The Power of Dulce de Leche – Indulge Yourself with This Sweet Delight!

dulce de leche recipes a gourmet candy
Ever since I can remember the dulce de leche is one of my favorite in desserts, ice creams, pastries, cakes, cookies, drinks, liquors..if I continue we don’t finish.
It’s impressive the number of uses of this sweet caramelized – gourmet candy, but really in the world, is dulce de leche passion of multitudes or not?

I’ll enter into the kingdom of this succulent dairy product and I expect if you don’t know it, give it a try. Forgive me if you’ll be result addict to the same, if you’re already, welcome to the dessert club πŸ˜‰

dulce de leche, gourmet sweets

What Is Dulce de Leche?

This dessert beauty is made with cow’s milk and sugar resulting in a splendid cream, of a soft and brown texture for the caramelization process. In mouth, depending on its consistency can be sticky and creamy, that will make you remember for several hours, why you don’t eat more of this magnificent sweet gift.

Yes, I know your question; you have seen it with other ingredients and names, let’s clarify somewhat the issue. The presence of this delicacy is very strong in all Latin America, but especially in Argentina and Uruguay. Also we’ve present at the best culinary art school in France as confiture de lait or in other countries it can be milk jams as well.

Which Are the Different Dulce de Leche Recipes and Varieties?

Variants of dulce de leche by names are:

  • In Mexico it’s called Cajeta and instead of cow’s milk, it’s used goat milk (delicious likewise).
  • In countries like Colombia, Panama or Venezuela is Arequipe.
  • In Peru and Bolivia is Manjar Blanco, it can also be in Panama; merely Manjar in Chile and Ecuador.
  • In Brazil is doce de leite in Portuguese language. I still have memories of a doce de leite bar that I ate one afternoon in the beach as snack, was amazing, pure relaxation..a whole package disappeared, I still don’t know how!

There are countries of Latin America which may have alternative or generic names because their uses aren’t as high as in the Rio de la Plata (that is to say in Argentina and Uruguay).

As ingredients can be used in its preparation: cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sweet condensed milk, to add baking soda, everything depends on the type of product that exists in your country to do so or the factory that produces it.

It’s so strong their presence in Argentina and Uruguay which raised an international incident, involving even the UNESCO in the year 2003, because Argentina attempted to take it as cultural heritage, giving it an appellation as Argentine product (like the Champagne appellation; this famous sparkling premium wine should be named only from wine producers in the Champagne region of France).
Certainly, all result into nothing, because it’s not clear which is the exact origin and its real history. What is well known, is that in the Rio de la Plata, is the sweet king par excellence from gourmet breakfast to dinner, as a snack or in desserts at restaurants 5 stars.

brownie with dulce de leche, cream and walnuts
In confectionery the dulce de leche is a little more opaque and thick due to the thickeners added; there is too the dulce de leche light (I don’t think that works, because if you eat tons of it, do you think you won’t feel tight your belt, eh?)

Sh a secret, have you ever tried crema de dulce de leche? Or to worsen the things, the “mousse de dulce de leche” or dulce de leche mousse? The day I experienced the mousse was so intense the sensation of – I’ll never stop of eating it – hence I decided to leave it, almost immediately, because the jars would be very often in my hands.

The cream of dulce de leche is the common plus an extra cream added to the preparation and its corresponding mousse, is with egg white (thanks to French fresh cuisine), giving a spongy consistency unrivaled. Professional pastry chefs also get crazy with it.

People of different cultures like Asian, Middle East, West, etc; have been delighted with the dulce de leche, becoming fascinated and they finish eating spoonful by spoonful; in general always generates this sweet social phenomenon like the chocolates.

Do you want a recipe on how to make homemade gourmet dulce de leche or eventually making a dessert with it? Why only one, if you can have several:

Which is your experience with dulce de leche? Is it very sweet or simply irresistible? Sometimes it’s futile to resist.


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    Thanks for the informative post! I’ve only tried it a few times and loved it so much that I have bought all of the ingredients to make some at home πŸ™‚ So reading this article is rather serendipitous!


    Great Post!
    In Colombia is called arequipe and manjar blanco.

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