Mobile Apps are Delicious for Your Diet

Mobile Apps Diet

The advancement in mobile solutions in recent years has been a stunning mark of achievement. Now we can use that technology as a weapon in an age-old fight: the battle of the bulge.

Introducing mobile apps that help us eat right and exercise. Wherever you go, you have the power in your hands to make healthier choices. These mobile apps are simple to use and offer guidance and motivation for you to reach your goals.

There are basically two platforms for these apps: Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.


Mobile Apps Diet - Image - Lose It


Apple iPhone

Who needs a personal trainer when you have an iPhone? Sure your iPhone doesn’t look as good in a muscle shirt as Mark at 24-Hour Fitness, but then again Mark doesn’t come with over 500,000 apps that are instantly downloadable.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps iPhone offers to help you lose weight and feel great.

Lose It! – This is a free workout journal and food diary in one. It tracks how many calories you eat, how many you burn and how many more (if any) you may consume that day. To motivate you, a graph illustrates how much weight you’ve lost so far.

Good Food Near You – Another free mobile app that, in my opinion, is brilliant. How many times have you started a diet (and you’re doing really great) and then three weeks into it you have to take a business trip and are stuck eating whatever food you can find in the vending machine or at a nearby diner? This app uses GPS to locate healthier eating choices near you. It takes the guesswork and added calories out of your traveling meals.

Nutrition Tips – If Trivial Pursuit and Richard Simmons had a baby app, it would be Nutrition Tips. Not only does this app help you make healthy eating choices, it also gives you fun food facts. Did you know oysters contain protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron? Well, you would have known if you had this application. Oh, and it’s free as well.

iFitness – At only $1.99, this app is loaded with amazing features, including 200 sample exercises and 100 instructional videos. It also has 12 routines created by fitness experts, plus weight logs and graphing technology. About the only thing this app doesn’t come with is the willpower to drive past Krispy Kreme.


Google’s Android

There was a time when I heard the term android that I immediately thought of that weird cop in “Terminator 2” with the big ears and angular face. Now when I hear Android I think, “I can get into the greatest shape of my life with all these cool droid apps!”

CardioTrainer – This all-in-one free app lets you track your cardio routines and motivates you to move with its music integration feature. For those with a competitive streak, CardioTrainer has a feature called World High Scores that lets you compare your stats to other people around the world. I know I feel better at the end of the day when I can safely proclaim that I burned 38 more calories than some guy named Olaf in Norway.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret – Part of this app is what you might expect, a food and exercise journal that tracks calories in and calories out. One really cool feature is the barcode scanner and Calorie Counter also comes with recipes and meal ideas.

Endomondo Sports Tracker – Fitness goes social with this app, which not only tracks your fitness but also lets you challenge your friends and send them pep talks in real time. Clean user interface and mapping capabilities make this app highly functional as well as fun. At just 49 cents, it’s a runaway bargain.

AllSport GPS – This app lets a user analyze workout data by using GPS to get a precise way of measuring pace, speed, time and distance. It also allows users to see the workout they just did on an overlaid map, and can track any sport, be it running, mountain biking or walking. The only thing missing is an ice-cold Gatorade.

With so many mobile solutions available, achieving a healthy lifestyle has never been easier. Just download your mobile app of choice and you have a best friend, coach and nutritionist right at your fingertips.


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    Awesome ones! I started using MapMyFitness to also include exercise…I can’t say I’m always honest…but cool to see how it all adds up!


    There are a lot of people who are into discovering mobile apps and I hope this can be a help.. I haven’t have an iPhone yet but soon I will..Thanks!


    @Rob Koenig
    Now that is something that my friends and I should try too. Great idea! Thanks!


    Hi Gera,

    Nice to meet you, tips you have provided is very useful for me and my friends. Nowadays we all have a smart phone in our pockets, but not all of the facilities is maximized. And you have given us clues to how one should take advantage of the sophistication of a smart phone that we have.


      Thanks….just be careful you don’t drop a dumbbell on your toe while your fidgeting with your smartphone.


    I have a couple of the foodie apps on my iphone. They are helpful but I have to make a conscious effort to use them.


      That’s the tough part Joanne. Like everything, you get out of it what you put into it. Its a tool to help you, but you have to do the heavy lifting.


    GREAT app idea!


    Well, all these apps seems amazing as they are capable to work as a personal trainer for your and that too for free. Excellent, it seems in near future technology will rose to a level from where a person will become self reliant and can do anything from any corner of the world.

    Laura Phillips

    This is really stunning. This platform will really help you plan your meal in a healthy way. Also, I’ve seen on Iphone an app that tells you to exercise and it has a routine that you need to follow. Have you seen that one? Well, thanks for sharing your post. Really great!



    I look forward to the day when you scan food and it will provide all the nutritional information….look out fast food joints!


    Thanks Pete, the only thing lacking now is motivation. The apps can track and guide and that’s about it. Got to find a way to fire up the internal lust for fitness.


    Glad they can be of help for you. I am looking for a behavior app that can help motivate better diet practices as well as inspire fitness.


    Well I’m sure once you get a smart phone you’ll be glad you did and probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. The apps are just the cherry on top. Maybe that should be a green bean! 🙂


    These are great apps especially if your traveling and have to eat out.


    I’m a fan of whatever it takes to get in shape. So if there are tools to help achieve goals then even better.

    Christina Chang

    I have Nutrition Tips and iFitness on my iPhone and they work for a while but then again I got tired of documented living — eating and having my day. Nothing against these. They’re fun, just don’t overdo it. Its not fun when you are always counting calories in front of the counter right?

    Just saying! Thanks for the info!


    Thanks for sharing, I’ll take a look at the Nike app.

    Jerad Parker

    Definitely mobile phone apps have a variety of uses nowadays. A mobile phone serves many purposes right from guiding you about the location where you are standing to helping you maintain your health.


    Glad you like the title, I thought it was clever as well! 🙂


    Thanks…appreciate it and hope you meet all of your fitness goals!

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