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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Vivian Kao TikTok CEO – Shou Zi Chew’s wife, and learn about her personal and professional life.

Dr. Vivian Kao is the spouse of TikTok Chief Shou Zi Bite. Shou affirmed on 23rd/Walk/2023 preceding the US House board about TikTok’s activity for safeguarding client information.

However TikTok is a well known web-based entertainment application, individuals from Singapore, the US, Canada, and the Unified Realm escalated their hunt about Shou, his own and proficient life, and his better half and youngsters because of his assertion in the US House panel. Thus, we should actually look at more about Vivian Kao TikTok.

About Dr. Vivian Kao and Shou:

Dr. Vivan Kao is a venture leader. She is the spouse of TikTok Chief Shou Zi Bite. After Shou finished his Single guy of Financial matters degree from College School London in 2006, he sought after an Expert of Business Organization at the Harvard Business college.

It was roughly between 2006 to 2010 Shou met Vivian, who was likewise seeking after her full-time graduation from Harvard Business college in Boston, Massachusetts. Wikipedia of Vivian is yet anticipated. Shou finished his graduation in 2010. After a few time, Shou and Vivian got hitched. The date of Vivan and Shou’s marriage isn’t uncovered.

Shou has experience working with Singaporean Public Help, a late spring entry level position at Facebook, investors, lead at ByteDance, CFO of Xiaomi, CFO of ByteDance, and Chief of Tiktok. Shou’s yearly compensation is assessed to be between $20 to $25 million. With colossal profit, the Shou’s Better half and family goes through an agreeable time on earth with their kids.

Shou’s total assets is assessed to be $49.5 million toward the start of 2023. Several has two children. Notwithstanding, the personality, names, orientation, DoB, And so forth, of their kids is kept hidden. Vivian and Shou are aware of their information on the web. Subsequently, the couple didn’t freely talk about their own and confidential lives.

Who Is Vivian Kao?

In any case, it is realized that Vivian is currently an occupant of Beijing. She had finished her Ph.D. in English Writing from Rutgers College. Her specializations and information base incorporate writing/film adaptions, Victorian books, postcolonial studies, the arrangement of STEM colleges, and humanities.

During Dr. Vivian’s profession, she filled in as a COM 1103 and COM 0094 organizer connected with ability obtaining and the improvement of the postulation. Vivian’s Age was not delighted pubicly. Afterward, Dr. Vivian dealt with various activities to foster coursework at different Colleges.

Web-based entertainment joins:


Subtleties of Dr. Vivian’s own life are stowed away from the general population. Just an outline of her expert life is accessible on the web. A few unauthentic sites hypothesized different elements about Vivian. The web-based entertainment accounts and the LinkedIn pages under Vivian Kao Tiktok give results for various people. Thus, her online entertainment presence is dubious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. What is identity of Vivian?

Vivan is an Asian Taiwanese.

2Q. What is ethnicity of Vivian?

Vivian is a Taiwanese American.

3Q. How much is the total assets of Vivian?

The typical compensation of a financial backer from Taiwan is 2,844,200 TWD. Be that as it may, Vivian’s month to month profit and total assets are not uncovered.

4Q. What is Vivian’s age?

Vivian’s date of birth and age isn’t uncovered and Vivian Kao LinkedIn are not yet made. In any case, as Shou Zi Bite and Vivian concentrated on MBA at Harvard Business college, her age is assessed to be between 38 to 42 years.

5Q. Does Vivan has a Wikipedia page?

No, yet her wiki is referenced on different unauthentic sites. Such sites estimated her DoB as 38th June 2000 and her identity as Chinese, including her work profiles and different variables.

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