How to Transfer Intense Debate to WordPress with File Size Error plus WP Plugins for Immediate Installation

How to Transfer Intense Debate to WordPress with File Size Error 2MB Maximum Picture

I exposed how I solved the importation from Blogger into WordPress with authorization error on my last article. Now it’s time to show you, how I resolved the migration from Intense Debate to WordPress. My blog had part of the comments in Blogger and other in the Intense Debate comments system.     Let’s move […]

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Guide How to Import Blogger to WordPress with Error in Your Google Account and Can’t Authorize

Import Blogger to WordPress with Authorize-Error Google Account Image

Moving from Blogger to WordPress and get an authorization Error in your Google account (Gmail), “access-denied”, stopping all the importation process? Also having a limit-size Error when you’re transferring your Intense Debate comments to WordPress? Well, you aren’t alone! This is my experience with my unconventional move to and the solutions I’ve found. Really […]

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Social Media – Blogging – Internet Tools – Foodies: Best of the Week

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to blogging, social media and food. Do you want to be included in “Best of the Week” posts? The featured articles come from the return-feedback in comments I’ve from other bloggers, from the interacting on my social networks […]

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