Simple Image Tips to Enhance and Safeguard Your Precious Blog

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A picture speaks a thousand words”. “A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.”

Do these popular quotes say something to you? Or let me rephrase my question; do these quotes hint at an important blogging tip? Yes, they do.

I am sure every blogger worth his blog looks forward tone thing, and that is a magic bullet to make his / her blog popular in the blogosphere. With approximately billions of blogs hosted online, grabbing eyeballs towards your blog is not an easy feat by any means.


blog images


Now what if I told you that I can suggest a super-easy blogging tip that will not only make your blog popular but also bring in more traffic than what you have got at present? You will definitely jump at the suggestion, right?

Okay, so get ready to read the golden blogging tip- use images, videos and graphics to spice up your blog posts. What? You don’t believe, huh? Does it feel too easy and simple to be true? Okay let me tackle this in more detail.


Images Boost Reader Engagement

Blog posts that use attractive images stand out from the crowd of posts with just plain text. Diehard fans of your blog may put up with you even if present the content as plain text format without any images, but to get those diehard fans you will need either one or both of 2 things.

First of all your blog must already have been established as an authority blog in your niche. Secondly, your content needs to be so awesome that it compels readers to visit repeatedly. Unless you can manage to achieve such diehard fans, it is better to use images instead.


What Kind of Images Work Best?

Now that you are convinced of the importance of using images in blog posts and website articles, you obviously want to know what kind of images work.

Well, the foremost criterion is to use images that are relevant to your content. Cute kitty images may be the most popular image on the internet, but using them for a post on blogging tips or internet marketing may not work well.

On the other hand, if you are ingenious enough to work the cute kitties into your blogging tips, then you may very well use them.


How to Find Relevant Images?

Images are abundant on the internet, but not all of them are appropriate for your usage on your blog.

Even if you manage to find images relevant to your niche on Google images for free, using these images may not turn out to be as expected. Simply because they are available on Google images does not automatically make them copyright free.

You will have to choose images that are under the following licenses, but with due credit given to the source of course:

  • Attribution license
  • Attribution-noderivs license (no alteration of images allowed)
  • Attribution non-commercial license (provided you are not gaining any monetary benefits from using this image)
  • Attribution non-commercial noderivs license
  • Attribution share alike and attribution non-commercial-share alike license.


Where to Find Images for Your Blog?

If you can shoot your own pictures, or create your own graphics that would be the best choice for images on your blog.

Other than that, you have both free and paid options to source images that match the content on your blog. Flickr, iStock, imagebase, stock.xchng, morguefile, geekphilisopher etc are some of the free options.

Speaking of free images, there is one site that deserves special mention and that is photorogue. These guys actually offer to shoot pictures on demand of the users and the surprising fact is that the whole thing is free.

Before you rush off to this in anticipation of getting some free photos custom shot for your blog, please remember that not all requests are heeded. Only a few handpicked requests get this facility. But as they say, “try and try until you succeed


I Got Images What’s Next?

You have painstakingly sourced, tagged and uploaded all the images that are relevant to your blog content. You will now experience better reader engagement.

Your Google Analytics reports, in all probability have started displaying reduced bounce rates and increased time spent on your blog by users. You are very happy to see the improvement and everything feels just fine.

Wait! You forgot to complete one crucial task. Before I let you in on that crucial secret, let me ask you this. How would you feel if you woke up one fine day only to see your blog in a total mess?

You cannot access any of your blog posts or images and every effort that you put into creating, decorating and optimizing your blog is wasted. I am sure that is not a fine place to be. But don’t panic yet. You can skip all these disasters if you have a professional online backup service in place.

Simple extra tips from Gera:

  • Put as Filename of the image, keyword(s) related to the article.
  • Be sure to put an Alternative Text; remember Google understands definitively better text than images.
    Also, if the browser fails in loading the image, you have some text to read or for people who read with images deactivated.
  • Don’t forget to put a short Description of the image including few keywords, but don’t be spammy on this task 😉



The main ingredient of any blog is unquestionably, the content. But simply providing content is not enough for your readers.

You have to ensure a good blog design, attractive images, useful videos and some free reports / eBooks as well, if you want to keep your readers happy and engaged on your blog. But a silly mistake of overlooking the backup of the blog theme and all blog files can cost you dearly. “Better over-warned than under-prepared “!


About the Author
John offers mozy backup free coupons and sugarsync codes, two of the best online backup software on the net. He also provides reviews and share his personal experience about online storage and why you should backup your data.








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    Rajnish Kumar

    Thanks for telling me that there are site that provide images because till now I was thinking that I can only get images form Google Images.

      John Mak

      You’re welcome. Just be careful cause when you grab images from Google it might have restrictions or copyrighted issues.

    John Mak

    Yes indeed, pictures make the first impression! Thanks for sharing with us Lakshmi.

    John Mak

    Very true Nuria.

    John Mak

    Anne, I definitely believe that visitors see the images first than the title! It’s the first thing that grabs their attention. Thanks for sharing with us.


    John Mak

    Customizing each blog is something that attracts more visitors. By knowing exactly what your visitors want, the results will be amazing. Thanks for your insight!



    Hi John, I agree completely about images boosting reader engagement. Good, tasteful images that really complement the subject matter of the article are really pleasing to the visitor as they appreciate the creativity involved as well as the mood upliftment from viewing a pleasant picture amid constant walls of text all day.


      John Mak

      And all that with just a blink of the eye! Thanks for sharing Jean. Images are good if placed properly and connect with the content in a brilliant – smart way!


    Shalu Sharma

    I agree that images enhance blogs. They not only look good but captures eye movement. A meaningful image can also be shared on Pinterest and even go viral. Also I would like to add that videos are also great ways to enhance blog posts.

      John Mak

      Hello Shalu,

      Thank you for commenting and adding valuable information. Yes indeed, videos are another way to enhance websites but images first capture our attention. Have a great day.


    John Mak

    Thank you Ryan for your insight. I believe that plain text doesn’t work. You need to engage the reader as you said with smart selection of images but not overdo it!

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