Chatwing Review: Take Control of an Ultimate Chat Box in an Advance Method

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Chatwing chat widget is now one of the leading chat apps online. Most users find it easy to use and effective in providing global connectivity.

Another positive feedback about this dynamic chatbox is the wide array of modification options giving users the opportunity to experiment with the widget’s appearance.

The customization leeway and communication leverage Chatwing offers brings online advantages useful to business endeavors.

In customization, users can be as creative as they want. They have many tools available in changing every aspect of the chat box.

They only have to decide whether they want the chat tool to blend it effectively in their websites or make it unique to attract attention.


chatwing chatbox color


Users can set the main color of the chatbox, message area background, the message body background and input text.

Experimenting with colors and font styles can be really fun since you have a lot to choose from. Combine colors that will result to the kind of mood you want to induce during interactions. The power of colors can not be underestimated.


chatwing fonts


The size, style and color of the font are also factors to be considered because it can affect conversations. Combinations will either make the chat activity convenient or difficult to web visitors.


chatwing background


If you are not satisfied with plain colors as the website chat tool’s theme, you need not get frustrated available background images are available, too. Funky, girly and formal designs are offered by Chatwing.


images chat


This is how creative you can get with Chatwing’s high customization level! You can also upload photos of your own choice to become the background image.

What’s more interesting is that you can upload MP3 links to play in the background while you are all engaged on the topic being discussed. Talk about giving your web visitors a unique and sensible chatting experience!


general options chatwing


You can choose the language of the chatbox, too. Rename the chat app and give it an interesting title. You can also set disconnection time of the users from the chatbox, you are in control.


chatwing filters


Aside from customization, users can also manage the chat box interactions. You are allowed to assign moderators to help you with facilitating discussions and monitoring. To lessen the tasks, activate the filters that will delete out offensive words automatically or ban obnoxious chatters real-time.

When these features are used systematically and purposefully, it will directly benefit your website because it will engage more web surfers and help in maintaining the blog’s integrity.

Chatwing chat widget is truly one of the highly flexible and reliable shoutboxes online today because of its useful options and advance modification choices.

Chatwing provides various important features for webmasters to keep control of the conversation on their website. Interactivity is an important element online that will surely engage web surfers to your site.

Passivity does not work in the dynamic online competition it will only leave you far behind. Turning your website or blog into an interactive platform where web users will happily and satisfyingly revisit. Levelling up your site is as simple as installing a chat widget to your site.

Chatwing chat software is an easy to use web chat tool that can be modified in various approaches. Designing the widget must be well thought of and enjoyed at the same time. A well formed chatbox can not only serve as the site’s main attraction but also a stable platform for interaction.

Communication flexibility- Chatwing chatbox comes in different styles to satisfy various communication needs. You can choose from the regular shoutbox, pop up window and vanity URL forms.

If you plan to communicate to thousands of users at once the regular chatbox and pop up window suit the purpose. On the other hand, if you just want to strengthen personal online relationships the vanity URL style may come handy and render flexibleness.

Social media integration (pdf) feature that supports easy online expansion- You can invite web surfers across the globe to join your chatbox discussions. As long as they own a Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook accounts logging in to chat interaction won’t require them another registration.

Users can also use emoticons and avatars to initiate livelier exchange of thoughts, ideas and information. This social integration capacity also facilitates fast transfer of sensible chat messages from chat room straight to your own social media wall, keeping your account active as well.

Full conversation control that facilitates monitoring and maintenance- Chatwing is equipped with word filter, ban users and delete message capacities that help encourage harmonious interaction among chatters. You can also assign as many moderators as you deem necessary. This let you engage more web surfers while maintaining sensible and obscenity free interaction among web visitors.

Chatwing team is dedicated to provide online users a chat software that is user friendly and designed with useful features to help user survive the challenging online competition.

Author Line:
Aaron Kong is the developer of Chatwing and a strong advocate for innovative global communication.


Note from Gera:

I’ve been experimenting with the Chatwing chat software for few days and it worked perfectly.
I installed at the bottom of my right sidebar; I chose the blue color to fit the layout of my blog, and I left the body in white color.


chatwing widget installed


I didn’t promote it specifically anywhere, but I wrote a little message to spark some social participation if someone took a look there ;). And it worked, because I received a feedback about my question:

Hi everyone! I’m testing for some days, this chat widget for an article related to ChatWing – is coming soon. Which topics do you like to see posted on the blog? More WordPress or Social Media or Blogging Tips or Food Connections?

I want to thank to June who answered “I like the articles with lists such as 12 blogging ideas to improve life. More of these articles would be interesting.”

Having the chance to chat and get feedback from readers is invaluable.

I didn’t notice any type of delays while the Chatwing widget was installed, that was my fear, but the answer was no.

You’ve advanced control to ban spammers via IP or by social accounts and even to add moderators to the same.

If you want to use the SSL enabled version, you should use the premium option. Also, the premium allows adding your own logo, and other things.

As a note, perhaps, the possibility to export the message history outside of the software, it’d be a good option. If you’ve tons of chatters probably you would miss some conversation.

Chatwing accepts most of the known platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, etc.


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