10 Services for the Effective Monitoring of Social Media

monitoring social media sites

monitoring social media sitesThis article gives you a rundown of ten of the most effective services for monitoring social media. Most of them work on a subscription basis and all of them are pretty expensive when you compare them with other analytical tools.Β  Several of them have free trials.

This article is a list of ten services but contains services that are offered by a group of people (consultancies, etc) and contains services that are bundled together in a tool or group of tools.

The order of the list has no relevance. All of them have features, perks and benefits that are not listed on this article.

They are all fairly varied services, which concentrate on monitoring social media sites. You could do far worse than Googling each one and finding out their specific services and prices, prior to picking one.


This monitors social media with a set of analytical tools, which are then used to give both real time data on your presence and reputation, and historical data on your presence. It is a handy bunch of measurement tools that run automatically. They are good for judging your marketing campaign effects on social media. This tool can be called “clever helper”. Why? Check it out!

  • uberVU can understand your audience. It tells you what types of conversations your audience like and shows the best way to engage the followers.
  • uberVU is a great helper in finding new insights for your social media campaign. It analyzes all the data base and finds out posible actionable ideas.
  • uberVU can automatically post relevant content from the web due to demographic and time zone of your audience.
  • And, of course, uberVU can create reports and graphics that will help you to track your social media activity in one click.



This online reputation management team is pretty good at monitoring social media in order to ensure that nothing bad is said about you or your business. If it is then they will find a way of removing the bad comment or counter acting it so that your online reputation does not slip.

The team claim that their system works a little bit like Google Alerts, except for instead of scanning and reporting on a single search term, it scans and searches social media for a range of parameters–all related to your online reputation.

They also provide a dashboard so that you can monitor your online reputation, as well as check out the social media trends relating to your company, your sector and your online presence.



This is a consultancy team who act as an “all-in-one” tool for social media. They allow you to monitor social media, but also to interact within it, engage and publish within social media.

They can automate things such as keyword information, and they can monitor chats to see if your name is mentioned. They help you to start and to cultivate relationships with people so that (as they say) you can turn your fans and followers into sponsors.

They also have ways for you to import your email lists into their tool and turn them into social media profiles.


checkmarkBlueSprout Social

This is a team of reputation managers who try to specialize in getting new customers from social media networks. Their aim is to manage up to five “identities” around your company and then provide you with a summary of how they are doing. They record your social presence and the effect that their efforts are making on it.



They have created a social media tool that searches through social media in order to mine information. It allows you to enter informal groups on social media so that you can engage the social media community more directly.

It will search out any mentions of your company or your posts and will filter your results so that you do not have to read posts and comments that do not apply to you.


checkmarkBlueMeltwater News

This group of people are good at combining analytical data with very good search capabilities. They are good at helping you to pull people off of social media sites and onto your website. They are good at showing you the end result of your PR and marketing campaigns, and are good at helping you to judge the ROI of your efforts.



This one you have probably heard of (if you have heard of any). This tool will allow you to monitor multiple social media platforms, and allows you to post to multiple social media platforms at once. It offers dashboards that you can configure to watch the social media of your choice. This is still fairly pricey (as analytical tools go) but can be used at a lesser price than most of the consultancy services listed on this article.

Note from Gera: It’s free until five social media profiles.



These people monitor the social media networks and point out where you are mentioned, and point out areas where you may be able to make an impact on your followers (and other social media users. It allows you to listen to the people who “matter” on social media, i.e. the people who have a large following and who frequently post on social media.


checkmarkBlueBuzz Stream

You insert your keywords, and the things that you think are relevant to your social media presence (your company name, best selling product, etc) and it will help you to build a dossier. It tells you about your influencers on the social media sites. It allows you to manage your reputation and even offers opportunities for link building.



This social media-monitoring tool will allow you to track keywords across some of the biggest social media networks. It updates every hour and allows you to export the data you found so that you can use it later.

You can customize your reports so that you do not have to look at pointless information, and you set up specific analyses. It also comes with email alerts. Its starting price is very cheap compared to most of the other social media monitoring services.


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