Why Food Bloggers and Foodies Should Enter Into the Twitter World

Jump into TwitterHuman beings are sociable by nature, we need to interact between us. Twitter is a tool and a community where you can establish conversations, make relationships and to be entertaining.

If you’re already using it, in this post you’ll discover more interesting people to follow as well as resources and seductive links (it’s impossible to know everything and everybody).
If you’re totally new about Twitter, it’s never too late to start!

Briefly What’s Twitter? It’s a microblogging platform, “micro” because the messages must be lower than 140 characters, sent by web or by your mobile. This limit tends you to resume your ideas, thoughts or news to a concise point.

Twitter folks: TweepsWhat to tweet? Well, you can say what you like, since your daily routine, your favorite recipe, questions, your new exotic food or gadget, answer to your followers, read news..it’s up to you!, but try to not be boring; this is too personal. To reply somebody begin with @name and a DM, direct message, with d name.

In my case, whenever it’s possible, I use it several times in the week, depending of the activity I have.
You’ll see people hung all days or others that appears from time to time.
It’s not good seen to follow tons of people and a handful following you, because this behaviour is spammy and you could be penalised!

Do You Need a Little Push to Jump Into Twitter?

The experience of power bloggers is important and they share it in these interesting articles or sites about Twitter:

77 Food Bloggers and Food Sites You Can Follow

This list is at random order and pressing “ctrl” key + specific link, the same will open in a new tab for your convenience.

  1. @CarolynJung…..http://www.foodgal.com/
  2. @eatingoutloud…..http://www.eatingoutloud.com/
  3. @seriouseats…..http://www.seriouseats.com/
  4. @sugarlaws…..http://www.sugarlaws.com/
  5. @GrumpysHoneyB…..http://grumpyshoneybunch.com/
  6. @steamykitchen…..http://www.steamykitchen.com/
  7. @girlieerin….. http://www.erincooks.com/
  8. @slashfood…..http://www.slashfood.com/
  9. @PinchMySalt…..http://pinchmysalt.com/
  10. @nandita….. http://www.alwaysorderdessert.com/
  11. @cookthink…..http://www.cookthink.com/
  12. @WasabiBratwurst…..http://www.wasabibratwurst.com/
  13. @Hedonia…..http://hedonia.seantimberlake.com/
  14. @kungfoodie…..http://www.kungfoodie.com/
  15. @bakeorbreak….. http://www.bakeorbreak.com/
  16. @kyotofoodie…..http://www.kyotofoodie.com/
  17. @bakespace …..http://www.bakespace.com/
  18. @SeductionMeals….. http://www.seductionmeals.com/
  19. @VeganBits…..http://veganbits.com/
  20. @thedelicious…..http://www.thedeliciouslife.com/
  21. @derricks….. http://www.obsessionwithfood.com/
  22. @cafefernando….. http://cafefernando.com/
  23. @ChewOnThat…..http://chewonthatblog.com/
  24. @davidlebovitz…..http://www.davidlebovitz.com/
  25. @culinate…..http://www.culinate.com/
  26. @mightyleaf …..http://www.mightyleaf.com/
  27. @zestycook….http://zestycook.com/
  28. @thehungrymouse…..http://www.thehungrymouse.com/
  29. @LondonEater…..http://londoneater.com/
  30. @italyinsf…..http://www.italyinsf.com/
  31. @noobcook…..http://www.noobcook.com/
  32. @epicurious…..http://www.epicurious.com/
  33. @messycook…..http://www.messyvegetariancook.com/
  34. @KitchenParade…..http://kitchenparade.com/
  35. @foodgawker…..http://www.foodgawker.com/
  36. @KathrynElliott…..http://www.kathrynelliott.com.au/blog
  37. @chefmd…..http://www.drjohnlapuma.com/
  38. @chezpim…..http://www.chezpim.com/blogs/
  39. @sophistimom…..sophistimom.com
  40. @BestFoodBlogEVR…..http://www.bestfoodblogever.com/
  41. @tofu666…..http://veganmenu.blogspot.com/
  42. @dianakuan…..http://appetiteforchina.com/
  43. @KitchenGirlJo…..http://kitchengirljo.blogspot.com/
  44. @bronmarshall…..http://bronmarshall.com/
  45. @makeandtakes…..http://www.makeandtakes.com/
  46. @rosso…..http://www.msadventuresinitaly.com/blog/
  47. @happysorceress…..http://thehappysorceress.blogspot.com/
  48. @mormonfoodie…..http://www.mormonfoodie.blogspot.com/
  49. @sushiday…..http://sushiday.com/
  50. @tastespotting…..http://www.tastespotting.com
  51. @superwife…..http://theadventuresofsuperwife.com/
  52. @candyblog…..http://www.typetive.com/candyblog
  53. @cupcakeproject…..http://www.cupcakeproject.com/
  54. @cookingupastory….. http://cookingupastory.blip.tv/
  55. @Mommy4Cocktails…..http://www.mommyneedsacocktail.com/
  56. @happynutrition…..http://happynutritionist.com/
  57. @humblerecipes…..http://www.humblerecipes.com/
  58. @hookedonheat…..http://www.hookedonheat.com/
  59. @offthemeathook…..http://www.offthemeathook.com/
  60. @shunafish…..http://eggbeater.typepad.com/
  61. @ChefT…..http://www.dinnermadesimple.com/
  62. @HoldTheGluten…..http://holdthegluten.net/
  63. @realepicurean…..http://www.realepicurean.com/
  64. @cheftom…..http://www.cheftomcooks.com/
  65. @MattArmendariz…..http://www.mattbites.com/
  66. @creampuff1…..http://www.creampuffsinvenice.ca/
  67. @StickyGooeyChef…..http://stickygooeycreamychewy.com/
  68. @rasamalaysia…..http://rasamalaysia.com/
  69. @simplyrecipes…..http://www.elise.com/recipes/
  70. @figandcherry…..http://www.figandcherry.com/
  71. @deliciouslife…..http://www.liveadeliciouslife.com/
  72. @zoebakes…..http://www.zoebakes.com/
  73. @CajunChefRyan…..http://cajunchefryan.rymocs.com/blog2
  74. @norecipes…..http://www.norecipes.com/
  75. @houstonwino…..http://www.anotherwineblog.com/
  76. @PickyPalate…..http://www.picky-palate.com/
  77. @Cookie_Madness…..http://www.cookiemadness.net/

Applications to Make Easier Your Life in Twitter

In the next post you’ll have more food bloggers, foodies, attractive non-food twitters to follow, more resources and so on, stay tuned!
Last but not least, if you want to follow me, my Twitter is @sweetsfoods 🙂 and say Hi!


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    Thank you so much for including BlogWellDone.com in your list. I am deeply humbled and appreciative!



    We’re thrilled WasabiBratwurst made the cut – so exciting! Can’t wait to see what wonderful recipes and cooking tips everyone has to offer.

    taste memory

    you are so sweet Gera ~ that’s a great post and you have a way/gift @ being a great host + building community. So nice to meet you and thanks for including me in your twitter list.

    Is this blog new? Am wondering as I am just coming across it now….look forward to your posts 😉

    Maureen "Hold The Gluten"

    Hi Gera! Awesome post! I completely agree with you — Twitter is a fantastic way to connect with other “food focused” people! Although, it can be VERY addictive — all in 140 characters or less 🙂 Thank you for including me on your list — I cook/bake gluten free due to Celiac Disease and have found an amazing community within Twitter. I highly recommend Twitter — it rocks!!


    @Maureen Hold The Gluten
    You’ve a nice blog about an important theme about the celiacs and their food related..I know a lot of people that need gluten free diet, I’ll forward to you!


    Thanks for including me! I am very new to twitter and am still learning… thanks for all the great info to help me figure things out. What great lists, that must of taken a lot of time and work to put together; awesome job!


    Wow-that is a lot of work you did so thanks…i can be found on twitter @lealfamily for http:savorthethyme.blogspot.com. I also wrote aobut some applications at:

    Brenda Campbell

    There is also me too @cre8tivekitchen LOL This is a very helpful list! Thank you!


    Great post thanks!!
    Here are a few more hard core Canadian food bloggers to include.


    and of course, yours truly!

    Many thanks!

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