How to Make Quality Link Building for Your Blog


We continue with the quality link building series. Enjoy this guest post by Kasper Rugholm

Link Building is an important part of search engine optimization, also many years to come -even though links and comments from social media is becoming more and more valuable.

But any link won’t do. You need quality links. Here I will give you some tips on how to make quality link building for your blog – something that can be essential for your online success.


How to make quality link building


But what characterizes a quality link? In Google’s eyes a link is a vote of confidence. This means that it matters from where you get your links. Just as we know it from the real world, recommendations we get are not weighted equally high. Instead the weighted of a recommendation depends on who the recommendation comes from. An example:

You get recommended for a restaurant from your son’s 8-year-old friend on the one hand, and an experienced cook on the other.

Would you weight both of these recommendations are equally high? Properly not!

Similarly, the search engines don’t weight recommendations equally different high. The value of your links depends on how credible the site is that provides them. In this connection Google (and other search engines) take into account:

  • If the page that links to you writes about the same topic as your site.
  • How many quality links the website that link to you has.

Therefore, a link is not just a link, so it often pays to go for a few – but good links, rather than thousands of useless links.


But where should you start with your link building?
Look at what links your fellow bloggers have.
One place to start the link building for your blog is by looking at your fellow bloggers. Are you haltering after them in the search results or are you in front? There is no reason to invent the wheel twice so why not try to get some of the links that other bloggers within you niche already have?
When doing this you need to be aware that you’ll rarely be able to get all the same links as your fellow bloggers.


Protecting your links from being copied.

Now that you’ve copied half of your fellow bloggers links, it will be wise of you to ensure that they can’t just do the same with links to your blog. But how do you do that?

Links that are hard to copy often takes time and / or money to make – but most of the time it is well spend, as it will help you blog rank better in the search engines results. These links are not just created in a random link catalog or article database.

Now let’s look at how you make some quality links to your blog.


1. Comment on blogs

A way to build good links for you blog is by finding other blogs within your area of expertise and commenting on their posts.
When doing this you should focus on building authority and relationship. You do this by delivering quality comments and not just “I like this post comments”. Instead you should participate in the discussion by delivering value added comments. Things you can mention in your comments could be:

  • Why do you think the blog post is good – what problem has it helped you to solve?
  • What is your experience in the area – share tip and tricks you have learned?

If your deliver quality comments the result can be future links, guest posts and even traffic.


2. Participate in forums

As with blog comments the goal of participating on forums is not just to build links. You want to build authority, relationship and ad quality.

When you have found a forum within you niche you want to check the following:

  • The size of the forum. You what a forum that has a fair size before considering writing on it. A minimum of 100 posts could be a rule of thumb.
  • Is the forum active? See if there are any daily postings on the forum.
  • Is it allowed to ad links in posts? Check if you can leave a link in the posts back to your website.
  • Links in profile or signature. Check if links in your forum profile or signature are allowed.

quality linksIf you can only checkmark a few of the above, you should consider if it is worth your time to leaving answers or posts on the forum. An exception from the above guidelines could be if the forum has a lot of users that can become potential visitors on your site. If this is the case, writing on the forum can be a way to build relationships and authority for your site.

When you decide to participate on a forum, it is important that you do not spam posts with backlinks to you site without delivering quality content. A way to go is to look for posts, where people are looking for answers on a given problem, within your area of experience.

Give a quality answer and say that they can find more information about the topic in an article on your site, and then link back to it (with a link on the article name for example).

Another way to go about writing on forums is to write an original post where you give a solution on a given topic that a lot of people have asked questions about.


3. Become a guest poster

Writing guest posts is a good way to build quality links and authority. Find blogs within your niche that gives the opportunity for guest posts. Take a look around the blog to see the way posts are written and what topics have been touched upon.

Now you need to think of a topic that has not been written about on the blog. This is your chance to show people that your are an expert within your area and thereby gain their trust. When writing your article it is evident that the things your writhe will not be a sales speech about your own blog. Therefore choose a topic that you know something about (or research a topic) and write your article as objective as you can, without mentioning that your blog also have related topics.

Usually you are allowed to get some links in an about the author box in exchange for a good quality article.


4. Give something valuable away

It can also be worth going after “natural links” that are created by ordinary people. But links do not come by them self. You need to have content, which is actually worth talking about, and recommending to others.
Examples could be:


Which is your strategy for doing quality links for your blog after Google updates (Panda and Penguin)? Have they changed?  Tell us in comments.


Author Bio:
This guest post was written by Kasper Rugholm. Kasper writes tips and tricks for starting up an online business on StartItUpNow. Here you can read about how to do link building, online marketing and much more.



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