Hi! How are you?

GeraI’m Gera, a guy who lives in Uruguay (South America).

Most of people call me Gera, short name for Gerardo in Spanish (my native language) or Gerald for my second language (English).

I’ve passion for food & tech stuff – since I was kid I’ve been interested, in both, always.


My Foodie – side:

I like all type of foods but the sweets are my weakness (good, fast, slow, gourmet).
My experience in food themes begins for my Country and its culture. Most people in Uruguay came as immigrants so this is the key factor to have multi-cuisine foods; we have customs from Spain, Italy, France, UK, Portugal, Germany, Hungary and Austria. Also Latin American Countries and America influence a lot.

From my parents I’ve foods habits from Nordic and Middle East Countries. Long time ago we’ve foods from Asian origin like China, India, Japan and Korea. Uruguay has your own foods some of them well known on the world. What a beautiful mix no?


My Techie – side:

I’ve been all my life interested in themes related to electrical, electronic and computers-stuff. As you guess, I also like graphic design and with the apparition of the internet, I enjoy social media strategies, internet marketing, web design, SEO, etc.

Professionally speaking, I’m in the engineering-area interested in business topics, when I’m not online, blogging or social networking.

I adore social media and on my blog, it’s constantly reflected in some way, on most of my own posts.
I put emphasis in successful blogging recipes, sometimes breaking the blogging rules, to achieve specific goals as long-term strategies for bloggers – plus in the process avoiding social media fails that can bring you headaches, more losing the appropriated way.

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In my spare time the sweets extra kcals I get, I burn them by running, mountain bike, swimming, kayaking, adventure races whenever it’s possible, principally aerobic sports that can improve your health and mood.

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