Which Are Your Worst Temptations?

For my Sweets Foods loyal & new readers Happy New Year 2009!! I truly hope that you’ve had recently wonderful times and they’ll continue for this incipient year!!

Now straight to the point: you’ve noticed that on these dates your mind plays with you…what am I talking about? Temptations…everywhere and every time…

Dulce de Leche Cake

Which are your worst temptations?

Let’s see a short and concise definition about it:

Wikipedia: “Temptation” is usually used in a loose sense to describe actions which indicate a lack of self control, such as procrastination or eating junk food.” (there’re many definitions…)

Temptations can be:

  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Tech Stuff
  • Traveling
  • Internet
  • Sex
  • Gambling
  • Music
  • Tv
  • Beverages
  • Cars
  • …Yours?

Some are obvious others not too much…at least for me…Don’t you have a relative or friend who cannot stop to see or have the last gadget released yesterday?
People queuing up for full days before the launch of a new product?

Or, what patience and desires to get a ticket for a music festival sleeping in tents before the opening?

These psychological behaviors can end up being productive – everyone has likes and preferences – while the person isn’t affected to the level, I cannot live without it!

Tempations at the Internet are endless and of all kind, but at the point of social media: how much time of the day are you devoted to be connected with your friends online?

Do you use twitter? Perhaps facebook or stumbling at stumbleupon…they’re very tempting and potentially addictive!!
Are you hanged out at foodbuzz very frequently? If you’re in some of them and if you wish, add me as friend right now and we can share interesting things 😉

Are you checking your emails permanently? It’s a great temptation to try to clean up and answer your overflowing daily inbox that can drain your time too. An article very useful to have more profitable days is this by Darren.

The temptation isn’t an addiction, we still have certain control over it without crossing the line often!

What’s up about Foodies?

In my case like yours, we experience with all the senses in the real world and we transfer it to the web in the best possible way with luscious articles, overflowing images in colors and flavors – they’re so tempting that we want to eat the screen!

Temptations The foodies must be tied to nature – in fact everyone should be – because the temptations vary according to seasons and availability of the ingredients.

In winter, with enough cold, do you want still your favorite ice creams? Wonderful treats like nutella, chocolate with walnuts, for me dulce de leche or whatvever is your taste… I do! Who said to not eat ice creams in cold days? It isn’t coherent at all – but temptation sometimes can rule!

In summer too hot, do you eat hyper caloric foods? Not so much, but who resists to a chivito with fries or a paella 😀

As everything in life should be certain balance so the body and mind work in harmony, from time to time a bit of consistency in the meals isn’t bad but it’s tough when there are many stimuli 😉

For crossing the line a bit and drool, I share some gorgeous temptations of these magnificent food bloggers:

Sweet Temptations

Savory Temptations

What do you think?

Which are really your worst temptations …if it can be said 😉 …Come on, let me know in the comments!

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    When I need salt I’ve the same issue chips, pistachios, almonds and everything saltiness..at least sometime I can control them!
    Thanks for your visit Maggie!


    Sex is a yes. :DDD


    if you are sweet toothed any kind of sweet is tempting there are now so many varieties of low fat puddings around which are very satisfying, once you’ve tried a few you will see what i mean

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