oil, low sugar and (can I say tasteless? heehee) wholesome. If you cook vegetarian at home, then it is by far healthier than eating out because you never know what kind of chemicals they put in there. Still, going vegetarian makes one hungrier all the time and thus, makes one wants to eat more which will result in weight gain.


    I like the article. Some believed that being a vegan you don’t gain weight, far from it.We have to remember that vegetables also contain carbohydrates.Do you know Kadaj?


    Moderation is always the key, in so many spects of life and consumption. We also need to pay attention to what are bodies tell us instead of ignoring it.


    Gera-This is a very important post. It brought up many things to think about.
    1. Not only what a person eats but exercise–will really help staying slim and healthy. Find the kind of excercise you like. example dancing/sports/walking is relaxing too. [20 minutes 3Xs a week at least]. Have fun.
    2. Bake foods instead of frying, like Jessie said in her comments is a great idea.
    3.AND.. Watch your thoughts-Are you becoming obcessed/a fanatic? If you’re thinking of nothing BUT food, excercise and the way you look. Making lots of food but eating none or giving it away. eating large amounts and vomiting to get rid of it. That’s a BUMMER. Get help.
    Life is wonderful, food delicious-and a blessing. Be responsible with food.
    In 1994, I was hospitalized with anorexia. But, luckily recovered. Janet R-B

    Deeba PAB

    Great post Gera. Always a matter of being sensible. I believ in moderation! xoxo

    Rosa's Yummy Yums

    I don’t eat much meat (although I love meat), but would never want to switch entirely to a vegeterian diet nor would I like to convert to veganism… Yes, even healthy food can make you gain weight!

    Thanks for the tips!




    Hi Gera,
    Great article on weight loss; those are good tips. I’m passing on a blog award to you. You can check it out on my blog.

    Carolyn Jung

    Being thin doesn’t necessarily mean one is healthy. Being a vegan or vegetarian also doesn’t mean one is necessarily eating healthful. No matter what you eat, you still have to mindful of quantity and calories. And no matter what you eat, you still have to exercise.


    Thanks for your visit and comment I’ll answer you by email!

    Food blogging can be delicious-dangerous; just to control the type of food we eat! 🙂

    Likewise I can’t be vegan but they’re healthy food! Potatoes are “vegetables” lol!

    It’s a good idea to giving away the higher kcals cooking/baking but I bet how hard must be 🙂

    No matter vegan or not this is the better way, try to improve at the beginning, if possible I try always to bake/grill instead of frying. Being active is a priority at all days!

    Only a little push and start to workout so you can enjoy your wonderful meals more often, especially with warmer weather 🙂

    @5 Star Foodie
    Try to compensate heavy meals days with softer ones, I do frequently. Hormones are a delicate theme you should check them with a doctor. Anyway workout, actually aerobic one helps a lot! Hope you can control your weight and tends to be more stable 🙂

    Totally with you Elra and to lose weight specifically aerobic exercises like walking, dancing, running, swimming and many more 🙂

    @The Food Site
    Foong so interesting information about the vegan food and vegetarian restaurants in Malaysia! The actual trend is to add lots of conservatives completely unhealthy. Overall healthy eating isn’t really promoted, junk food wins! Tasteless food is a big problem in diets should be a yummy balance to help 🙂

    My intention is to show that vegan isn’t a synonym of weight loss, it’s necessary to control the carbohydrates! I don’t know Kadaj till today.

    Moderation is the word that should rule life and even more to have a healthy eating. Our bodies are savvy specially when you see that your clothes don’t fit well 😉

    @Janet R-B
    100% agree with you and exercise can be fun too! Try to bake instead of frying (at least sometimes) is a good point like Jesssie said. The anorexia disorder is terrible fortunately you’re already recovered 🙂 All the symptoms you describe must be watched very closely!

    @Passionate About Baking
    This word moderation is essential in eating; occasionally some sweet/savory temptations are good! Glad you like this post 🙂

    @Rosa’s Yummy Yums
    I don’t like either to switch to a total vegetarian diet, I’m meat lover too but trying to lower the same as possible. Happy you find it useful 🙂

    Natasha thank you a lot!! It’s a big honor 😀

    @Carolyn Jung
    So true Carolyn! To be slim or being a vegan isn’t a necessary condition of health, you must check constantly the quality, quantity and how fresh is the food, principally when dining out 😉


    Gera – but it’s so hard to give up cream and cheese, yummy! 🙂


    @Christie @ Fig & Cherry
    Love both and not necessarily to lose weight..the partial solution can be low fats, frequently so bland 🙂


    It’s very hard to keep weight down and food blog, especially since my second love after food is fashion! It’s a constant battle :S


    @[email protected]
    Food blogging, fashion and to keep weight is a difficult combination to achieve Lorraine 😀


    Great tips. I could probably go vegetarian without missing meat all that much.


    Glad you like it! Thanks so much for your visit 🙂


    gaining weight with vegan foods seems failry unplausible but probable..I honestly can not see how veggies would lead to obesity though…that might be the case for fruits since they contain sugar and all..great post btw.

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