Useful Workouts to Save Money from Expensive Gyms

Home Workout Routines

I do not know of anyone who enjoys being out-of-shape and unhealthy. The majority of unhealthy people do not want to be unhealthy, but sadly, they see getting in shape an expensive task. Who can blame them? With organic and healthy food proving expensive at grocery stores and gym memberships proving more expensive than ever, people are turning to affordable ways to get back in shape.

Home Workout Routines

Various people consider investments into gym memberships, or exercise equipment to use in their homes. Both these choices prove costly, and if you are not a health specialist or exercise pro, you risk purchasing the wrong things which results in wasted money. It is recommended that consumers examine the pros and cons of these expenses and only then can you make the right investment decision.

While you are contemplating the option of purchasing a gym membership or to invest into workout stuff for your home, there are exercises you can do in your home that do not require weights and expensive workout videos. Performing this task will save you substantial amount of money, at least until you have the money for a gym membership or to invest into home workout equipment.


Advantage of working out at home

The great thing about working out in your home is that you do not needs tons of equipment or space. If you are busy, do not worry, exercising at home does not take up a lot of your time and you can still reach your personal fitness goals.

No matter what anyone tells you, frequent bursts of exercise can prove as effective in comparison to long workout sessions. If you want to save some money and try working out from your home, you should consider investing into some cost-efficient equipment.

The following equipment is cheap and helpful when creating home workouts to get in shape:


  • Yoga mat(s) – If you have carpeting in the area where you work out, you can get away with purchasing one of these products. If you have hardwood floors, it is recommended you purchase minimally three of them to help cushion the floor for your workouts.


  • Exercise ball – These balls prove cost-efficient and are great not only for working out but to cool down after exercising.


  • Foam rollers – These appear useless, but on the contrary, they are used for massaging and strengthening exercises.


  • Push-up bars – Some people shy away from this product, and if you are adamant about not using it, you can always use dumbbells that can double as push-up bars.


  • Jump rope–Jumping rope is a fantastic way to increase your coordination and proves a fantastic way to achieve cardiovascular activities that can help get your heart pumping before strenuous workouts.

It proves beneficial to choose your exercises carefully. You want to choose exercises that will test your body while not wasting your time and effort. For the record, simply sitting and performing bicep curls is not a proper way to get in shape, in fact, only performing this task is a waste of time.

Before you perform a home workout, it is imperative that you get your heart pumping. Because you are performing short workouts at home, do not forget to incorporate exercises that will increase flexibility.

You want to choose exercises that integrate the following benefits:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular endurance


Exercises to do at home


#1  – Hindu Pushups

If you have ever performed Yoga, you are probably familiar with the exercise called “Downward/Upward Dog”. Yoga beginners are more familiar with the “Downward Dog” exercise. To receive all three benefits, just broaden your stance by a foot when performing the Downward Dog and carefully plunge forward into the Upward Dog position. Repeat this about seven to ten times. The result of this will be viewed in your arms, hamstrings, core, calves and lower back.

This is a strengthening exercise that appears easy and a waste of time, but I assure you that after performing this task for a length of time, you will enjoy the results. The results will entail firmer calves and strengthened muscles. This exercise is terrific for getting your heart pumping.


#2  – Pushups

Some people like pushups and some do not. Regardless of your love or lack of for the exercise, it proves one of the best exercises in developing overall body strength and elevating your heart rate. Do not worry; you do not have to perform military style pushups to experience the benefits of this exercise. Simply perform a regular pushup (ensure your back is level and your butt is not up in the air) and as you experience the height of the exercise, go into the Downward Dog pose.

Perform several repetitions and ensure you continually do this task. You will find that over a period, your arms will prove stronger and eventually, you can perform regular pushups without having to go into the Downward Dog pose.


#3  – Crunches

The great thing about this exercise is that you do not need expensive equipment. If you have a couch, you are “good-to-go”. Lie on the floor, and place your feet under the couch. Lie flat on the floor and use your abdominal muscles to lift your upper body up off the floor until you feel a “pulling sensation”. The sensation you will experience will be the art of working your stomach muscles. After feeling the “pull”, slowly lower your upper body back down to the floor. Perform about five to seven crunches. The reps take seconds to execute.

Do not worry if you cannot perform hundreds of crunches. It is advised that you do not push yourself too hard with crunch exercises.


#4  – Dead Lifts

You can perform one-arm deadlifts with things you can get around your home. One outstanding example is a popular object such as a full, five-gallon water bottle. Simply stand up straight after picking up the five-gallon bottle and slowly raise the bottle with one arm while standing straight. If you are performing the exercise correctly, you should notice a pulling sensation in your arms.

You can have a successful home workout with using your imagination as long as it entails the above three benefits. Ensure that you keep your workouts interesting because statistics show that when people get bored with their workouts, they tend to stop working out.

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