7 Surprising Foods You Can Put in the Freezer

Everyone knows that you can freeze Girl Scout cookies, meat, and sauces, but there are a lot of other foods and ingredients that you can put in the freezer. Whether you bought too much, aren’t sure what to do with the leftovers, or ended up eating out more often than you’d anticipated, freezing foods is a way to avoid waste in the kitchen and in your shopping budget.

Here are 7 surprising foods that you can put in the freezer and that are just as good (or good enough!) as when you bought them the first day.


7 Surprising Foods You Can Put in the Freezer: Some Pesto to Freeze


1.  Fresh herbs: Even if you love basil or thyme, you may not be able to find a use for it at every meal. To avoid having to buy fresh herbs every time you go to the grocery store, opt to freeze them instead. Just wrap it tightly in plastic or put herbs in freezer-safe plastic containers with a tight lid. They take only minutes to thaw and still retain their flavor.

2.  Fully cooked meals that you make yourself: They devote entire frozen food sections to frozen TV dinners — including mac and cheese, pasta dishes and even seafood and soups — so why not make one yourself? Cook a big meal one day, and then divide it up into meal-sized portions for two or three meals. You can eat them whenever you want, just like the store-bought kind.

3.  Fresh fruit: Buy fruit when it’s in season to save on the price, and then freeze whatever you can’t eat in a few days. Fruit — especially washed fruit — tends to get soft and go bad within a week in the refrigerator, but it will stay longer in the freezer.

4.  Fresh vegetables: Just like fruit, you can freeze raw and cooked vegetables instead of buying pre-packaged ones. Wrap up beans, peas, corn on the cob and even artichokes.

5.  Cheese: Old cheese can smell up your entire kitchen, so instead of holding on to cheese thinking that you’ll find a use for it, stick it in the freezer. Grate it beforehand and put it in an airtight container so that it’s easier to cook with when you take it out. Hard and semi-hard cheeses freeze best.

6.  Bread: When bread is on sale, go ahead and buy an extra loaf for freezing. When it thaws, it will still taste fresh, not soggy.

7.  Already frozen meat: Meat that has been in the freezer, de-thawed, and cooked, can be frozen again. Just make sure it’s wrapped up tightly!

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25 Responses to 7 Surprising Foods You Can Put in the Freezer

  1. I have not frozen fresh herbs before but it is good to know that I can! I freeze bread often because with just Grumpy and I in the house we don't go through a whole loaf quick enough!
    My recent post Blueberry Crumb Cake

  2. I won't refreeze meat- I will coak it and freeze it. But definitely fruits and vegetables. I freeze berries all summer for use in the winter and tomatoes and peppers for sauce. the tomatoes and peppers are not grand alone after being frozen, but they saute very well.
    My recent post Italian Easter Wheat Pie

  3. Invariably everything suffers when frozen, but sometimes it can't be avoided. I freeze the green parts of leeks to save them for making stock.

  4. Great ideas, we love getting very ripe bananas and freezing them – they add an icy burst of goodness to our smoothies!

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation

  5. It's possible to freeze yogurt but it'll be a change in the texture with ice crystals, so it depends of your taste.

  6. I always freeze fruits and veggies, it's such a money saver too! excellent tips 🙂

  7. Freezing fresh fruit and veg is an awesome way to use up that discounted fruit that is about to go that stores sell cheap. Bananas can be popped in skin and all until you are ready to use them for baking or smoothies.

    I remember once gorgeous pineapples were $1 each (not sure why, they were nowhere near spoiling) and I bought all I could carry home and cubed and froze them. I'm still proud of the savings.

    All sorts of berries freeze beautifully in season and are so much better than those tasteless, expensive ones out of season. My kids love to munch on them still nearly frozen as snacks!

  8. Absolutely nice and useful post Gera, I love it! Thanks by sharing!
    My recent post Oven empanadas with shrimps & cheese

    huggs, gloriaxD

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