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Chile Earthquake, this Natural Disaster is one of the Worst Latest Earthquakes and Social Media Help for It

Chile earthquake, a natural disaster that is one of the major latest earthquakes. This year 2010 didn’t begin well, plagued of earthquake activity. First the terrible one of Haiti and now the Chile earthquake.Truly, the nature is angry with the world. The major earthquake has had a magnitude 8.8, hitting Concepcion in Chile, generating waves […]

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Poll: Which Are Your Preferred Salads? and Sweet Tooth Poll Results

The poll about the level of your sweet tooth has ended with very interesting responses and votes!Several different sweet points were in the comments…by the way thanks to every one! The result about your Sweet Tooth: Huge – Immense : 11 (40%)Middle Range: 7 (25%)Little – Petit: 7 (25%)No Way: 2 (7%) Conclusion: although there’s […]

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45+ Food Blogs that Deserve Your Attention

At the blogosphere there’s an infinite collection of excellent food blogs covering practically what you can dream: reviews, recipes, traditional foods, ethnic foods, healthy-style, vegan and your imagination is the limit. I’ve made a roundup of interesting updated food blogs that you might read – subscribe – comment – socialize with the get the […]

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