10 Ways and Tips To Lose Belly Fat

tips to lose belly fat


There isn’t special diet, a magic pill or something that will quickly melt excess fat in your stomach. Eating healthy plus more physical activity, and practicing these two things in a while, is a winning combination for losing belly fat.

Although for our body look usually we think during the spring period, because everyone is important in the summer period to look nice in bikini, so fats around the waist, are kind of medical alarm.

A lot of people are obsessed by a phobia of fat, and that is wrong approach, because the fact is that the human body needs fat. The important thing is where fats are stored in our body, because they act differently in different parts of the body. Health problem arises when you pass the limit of the allowed amount of fat in the body. In our body there are visible and invisible fats.


tips to lose belly fat


Visible and invisible fats

The human body has fats just below the skin of the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach, these are called visible fats. There are also fats around the vital organs (heart, lungs, digestive tract, liver, etc..) In the chest, abdomen, pelvis – these are invisible fats.

While we all complain about the visible fat, the other group of fats are greater threat for our health. Invisible fats except that protects our vital organs from diseases and strokes, they act as an organ that secretes harmful substances, and then those substances are absorbed by neighboring organs.

For example, fat cells release substances that can lead to insulin resistance and some cancers. Excess of these fats are associated with the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, breast cancer and colon.

Of course, each of us has more or less fats – regardless of weight or height. If you become obese, you will increase the amount of fats in your body. Where fat is stored depends of our lifestyle (primarily eating healthy food, exercise and sleep well), age and gender.


How much is it – EXCESS FAT?

All usually calculate BMI – the ratio of height and weight. However, it doesn’t shows us where are the excess fats. How will you know when you have excess fats and when is in danger your health? Most accurate way to see that you have excess fat is a CT scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

Fortunately, there are much simpler and cheaper but less accurate methods. For example if the body shape looks like a pear, it means that the fats are located on the hips, and are less hazardous to our health, and if the body shape looks like an apple in this case fats are located around the waist, that means that pose a threat to our health. In this case you will need to measure the waist circumference.

Most experts agree that, regardless of your weight, waist size for women should not be more than 89 cm (35 in), and for men no more than 102 cm (40 in).

Larger waist circumference of the above indicates means that you probably have larger amounts of fats around the vital organs, which can seriously impair their functioning. What you should do to lose your belly fat, and therefore to have a healthier body?


Follow these 10 tips for losing belly fat


1. Don’t starve yourself!

Starvation will not help you to lose your belly fat faster. It is very unhealthy and bad way that will not lead to the desired result. It is better to avoid the empty calories – sweets and the processed foods that are full of preservatives and sodium, and to increase the intake of vegetables.

Try to reduce the amount of food that you consume. Most of us eat almost twice as much food than we needed, especially meat.


2. Let your meal be colorful

Did you know that if the meal is more colorful, that is much healthier? Carrots, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, fruit – all of these foods are rich in nutrients, fiber and will keep your blood sugar level.

Also can help to control hunger and thus quickly to lose your belly fat. Of course, when you are preparing vegetables, be careful do not cook too long and in too much water, to save the precious nutrients.


3.Do not be afraid of “good” fats

Unlike the diet based on carbohydrates and saturated fats, which leads to the formation of belly fat, a diet rich in monounsaturated fats makes the opposite.

Olive oil, peanuts, almonds or nuts are rich in monounsaturated fat, which leads to positive changes in blood lipids – reduces “bad” LDL cholesterol and increases the levels of “good” HDL cholesterol.


4.Avoid trans fats

Trans fatty acids are found in many foods. Their consumption is associated with cardiovascular disease, but when it comes to fats in the stomach – they go straight there! Recent studies have shown that trans fats causes a redistribution of fat from other parts of the body directly into the stomach!


5.Forget the junk food and soda drinks!

Absolutely this is necessary step, because this combination is one of the main enemies in the fight for losing belly fat.

Junk food is a very quick and easy way to satisfy hunger, but you should avoid foods like hamburger, fries and soda drinks and change them for salad or fruit, water or tea. Fast food also increases our appetite and makes us to eat more than we need.


6.Always carry a bottle of water everywhere

Wherever you go you should carry a bottle of water. Your body is very important to be well hydrated. Also, before every meal, drink a glass of water, wait a minute, and then start to eat. If you want to lose belly fat drink cold water.

Studies have shown that the metabolism is accelerated when we consume cold water, so whenever you can, put ice cube in the glass of water. Certainly not make a significant difference, but will certainly help a bit.


7. Do not be lazy

Little physical activity during the day can lead to a lot of fat melting. You can ride a bike, use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the dog, exercise every morning before breakfast. Daily brisk walk for about half an hour is also a good idea.


8. NO alcohol, NO cigarettes!

Perhaps, like many smokers you think that smoking cigarettes makes you slimmer. Think again!

Smoking along with alcohol, increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Increasing the hormone cortisol in the blood leads to insulin reaction that resulting in weight gain and accumulation of abdominal fat – exactly where you do not want!

Drinking makes you fat – unless it contains 7 calories per gram, it accelerates the accumulation of fats around the waist. If you just can’t stop drinking, choose a dry red wine.


9. Get rid of stress

From the point 8 we learned that stress leads to weight gain. If you can not remove the causes of stress, try with yoga. Find your own way to relax, such as a walk in the park without a mobile phone.

Also good sleeping will allow you to be active during the day, and you will have more energy to burn fat. Tiredness caused by not sleeping usually leads to overeating in order to get more energy.


10. White tea kills the excess fat

People who have problems with obesity, especially belly fat, need every day to drink white tea. White tea contains catechin. The Catechin activates the gene for melting fat in the fat cells of the stomach, accelerates the elimination of excess fluids and speed up our metabolism.

Regulary consumption of white tea, along with physical activity, will significantly reduce your belly fat.


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great advice thanks I will use this for sure…..


Tea is a great one! My big vice: peanut M&Ms. I’m too addicted!!

Borce Velkovski

Tim, most of the people know about the green tea and his help for melting fat, but just few of us know that the same effect has white tea. So try to combine, today drink white tea, tomorrow drink green tea, and after a while you will see the results, it will be excellent.


Interesting. I agree that the number one cause of fat around the middle is processed sugar so often found in those snack foods. There’s always a better choice.
Also, our bodies need healthy fat, like you say. If we don’t have it, not only do healthy nutrients get processed less efficiently in our bodies but we get grumpy, we get dry skin, and other nasty irritations. We need healthy fats. Don’t fear fat.


Thanks for the grest tips! Thankfully, I am blessed with a very small waist, but I’ll look for white tea.



    Borce Velkovski

    That is great Rosa. You should be happy with your body. It’s a good choice to look for white tea. It has a lot of health benefits!


      Thanks! I am very lucky indeed. I try to have a healthy lifestyle and yes, white tea is definitely something I want to start drinking (I already drink green tea every morning, but that would be a great addition).



Borce Velkovski

When buying, search for this:
1. White tea, “White Peony”
-This is one of the most famous Chinese white tea, which is very popular all around the world

2. Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle with white fluffs)
-It’s made of exclusively carefully dried, unopened, soft buds

3. White Chinese tea “White Star”
-With pleasant sweet taste that leaves long aftertaste in your mouth.

4. White tea “Silver Needles”
-Delicate floral aroma.

5. White tea “White Angel”
-Can be flavored with natural products, such as: grass lemongrass, pineapple, coconut and yellow rosebuds.

Enjoy it!

Wade Balsdon

Nice post Borce. Most people fail to lose weight while dieting simply because they choose diets or eating plans which are way too restrictive. The key is to find an eating plan that is balanced and allows one the odd indulgence.

Borce Velkovski

Thank you Wade. There is no need to be on a diet when they can lose weight on very easy and simple way. They just need to stick to the plan, to start a healthy lifestyle and change their healthy eating habits.


After having had two kids, I read this post with interest. Love the white tea point.

Borce Velkovski

Mike, like you say junk food is not healthy, so our recommendation is to avoid junk food. And also healthy snacks is good choice.Snacks are an important part of our meal plan so here are some healthy snacks for you: nuts, popcorn, granola, raw vegetables,
Dried Fruit- apricots, cranberries, raisins, pineapple, papaya and others with no added, or little sugar.

Frozen Fruit- freezing grapes, or get frozen blueberries, peaches, strawberries and melon

Borce Velkovski

It’s true Shailender, water is very helpful in the process of weight loss.


Thanks for the white tea tip, I’ll have to try it! I do enjoy green tea and it seems to boost the metabolism somewhat but no other results to speak of for me personally.

Soda and junk food are not part of my diet. I think that learning moderation for those who consume either would be a good starting point and quite helpful.

Very informative and enjoyable read!


Lovely post Borce. What more can be said about this extremely important topic? At the end of the day it is about making the decision to lose weight and improve health. The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the alternative.

Borce Velkovski

Thank you RedKathy. I’m glad that you like this article. You know what is best for you, so keep with consuming healthy food and healthy drinks, your body and your health will be grateful!

Borce Velkovski

Great Kelly! Follow this tips and after few weeks tell us the results.

Borce Velkovski

I’m glad that you like this article Mansi.
And it’s true, white tea it is real healthy treasure for our body.

Borce Velkovski

Dear Sandra, if you follow and if you are practicing all these tips, you will lose your belly for sure!
So try with these tips, and after few weeks tell us your result. If you don’t have any positive results then you need to contact me to give you some advice.

Borce Velkovski

You are totally in right Stacey!

Borce Velkovski

It’s true Purnima. If we eat healthy and exercise regularly, we will not have any weight problems!

Borce Velkovski

White tea is a real natural belly fat burner Helen.
Everyone should try it.

Borce Velkovski

Try with this tips Devid, It will work for sure.

Sarah Park

I used to starve myself when I am on diet. But later one, I realized this only increases my appetite and thus destroy my whole plan.

Borce Velkovski

Starvation is very very bad Sarah.
Only with healthy eating you can lose weight.
Just follow the tips of this article.

Borce Velkovski

Hello Sunrise Jules,
Seniors should follow all these tips, and also I have some added advice like:
– Play actively with your grandchildren or pets.
– Do some gardening; it’s a great form of exercise and it allows you to grow fresh vegetables.

This tips will help you to relax and burn some fat.

Borce Velkovski

Excellent explanation Salu!
Everyone should avoid junk food and start to EAT HEALTHY!

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