How to Write Blog Content: Tips for Consistently Producing Blog Posts

How to Write Blog Content: Tips for Consistently Producing Blog Posts

How to Write Blog Content

Growing your blog’s readership requires a constant flow of quality content, but even the most prolific of us will hit a wall on occasion.

Sometimes you feel like there just isn’t anything left to say, or you can’t put together enough time in the day to produce something that meets your quality standards, and that can be detrimental to your blog.

But even when you’re stumbling over that writer’s block that some inconsiderate person left in your way, there are some things you can do to keep producing quality content.


checkgreen Stick to a Theme

Coming up with something completely new to write every day can be more than a little draining, which is why so many personal blogs don’t last very long. When there is a specific theme to the blog, whether it is business or personal, you will be able to focus your attention and delve deeper into the subjects that your visitors expect to see.

A theme will help you build up the right expectations with your readers and they will always think of your blog when the subject comes up somewhere else.


checkgreen Write a Series of Articles

It’s hard to keep a reader’s attention for more than about 500 words or so, but sometimes your subjects require (and deserve) a much more thorough treatment.

Instead of cutting out major portions of your blog posts, look for ways to split them into two or more articles. This allows you to post something every day, while giving your readers a reason to come back and find out how it ends.


checkgreen Set Publication Dates and Stick to Them

Whether you are writing for a business or for yourself, you should set deadlines and know exactly when you are going to publish your articles. Nothing beats writers block like a deadline.

There is something very incentivizing about a looming deadline, and you may be surprised at what you can find when you know you have to have something prepared for tomorrow’s publication. And the more you stick to these dates the more your readers will see you as a professional blogger who is worth their time.


checkgreen Participate in Other Blogs

Always remember that blogging is, at heart, a social medium. No blog is an island. See what other people in your industry are saying and let them inspire your next post. You can write a response to something they said, review some of their products, or talk about your experience with another company. Even the comments left on other blogs, can provide that sparkling blogging-idea you need to expand on a concept and produce a new post of your own.


checkgreen Accept Guest Posts

When all else fails, you can open your blog up to guest posts. There are thousands of bloggers out there looking for an opportunity to establish themselves in their industry and link back to their own blog. They can potentially provide you with a constant supply of new and unique posts and give you a small break from the constant writing. This is not to say that you should turn your blog over to the public.

If you want to maintain a high level of quality, you will need to actively read and even edit each guest post to make sure it meets your standards. We are often judged by the company we keep, and if your guest bloggers aren’t adding anything of value, it won’t reflect well on you.


checkgreen Regular Features

Recipe Wednesday. Game Review Friday. Political Rant Sunday. A regular, ongoing series gives your readers something to look forward to every week or month. It is also much easier to focus your efforts and plans when you know what you want to produce each week.

You can look ahead and plan out each week’s post long before you actually have to write it. This will save a lot of time and stress when you would normally find yourself stretching to come up with new content.

There are many benefits to running a successful blog, whether you are generating leads for a business, creating a source of ad revenue, or just trying to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. If you can consistently produce high-quality content, you will be able to attract a constant flow of new readers and reach your personal goals.

Author Bio

Heather Newman is a content specialist who has written for everything from digital printing to customer management systems and continues to seek opportunities to explore new topics and solutions.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, my blog theme is car accident news related and I always find something to write about. I usually post two blogs per day.

  2. i think you have right i wirght my blog almost daily about health insurance and i know that what you present here is the true about bloging

  3. Hey

    Thanks for the post..Creating unique content that can make your readers keep coming back to your blog is the main key. these tips are really worthwhile.

  4. Hey

    I have started my blog recently and I am always in a look out of new and exciting topics to entice readers.The traffic is low initially, but fresh and unique content can help. Also will keep in mind the tips you have mentioned in this post.

  5. Thanks for a lot of useful tips. I agree that it is a good idea to break up a post before it become to long. This way you have the option to dive in to more details without loosing the reader. Of cause it is also a good idea to writhe about things that really interest you. When doing this writing will not become a “job” but more of a hobby. I also have good experience with using Evernote for writing notes when an idea for a post suddenly pops up ☺.

  6. Accepting guest posts is wonderful advice and is clearly something that is more than happy to do. Some webmasters may feel allowing others to write for them in some way diminishes their attachment to the site they have created but if you find a great guest writer, you may soon find that not only do you now have multiple points of view being presented on your site, but that guest writer may also develop a (or bring an already established) following and that means even MORE visitors to your site. As long as you get to view the guest post prior to being it uploaded, there really are no downfalls to allowing someone else’s creativity brighten up your site even further! 🙂

  7. Thanks Gera for the great article but I don’t know How to get new topics, I can’t write article because I don’t get any topic on which I can write on.

  8. Gera, this is in fact a nice article about white hat search engine optimization. The methods shared here works very good after recent Google Panda and Penguin updates.

  9. Hi Heather. The tips shared by you can indisputably grow a blog’s readership. Being new to blogging , the need of writing quality content daunts me. Sticking to a theme or disintegrating the content into articles can indeed bolster readership. Utilizing social media to the optimum is also intrinsic .Opening blog to guest post would also allow new and fresh posts to pour in. Wonderful share. Thanks for the effort.

  10. Thanks for providing us an awesome guide on writing, it has helped a lot of blogger before I reading it and now, I think it can help me, thanks a million.

  11. These are great tips! I am just starting to offer guest posts and have a few under review right now. It really is nice to get a break from writing but also to meet new people and create new relationships.

  12. This article is great. I prepare to write unique content than copy paste content because google panda and penguin now eliminate blogs with duplicate content.

  13. I think the theme idea is the most important for me. I often find myself “hitting a wall” and feel like I’ve got nothing new to say. I’m going to go back to the drawing board and nail our theme down and go forward from there. Cheers!

  14. It is also necessary that you didn’t use ambiguous word that much on your blog so that the majority of your readers can fully understand your article. Also posting pictures or having a nice theme is very important to catch the attention of the readers.

  15. The thing with blog posts is, topics don’t just fall from the sky. There are days that we just can’t figure out what to write. These tips are very helpful for being consistently productive with blog posts.

  16. Thanks for the idea. Sometimes i do have trouble getting new ideas but this blog would surely help me in maintaining the site.

  17. It is also important your article/blog have unique content with relevant photos and theme must be according to title of article.

  18. Unique, informative articles – a key to success. I appreciate your other guidelines, having guest posts on your blog AND on others gives a feeling of community an breaks up the monotony a bit. Setting your own deadlines and concept writing within a theme is also very useful for the layout to feel more cohesive. I would also suggest ENGAGING content, which is anything that hooks a reader to your, your site, your brand. It can be the way you write, or perhaps a comment contest, or just a question on how they view the subject your writing about.

  19. I really like write to my blog and also other people blog. Thanks for your article. 🙂

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