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Why and How should I Subscribe to Sweets Foods?

If you subscribe to Sweets Foods will let you to receive automatically an article each time is published. Which is the advantage of this? You’ll save time and you don’t need to visit the blog to get the updated posts; you receive directly straight them for free.

You have 2 different ways to subscribe to Sweets Foods.

* By RSS or Web Feed Readers. New articles are delivered to your web feed reader.
* By Email. New articles are delivered straight to your email address.

RSS or Web Feed Readers

Web Feed Reader lets you read RSS feeds using only a web browser. It’s accessible from any computer and it keeps you up to date fresh content. The same will check the blog or website you’re already subscribed and if there is some new article will be displayed in the reader of your choice.

If you want, here’s a video how to use a RSS reader of 3.5 minutes.

Perhaps, you would like to do it right now, just only few steps.

First and foremost, sign up for a Free Feed Reader (I personally recommend Feedly or Digg Reader, but there are several more out there)
Second, return to home page and click here to subscribe to Sweets Foods.
Finished! Only remember to check often your reader to see if there are new articles published at Sweets Foods.

In an automatic way, the feed reader will show you the last updated articles from Sweets Foods.


Is it possible to Subscribe via Email Instead?

Certainly. If you like articles from Sweets Foods to be delivered to your email inbox, click this link in a new window. Fill your real email address and the mix of letters & numbers that appears (called captcha), this is to verify you are human 😉 and not a robot. If the first time you get an error message, please try again, sometime happens. You’ll receive an email to re-confirm your subscription; if not, check your spam folder, occasionally, goes there.

You’ll receive only one email newsletter once the article was posted and definitely you can unsubscribe anytime. For unsubscribing, the email received has instructions to do it. Like you, I hate spam so your email will be kept with maximum confidence.

Feel free to contact me if you have any problem in subscribing to Sweets Foods, I’ll be in sweet mood to help you 🙂