Happy 2010: Best of the Week – Foodies – Food Blogs, Recipes, Health & Fitness, Blogging Resources & Social Media

Happy 2010: Best of the Week - Foodies -Food Blogs, Recipes, Health & Fitness, Blogging Resources & Social Media

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, health, blogging and social media. For more information read the first article of these series.

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 The Best of the Week - Food Blogs, Recipes, Blogging Resources, Social Media, Health & Fitness

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Foodies – Food Bloggers – Recipes

* Pace Picante Sauce Carnitas

* 2009 Most Popular Recipes

* Oat and Raisin Biscuits

* Gingerbread House – The Daring Bakers

* Christmas Feast 2009

* Homemade Sausages With Garlic Mashed Potato And Homemade Pickle

* Wine-down Wednesday- A Popping New Year!

* Eggplant Rollatini

* Better than a Rabbit’s Foot, Starting New Years on a High Note

* Smoked Beef Brisket

* Easy Last Minute Baked Goat Cheese Recipe (Party Appetizer Recipes)

* Pop that Cork! Value-Priced Champagne Alternatives

* One Year Blogiversary with Steaz Teaz!

* Garlic Pork

* Mountain Christmas Cabin Adventures

* Chocolate with Francois: Pine Nut Turron Cake

* Prize-Winning Vanilla-Vanilla Bean Roasted Apple Pie

* Churros (Spanish Doughnuts)

* NoobCook’s 2009 Picks, Happy 2010!

* ‘Tis the Season

* White Chocolate Tiramisu Trifle with Spiced Pears

*Cockeyed.com Cocktail Calculator

Blogging – Social Media – Tech

* How to Watermark Your Images and PDF Files for Brand Awareness and Copyright Protection

* 90 Awesome Blog Posts That Inspired My Blog’s Growth In 2009

* 5 Reasons Why Twitter is My Dream Machine

* The Four Stages of Growing a Blog

* Who Uses Social Networks and What Are They Like? (Part 1)

* The Ultimate Success Formula for Bloggers

* 3 Great Greasemonkey Scripts To Customize Facebook

Health & Fitness

* Putting Limits on Vitamin E

* Top 10 Health Trends of the Decade

* Ginkgo Biloba Doesn’t Slow Mental Decline

* 15 Reasons to Exercise This Year

* The Pros and Cons of Drinking: Weighing Alcohol’s Effects on the Body

* 4 Best Foods For Runners

* Menu Labels Spur Diners to Trim Calories

Health – Tech

* Your Cyborg Eye Will Talk to You

* A Weight-Loss Resolution That’s Light on the Wallet

Article of the Week on Sweets Foods

* Replacing Cakes With Cupcakes

Hungry for more? Check out former best of the week articles!

Happy New Year 2010 for You!!

* Stunning Fireworks Photos


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30 Responses to Happy 2010: Best of the Week – Foodies – Food Blogs, Recipes, Health & Fitness, Blogging Resources & Social Media

  1. Happy 2010…..!!!!!Hope to have lot of tasty food in this year..Hope you the same…

  2. Happy New Year, Gera! Thanks for putting all of this together for us – it's a great way to bring attention to deserving bloggers!

  3. Excited here, 2010 was a good year but Im hoping 2011 will be an even better one.

  4. Nicely man information facts, quite definitely treasured, though i don’t trust yourself many words.Exactly why would likely somebody realize its probable to break the policies and so effortlessly.

  5. I still think that the very best frozen drink is the frozen margarita! There are many other great cocktails, naturally. But when you have a superb frozen margarita recipe, nothing tops it! My all time favorite is still the ORIGINAL Jimmy Buffett Margarita – not always easy to find nowadays, since Mr. Buffett now sells his own margarita mixfrozen drink mixes and tequila. But it’s out there. I actually have a copy of the recipe (and quite a few more) on my website! Give it a try!

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