WP Reviews Plugin – the Author hReview Plugin Amplified

wp reviews plugin

WP Reviews plugin is literally the Author hReview with steroids.

With this WordPress plugin you can add Rich Snippets Markups (those shining stars you see in the results of the Google) – more eye-catching – but now WP Reviews plugin comes with criteria to review as you want, with some great graphic displays with percentages.

Also, you can set to engage with your readers allowing Visitors making reviews and rating, not simply the Author. And lot of more…

Cool, huh?

There are plenty of differences between Author hReview vs WP Reviews, and I’ll detail later in this post.

You know I like warm stuff and just baked, with the WP Reviews plugin is exactly the case 🙂
The developer, Hesham of FamousBloggers just took it out of the oven and you’re reading fresh, very fresh this quick review.

He was working silently to make an evolution, or a new chapter, starting with the Author hReview as a base.

In that vein, now I’m a beta tester of the plugin – thanks Hesham!

I tested the WP Reviews plugin in sites based on Headway Themes, and on Genesis Framework too.
In both it was perfect, the only thing was that in Headway the reviews cut a little the letters of the text of my left border, so I needed to adjust with CSS.

Hesham send me the code soon; I installed and the issue was solved, but also my sidebars were moved with that code.
Therefore, I added a left margin directly in Headway and everything looked great.  Also, support was great 🙂

I’ve been playing with the WordPress Reviews plugin some days, and here are the results: Let’s move!


WP Reviews Plugin


General Settings


WP Reviews plugin General Settings - image


Check to show the rating below the posts and /or on home page.
Show: disclose paid reviews, if it is applicable – you’ve a field available.

I’ll remark only the differences with the Author hReview settings. Read my complete Author hReview plugin review here and here too.

By the moment, WP Reviews plugin has a default template that is full-width and Hesham is working in a light and dark options.

As there is a bunch of information to show, you cannot have left or right options, like you’ve with Author hReview.


Rating Box Settings


Rating Box Settings


You can hide everything, perhaps if you want some evergreen review-posts, hide the dates.
Change the button color.

And I recommend ticking “Open links in new window?” to help a little with your bounce rate, allowing the visitor to go to an external link without closing your site.


Review Criteria

Add custom criteria fields, setting percentages for each of them.

The fields are sortable – drag & drop them to re-order.

The best way to show it is with an example; let’s say you make Restaurant reviews.
You cater your readers with your expertise in Restaurant themes, hence you can set up the criteria like this:

  • Menu
  • Service
  • Decoration
  • Prices

Here are the screenshots:


WP Reviews Plugin Criteria


And you get this:


Restaurant reviews done with WP Reviews plugin


Oh, I forgot to mention. You can add Pros and Cons as well!


User Ratings Settings


WP Reviews Plugin - User Ratings Settings


If you feel comfortable to open reviews and rating to Visitors or Register users, you can do it!

I recommend ticking Enable Cookies and Enable IP address, to prevent multiple ratings.

I didn’t try this characteristic yet in a live site, but you should obtain sliders and stars to rate below of the normal comment form like this:




Toggle between Author/ User Rich Snippets

You can choose to show as the default source of rich snippets, between the Author or Users.

Control which one you want, in the plugin settings page or in each of the individual review posts, using the review box.

According to your will, Google will receive the review details and rating-stars from the Author or from the Users, is up to you!


Display Top Rated Reviews

You’ve Recent Reviews – see it in action on my sidebar – comes also with the Author hReview plugin, but now there is a new fresh one: Display Top Rated Reviews.


top rated reviews


You’ve as extra with this new widget:

  • Display Screenshot
  • Screenshot Width
  • Screenshot Height

Just keep in mind when you install it, to have clear the width of your sidebar 😉


Using Shortcodes

Literally, where you want, you can put some shortcodes to display the review details on any post or page.

Shortcodes are ideal in long posts to break them with a rating box, in the middle of the content.

At the plugin documentation, you’ve complete info.


Responsive design

Mobile friendly is all the rage and it’s evident the reason.
iPads, iPhones, Android Phones & Tablets are everywhere and you need your post must look great in them, well WordPress Reviews plugin is Responsive.


 Update August 1st, 2013:

arrow4greenWP Reviews plugin is is included in a special package of $69 (reduced by 30%,  for a single site, one payment) and you get access to everything for 6 months, after that you can renew if you need support or upgrade.
Multi Site is $139 (one payment)

In all cases you get the WP Reviews, more the Author hReview, more the WP Customer Testimonials plugin.



If you’re using the Author hReview, all the data of your review-posts will be picked by the WP Reviews plugin and will work exactly the same (the difference is the new characteristics and additions of the WP Reviews plugin). I tried and worked like a charm.

Overall: WP Reviews plugin lets you to make a complete WordPress site / blog review-based, or if you’ve already installed the Author hReview you can expand your site migrating to the WP Reviews plugin.

Have in mind that you can have installed and active only one: WP Reviews plugin or the Author hReview, but not both at the same time, it has no-sense.

Save time, having in one place all to do reviews as they should be (no matter your niche, this plugin fit all types), increase traffic because more people will see those shiny-stars clicking them, increase engagement with user reviews & ratings, and more.

What do you think regarding to WP Reviews plugin?




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    Steve thanks and glad you’re using it. Which is the principal characteristic you like about it?


    Michael this is a possibility and I considered it in order to make evergreen reviews. But anyway, I think is better to put the date and update often, in that way the reader will know that is fresh. In my case, I don’t like to see reviews that I don’t see the date anywhere.

    Thanks for coming by!


    Hi Gera, It looks like you know well about codes in WP 🙂
    This plugin very match for online store isn’t it? Customers may rate how good our products are… Btw, Is it going to error in the site if we install both WP reviews and author hreviews together? and I curious if rating may raise the possibilities of our site to show in the first page of results 😀


      Meisha yes this plugin is ideal for online stores where reviews can be added.
      WP reviews and author hreview can’t be both installed on the same site, depending on your goals you can choose one of them.
      Thanks for your comments!

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