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Chocolate Milk a Gift with Better Nutrition than Sport Drinks and Kreativ Blogger Award

I was reading this news again about health & fitness – chocolate related… yummmm that called my attention. The appealing data is recurrently coming over and over, from time to time since several years ago. Here it was published too chocolate milk: the new sports drink? The interesting point is for general active people (not… Continue Reading

Yerba Mate, Gourd & Bombilla a Traditional Herbal Mate Tea with Health Benefits for You

What is yerba mate? Let’s begin for their different names can have: yerba maté, yerba matte, erva mate…the reasons are variants on the pronunciation in English language of Spanish/Portuguese names and/or incorrect misspelling of the words “yerba mate”. The yerba mate are dry leaves/twigs chopped and ground to a powdery form, the “yerba”, of a… Continue Reading

Cooking & Recipe Contests 2009 – Food Contest with Free Promotional Giveaways and an Award

Another roundup of free food contests have arrived! Win-contests are coming for you and do remember to check the previous posts including recipe contests with interesting prizes. In them you’ll still find contest to win of June and July 2009. Visit these 2 posts: cooking & food contests and recipe contests with giveaway items as… Continue Reading

How You Manage Your Culinary-Cooking-Food Budget in Recession Times? (Poll)

With the debt crisis and the worldwide recession present, practically all family-food budgets, restaurants and the international culinary world have been affected in more or less degree. [It’s so difficult to shot a food-color-picture about banking crisis and recession ;-). I received this food-gift from a friend, perfect targeted for a foodie: a bottle with… Continue Reading

Guglhupf – Kugelhopf – Ringcake – a Culinary Art Experience Worthy of an Austrian Emperor & of course of You!

  Name this cake: Guglhupf, Kugelhopf, Gugelhopf, Guglhopf…(a tricky twister!)…in plain English a typical ring-shape exquisite Austrian cake, with a gratifying culinary history behind it. Independently of the varied names and more or less ingredients, this Ringcake can achieve the maximum of your sweet expectations if you try it. If you enjoyed the Sachertorte /… Continue Reading