Cheeses and Tiramisu Dessert Making a Gift in Your Mouth

Let’s make a quick thought: the cheese doesn’t exist anymore, impossible, isn’t it? The cheese is present everywhere and it’s hard to imagine not having the cottage, parmesan, blue-type, gouda, cheddar..countless different kinds of cheese that exists in the world.

pizza, anyone?
A dish likes macaroni and cheese, without the last loses all meaning. The pasta is intimately linked with cheese – they’re brothers – and anyone would not think to talk about pizza without mozzarella cheese, that melts in your mouth and sticks, certainly unthinkable (I tried some pizzas without cheese, are good, but for me that’s almost sacred that has it).

The Magical Cheese – A Gourmet Touch Changes Everything

As a magician with his magic wand, a small touch of a tasty cheese and voila your dish is another.
It’s said that there’s a cheese for every mood but in general, I feel that it puts us happy to delight either cold or hot, as an accompaniment or as a main dish in a fondue.
The fondue has the virtue of being a typical social meal to enjoy it with friends and with enough time (unmistakable slow food not?), while one smears the bread or meat inside the mix of cheeses with kirsch and savoring it in all its splendor; only the cheese can accomplish that!

Cheeses and Tiramisu
The cheeses are living captivating products that can evolve and grow depending on the type of destination required with textures, aromas and different flavors.
I’m a huge fan of cheeses from those which are fresh and creamy until those that have a certain period of maturation with intense spicy flavors, pardon I said also smoked, no,..impressive as well.

Inside the delightful Italian cheeses, is the mascarpone cheese of white color, creamy of a soft and fresh texture, spread-able and occasionally used as butter to be easy to anoint on a toast. The times that I’ve had breakfasts with toasts and mascarpone, directly alone or topped with exquisite fresh berries. Have you tried it together with herbs or anchovies?
A pleasure you should take from time to time, otherwise if you’re for the region of Lombardy, in the south of Italy, there you play as local because it originates in this region.

The Friendship between the Mascarpone Cheese and the Tiramisu Dessert

My first time, I mean..the dessert, it was in a characteristic Italian restaurant having dinner together with some friends and I was a teen. The waiter came and he asked to us, what did they want as dessert? He said I’ve a delicious Tiramisu, you’ll love it and I asked, what’s in it? They’re layers with crispy ladyfingers embedded with coffee, cream, liquor and cocoa sprinkled. Since then, this sublime combination of flavors left in me an indelible mark.

After a certain time, I find out that this cream is mascarpone cheese (thank goodness that the waiter didn’t clear up this point), with extra whipped cream at times, Marsala wine, ladyfinger cookies (savoiardi) and basic ingredients eggs, sugar.
The blend leaves a notable experience with the contrast between cream and coffee, with a crown of cocoa powder that makes it shine.

Keeping in mind that there’re many versions, the richness and complexity depend on the type of liquor, sometimes rum (for children obviously it doesn’t take) and an infinity of variants that include the Tiramisu, as the basis, in other desserts like cakes for example.

It’s clear that it comes from Italy and it’s a relatively modern dessert, but how was originated isn’t known exactly; there’re different sources but what’s real is the effect pick me up!, the Italian means of Tiramisu and certainly its sequel is felt by quite a while, there’s no need to have a coffee after it..

Perhaps do you want a Tiramisu recipe? Better, I suggest several Tiramisu recipes:

  1. Twisted Tiramisu (Black Forest Style) by Alexandra
  2. Mocha Tiramisu by Nicole
  3. Tiramisu Cake by Deb
  4. Tiramisu β€” You Can Do It! Yes, You Can. YES, YOU CAN. by Ree (Pioneer Woman)
  5. Tiramisu Ice Cream by Amy

I’m pretty sure that you’re craving a bite of tiramisu, right now? Don’t you?


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    Oh, I’m definitely craving a bite or two (or three!) of tiramisu right now! πŸ™‚


    Forget a bite or two, give me the whole thing and I’ll probably finish everything! The picture looks positively mouthwatering.


    @HoneyB I’m craving more right now, but only leftovers remain πŸ™‚

    @Freya Really a fast and delicious sweetie!!

    @Foong Here you have the whole dessert πŸ˜‰

    Carolyn Jung

    I could eat mascarpone by the tub. Seriously. Well, if it weren’t so caloric, perhaps. With its thick, rich, voluptuous texture and subtle sweetness, it’s just downright addicting.

    Hugging the Coast

    I love tiramisu but haven’t had it for a while. I’ll definitely be looking into those recipes!


    @Carolyn Ha ha To the silhouette sometimes doesn’t like these caloric desserts, but a tiny bit is great!

    @Hugging the Coast from time to time it’s good to experience this delicacy πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by!


    Dear Gera!
    For all your being an Uruguayan, I have the impression that half of your heart is in Italy!
    Just wondering:
    what are the most known cheeses produced in Uruguay?
    I’m sure you have some with all those cows around!


    @Robert Greeting to you!
    Italy is a reference everywhere LOL!

    As the majority of people in Uruguay are European immigrants and, as a big dairy producers, we’ve almost of all type European-style-cheeses…they’re really, really good πŸ™‚

    Jennifer Ludgin

    Wow…that looks intensely amazing!

    Deeba PAB

    YES I AM…absolutely craving it! It’s a torturous post, but I first want to make the mascarpone. This is a yummy post!


    @Passionate About Baking
    ohh mascarpone how versatile is this cheese and the key in the tiramisu.. a permanent desire for me πŸ™‚
    Deeba thanks so much for your visit!!

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