Healthy Eating Habits – 7 Guides for this New Year & Applicable also to Diet Bloggers

Let face it. The festivities have passed (for someone they are all the year…) but many of you’ve done overdoses of wonderful savory & sweets treats, full of kcals and fats (As a health & diet blogger, I’m guilty myself too!)
With this New Year, they are coming new resolutions and it’s time to make a daily healthy eating plan to be successful and achieve your realistic goals.

Healthy Eating Habits - 7 Guides for this New Year

1. Enjoy Breakfast in a Clever Way on Daily Basis

The worst you can do, it’s to avoid breakfast (I’ve no time – the usual motto). The night has passed; your body needs fuel and you, nothing! The consequences are that your metabolism could be affected and next time you eat your body should demand more and more to make a reserve in fat, – surprise! Try whole-grain breads, low fat yogurts or low fat cheeses and keep away, certainly, of fried-stuff.

2. Choose Healthy Snacks

I know that doritos, donuts, dulce de leche alfajores or creamy-chocolatey muffins are irresistible but they aren’t precisely the ideal snacks between meals for their high concentration of calories and fats. Some eating disorders begin frequently with snacks at not appropriated hours. Why not, try fresh fruits or a bunch of dried fruits like almonds?

3. Drink or Add Water to Your Meals

It’s simple, isn’t it? But it’s real. You can be dehydrated in winter or summer, with the unpleasant effects well known. You can have a fresh skin, better thermo-regulation of your body just adding more water. How? Of course, apart of drinking plain mineral water, you can replace sodas (generally speaking hypertonic drinks with extra sugar or sodium added, even the light ones) with tea, or yerba mate beverage. What about adding high water fruits like melon or watermelon to your diet?

4. Stay Active on Your Week

It’s typical on new resolutions, to begin going to the gym or walking. You schedule with a friend some type of workout but if this friend is missing, your fitness goals disappear too. Is it necessary a fitness centre to stay active? Surely it’s helpful but not indispensable. You can walk some blocks after or before work, replace the elevator with stairs. You know that doing aerobic exercises into your weekly routine led to an enhanced mood, less anxiety and it’s grateful in dieting and to control your weight.
Additional bonus, more you exercise = more you’ll need eating (healthy)!

5. Pick Up Whole Grains

I guess you know the great health benefits of whole grains to your body, like supplying fiber and diminishing the quantity of food required by your tummy because you’ll have less appetite between meals. Switch regularly, to whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta or try the wonderful quinoa and amaranth grains in your recipes. Be aware that you’ll need a balance in your daily foods even if they are vegan foods, since overweight can come from the least suspected places.

6. Pay Attention on Fats but Spot Also in the Trans Fat

Fats are essential for the body and good fats are commonly present on fishes, seeds, nuts, vegan oils, etc. Your heart and arteries will be pleased with moderate intakes of olive oil, lean beef / pork cuts.
Trans fats are bad too for your cholesterol and the funny part that they are present in lot of snacks like cookies, desserts, frozen snacks and in fried foods. Stay alert before purchasing and check the trans fats on the nutrition label.

7. Watch Closely the Food Labels Before Buying

Check the nutrition label on the back of the food product and do not trust only in the front of the box or the ads you watched on TV.
Food advertising can be misleading, trying to hide not-desired ingredients or excess of others. It isn’t the first time I was surprised after reading what a “portion” was for a food company or the kcals presented in the meal. From time to time, I’ve rejected a product shocked after saw the calories it has.

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Now it’s the moment where usually you express your opinion in comments so feel free to add your healthy thoughts 😉

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