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Empanada Recipes, How to Make Empanadas of Argentina, Mexican, Colombian style and Many More

  What is an empanada? Fried or baked empanadas? How is the exact name: empanadas, empandas, enpanadas empenadas, empinadas, empanaditas or empanadillas? Savory or sweet fillings? There are so many questions, with several answers. Let’s tackle with the name: Empanada Empanada is a Spanish term that doesn’t have a translation to English language, this is […]

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Back & 2 Awards

I’m returning after a week that wasn’t memorable in terms of the bad weather. Practically, all the week was with storms and raining, even till yesterday. Of course the complete outdoor plans I’ve had for the break, were cancelled and only I’ve done a few hours of a windy-running at the beach (not precisely in […]

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