Author hReview Plugin Pro for WordPress

Author hReview Plugin - Add Rich Snippets to WordPress

This blog has now Author hReview plugin Pro installed, with five premium-shining stars πŸ™‚

What does it mean? All my product reviews are showing Google’s rich snippets in results.

And what’s it for you? Your possibility of improving your site positions in search results with – no technical headaches – and – saving time – in the process while you do it. As this is a busy era, saving time is priceless πŸ˜‰

Let’s move into the theme!



Author hReview Plugin - Add Rich Snippets to WordPress


What are Rich Snippets and Why You Need them For Your Site?

Here we go, in an easy way without touching in deep the technical aspects: Rich Snippets give to the user a brief of rich-information in the search results, more those lovely stars according to the criterion of the author. Take a look below.


google search result hreview


But really, why do you need them for your site? – let me ask you three questions:

  1. Want more traffic for your blog?
  2. Want to improve in SERPs results reaching higher positions for your product?
  3. Want to give to the reader/prospect eye-catching results that lead to click on your site, so having better CTRs (click-through rates), instead of others?

If you answered with a YES to any of the three questions mentioned above, then you need to add rich snippets to your site, right now.

Not only appear the stars in Google rich snippets results, also in a rating box widget, a rating box in your footer or anywhere inside your post (see them in this post at top, on the sidebar and on the footer) Also a plus, you’ve a better WordPress SEO for your site.

You can do it in the hard way or the easy way. I bet you’re intelligent and you’ll choose the uncomplicated method – then you need a plugin to do the entire job!

Therefore, the Author hReview Pro plugin comes to solve all your necessities.

Hesham Zebdia of FamousBloggers developed this fantastic plugin, originally only for Thesis theme, but later he expanded to ANY theme, then I picked up for mine.

I was using for several months the lite-reduced-free version and really I loved it. You can rate a product, put on sidebar the reviews, and show those stars on Google results.

But now Hesham is going to a cutting-edge level improving, adding more superb characteristics and giving more flexibility in the Pro version.

Requirements (self hosted) in your own host, with at least version 3.0.

This plugin is not for sites (Are you still in a site? You cannot install plugins there, you’re missing this one!)
On Blogger, directly you don’t have access to your core files, less to plugins, so impossible to do it there also.

The installation is like any other plugin of WordPress, add new -> upload the zip file and done. You’ll need the API key (like all the software) to activate the plugin.


Author hreview google results

Google Rich Snippets using the Author hReview plugin, for the CommentLuv Premium plugin


Author hReview Pro Plugin – Benefits and New Features

  • half rating – [no doubt I was needing that halfs in some cases]
  • rating box templates
  • control over what elements to show on the review box (button, date, reviewer name..etc)
  • ability to change button text – [you can use the default “more details”, “more info”, “download here”, etc]
  • add images to the rating box – [useful to add a particular image inside the rating box]
  • add reviews on pages as well – [free plugin only works on posts]
  • new widget with product images (this plugin has two widgets)
  • ability to sort reviews in widgets by rating value (example: Top Rated)
  • option to remove rel=”nofollow” links
  • display a list of all review β€œposts” in one page in WP dashboard [powerful to have in place all your reviews]
  • shortcode to display rating box anywhere on the post/page – [just brilliant for long posts]
  • shortcode to display related reviews

I’m explaining, deeper, some of the characteristics aforementioned, below.

While I was brainstorming, I’ve done a partial list of people where the Author hReview plugin Pro is MUST for them, increasing CTRs (Click-through-rate). Hence, boosting their traffic and perhaps sales (if they sell something, plus if the product landing/sales page converts well)

  • Courses and guides offline/online
  • Television / movies / music / games
  • Mom bloggers reviewing kid products
  • Food recipes / restaurants / cooking books / kitchen gadgets
  • Technology related e.g. cell-phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, memories
  • Photography: cameras, lighting accessories, tripods, batteries, filters
  • Books of any kind, printed or e-books
  • Software of any kind e.g. developer tools, security, business, design, educational
  • Gym, fitness & health care equipments
  • Services of any kind

And..I’m tired of thinking, so feel free to add more bloggers/webmasters/reviewers that should be using this plugin – in comments πŸ˜‰

Have in mind, you can give the stars (1 to 5) you want, but this plugin is only for editor/author opinions, while customers/readers are not involved in the rating of the product/service.


Author hReview Pro, Premium Plugin – Cons

Honestly, I hit against a wall thinking some cons with the plugin and I didn’t find them. All are advantages with it, implementing the reviews in a simple, quick and effective manner.

Also, I experienced the support with a problem having a warning message with certain parameters that Hesham solved, in few minutes, after contacting him πŸ™‚

There is no other plugin that I can compare with, at least in my portfolio, and if they are something related, have very complicated settings. I don’t know you, but in my case, less code and no-complex settings, is much better πŸ˜‰
The only drawback is not having available the plugin long time ago!


Author hReview Plugin Pro – Settings and Tabs


Author hreview settings


While you’re writing a post in the Pro dashboard below the WordPress post editor, there are four tabs: Main, Details, Display and Link. (In the free-lite version is much simpler, without any tabs and less options).


If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to enter in many details, just fill the fields:

  • Rate (1 to 5) – I like the possibility of half stars in Pro!
  • Name
  • Summary Review

Publish your post and you’re done.
The plugin is so easy to use!

Want to add more information to your review? Then go to the extra optional tabs – for me they are necessary some of them.


  • Type: useful to specify deeper about the company name, etc.
  • Author Name: vital to assure the quality of the product you’re reviewing.
  • Version: On the case of software or related, this is paramount to know if it’s new or pretty old.
  • Price: if it’s applicable, is a good option.


  • Rating box template: control what type of rating box template you want; even choose individually on every single review. By the moment, I’m using the default.
  • Hide Rating box: if for some motive, you don’t want to put it or this is not showing appropriately you can hide it.
  • Display Rating box with shortcode: ideal if you’ve long posts – thousands of words – and you can embed these rating boxes anywhere of your posts, adding more possibility of clicks. You need only to use the shortcode ratingbox inside the article where you like.
  • Uploading Image: insert an image to make the review catchier; the same will appear inside the rating box.
  • Set Image alignment to: self-explanatory.


  • URL: if you sell some product, insert here your affiliate links.
  • Button Text: see it in action at the top or end of this article – “more details”, “download now”, “get it here”, etc. – use the text-flavor of your choice, for better call to actions πŸ˜‰
  • Enable Button: Yes for me.
  • Dofollow links: The default is =”nofollow” and for SEO purposes, I recommend sticking to it, but you’ve the ability of changing it for any motive.


Widgets on Blog Sidebar or any other Widgetized Area

Show your reviews on your blog sidebar for example – see it in mine on the right. Play around with settings, according to your needs.

Check Your Review in Google Rich Snippets


Google rich snippet tool author hreview


In one page in WP dashboard you see all the list of post-reviews, plus giving you an approximate preview directly in Google rich snippets tool, with just a push of button!


Author hReview Plugin Pro – Prices

The Pro plugin is in launch-time-status with a 30% off price. The discount will be decreasing constantly, till reaching the final higher price in several days with the end of the launch period (I’ll need to update this post often with higher prices)

Update August 1st, 2013:Β  The plugin Pro has two licenses and, today, the structure of prices is:

One site costs $69
Multi-site costs $139

I think that You as a blogger / webmaster, a plugin that can helps in terms of traffic, boosting clicks and eventually sales, certainly worth the investment as an important asset for you.

But there is more to consider…

Important: Today you’re receiving also the WP Reviews Plugin a brand new plugin from Hesham. Read my review here.


Special Bonus

Would you like having Testimonials on your site? Testimonials (of course honest, sincere and unbiased ones) are great as social proof of a product/service, and as you know, this concept applies online and offline also.

Hesham, is giving as bonus – free – the WordPress Customer Testimonials plugin during launch time, if you purchase some of the Pro version licenses. After getting the Author hReview plugin, in the member’s area, you’ve access also to a copy free of this Testimonials plugin.

Once the launch time expires, this premium Testimonials plugin will be sold for $49. There is full documentation of its works and you can see the Testimonial plugin in action, directly checking the Author hReview site; each of the testimonials there were done with that plugin.

Update August 1st, 2013:Β  Still is a bonus the Testimonials plugin.



At the Author hReview site, a question that can appears is the support for six months. The answer is simple, once you purchase the Author hReview Pro plugin, it belongs to you forever. But, if you want to get new updates after that period, you need to renew it; in general on most of the cases, you won’t need it.

Always, you can try the reduced & limited free version like I did to see it in action, but at the end, positively you’d try the Pro version.

Note: the links of above are affiliate links, where I’ll get paid a commission if you like and buy the plugin after reading my extensive review. You don’t get charged anything extra, of course, and I appreciate greatly if you choose to purchase through me!

I’d like to know your experience, if you’re already using the lite-free version or the Pro version; express your voice in the comments area!


Author-hReview plugin




Take a look of my slideshow about Author hReview Pro:




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    Yes, it is Claudia, you’d migrate to WP πŸ˜‰


    Hi Brian,

    No doubt that your review will be excellent too, the plugin is great so this fact helps a lot πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your input and for coming by!


    This looks very useful. Wish I was more of a techno-person.


      Joanne the plugin is just install it and the basic is to make a review, rate, put a name, summary and done.

      If you want shoot me an email for any doubt, and you can try the free version is much simpler to begin with. You don’t need being a techie to use it πŸ™‚

    Deeba Rajpal (

    WOW … what a fantastic plugin. I must contemplate using this one Gera…your review is really honest to the heart {and very tempting}.


      Thanks a lot Deeba! I tried to do the review complete as possible. You with your recipes – masterpieces can use it a lot. Just start with the lite free version and you’ll see the effects πŸ™‚


    Great review. Unfortunately I am not on WordPress…




      Rosa if you decide to move to WP someday, this plugin in any version is great for you πŸ™‚


    You’re right Matt. This plugin is very handy.


    Tony, I much appreciate your experience with the plugin, excellent if you’re seeing those amazing results!


    Excellent review, Gera. Thank you for it. Very well written and addressing all points properly. Looks like a very useful plugin for sure and it should motivate more people to try WP.



      Thanks Jean! If you’ve the possibility try the free version to start and you’ll notice in terms of SEO & branding.

    Shalu Sharma

    I have heard of this plugin. Its seems like a good plugin as you can insert affilaite links as well in the URL section. Price is reasonable of 57 dollars. I might try the lite version and give it a shot.


      Shalu you’re right! And you can go there to try the free lite version, is very useful too, I tried first this option.


    Sanjib thanks for your comment and I saw you’ve installed the AR plugin – good for you!


    Thanks for your feedback Lucas! Let me know how it goes with the plugin.

    Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Gera,

    This is one of the new additions to the firing power of WordPress blogs and websites. With easy and effective social plugins it makes maintaining a website that much easier and less time consuming. Not to mention the value it adds from a Search Engine point of view.


      Anton, you’re right the AR plugin improves in terms searches because the stars call the attention than regular results.


    I have to get that plugin!! Looks so good and I’ve always wondered about those SERP that had stars bellow them! It’s very effective to draw people’s attention.


      Thanks for your comment, but on Blogger, you can’t add plugins πŸ™


    Fernando glad you liked the plugin review and yes, it is worth trying!


    Tyron is good to know that you see an increase on CTRs and I agree with you, this plugin is only for reviews, good or bad, but just reviews πŸ™‚

    Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Gera,

    The screenshots makes it tempting. Thanks for sharing – Going to check out the plugin site now. Seems useful and not too expensive. (Though I don’t know about the Snippit view since recent updates – will still go and see for myself.)


    Thanks Danny!

    Great to see that you’ve had a quick solution to your glitch. I had a small issue and Hesham, solved in a few minutes, that is very good in terms of support πŸ™‚


    Debashisa if the product review you’re doing has some affiliate link you can put it there. If not, put a regular link to the product site or leave it blank.

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