8 Android Apps that Make Your Life Sweeter

Android App List

For those of you who own an Android, life is about as sweet as it can be. Not surprisingly so: whether you favour using a tablet or a smartphone Android is a great platform with genuinely useful features plus a gigantic marketplace.

Google Play, where you will find all of the most up to date applications. This makes for Android devices which are constantly evolving. Google Play allows Android users the opportunity to immerse themselves in an active community of Android users, making sure their devices are up to date with the freshest apps.


Android App List


Out of all the highest ranked Android apps (like the best restaurant apps), some are useful, others are entertaining, while others shine for their uniqueness and sci-fi touch. But all of those apps have something in common: they really have a way of making your life sweeter. A way in which to enrich your life via updating your Android device.

If you are eager to make your life that little bit sweeter why not check out our list below. It will be sure to brighten up your life in no time at all. Check it out after the jump…


1. Google Maps

Unless you never actually leave your house, this amazing navigational tool is an app you’ll regularly use and benefit from. And even if you’re familiar with the PC version of gMaps, you will surely be impressed when you see it running on your Android and benefiting from the GPS chip. Getting lost? Never again will you have to, as long as you have this app at hand to give you directions. This is honestly one of the most reliable and stable applications of it’s kind. It has saved my bacon countless times.


2. Barcode Scanner

From checking out the price of untagged products at the supermarket to identifying a tattered medication box via the barcode, there are plenty of ways that you could benefit from carrying around a barcode scanner in your pocket. With this application you can do just that; just point your camera at a bar code and your Android will briskly bring out the relevant info.


3. Splashtop

Do you often forget important files at your desktop computer, or routinely find the need to check an important document stored at home? With this remote desktop app, you can do that and much more. Provided you leave the Splashtop client running in your PC, you’ll be able to connect to it from your Android device remotely over the Internet, no matter the distance. Needless to say this has practical application in all sorts of situations.


4. AccuWeather

We just hate when the weather plays tricks on us. You leave the house in shorts and suddenly you’re in a blizzard. What gives? Drawing detailed local forecasts from one of the most reputable meteorology networks in the world, Accuweather will give you the power of peeking into the future as easily as you can peek out your apartment windows. The best part? 99% of the times it really works like magic. Never get caught out by the weather again.


5. Google Sky Maps

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys contemplating the night sky, Google Sky Maps was made for you. With an extensive database of sky charts, together with the compass and gyroscope sensors in your Android, this app can create a detailed overlay with information on the stars above. Just point it to anywhere in the sky, and prepare to be amazed.


6. TripJournal

For anyone who fancies travelling, this application will be a more than welcome addition to their existing applications. TripJournal is a great way to keep track of your travelling, allowing you to compile pictures, texts, voice notes regarding our journeys. The app will automatically retrieve GPS coordinates and keep track of your routes, allowing you to easily add your thoughts and sights anywhere along the way.


7. Cut the Rope

Anytime you feel like indulging yourself with a little bit of gaming, there are plentiful Android games available. From the vast selection in the marketplace, Cut the Rope is one of the most popular as of late… and you’ll totally get why, after playing it for a few minutes. This puzzle game features hundreds of levels, and brilliantly provokes the “I-think-I’ll-play-just-one-time” syndrome. You are sure to find yourself glued to the screen in no time at all.


8. Autodesk Sketchbook

If you care to unleash the inner artist, you should try this out; simply put, it’s the most sophisticated drawing app available for Android. With support for multiple layers, dozens of brushes, multiple undo levels, a good selection of drawing tools and the ability to zoom into your pictures freely, this app may just help turn your Android into a portable sketchbook. Unleash the artist in you today.


So that about does it. Our list of applications that are an absolute must for your Android device. If we’ve made any glaring omissions please do let us know in the comments below. We are always happy to hear your thoughts.


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info using my Droid now to type this need to go back and read more thanks


Good to know! I gave up my Droid phone…but still have my Droid tablet so cool apps always welcome!

claudia lamascolo

Oh now without using my phone I came back… I have the droid phone and tablet so this is great information thankou!


A great phone. Unfortunately, I have no cell phone… ;-P




Super app choices and good to know. I was contemplating getting a tablet which uses the
android applications.


I love my droid and now I have a few more apps to add. Thanks.


Just received my first droid phone. So many apps out there its hard to know where to begin! I so need the splashtop app. Thanks for the great intros.
Have a great weekend


All these applications are awesome and my favorites. Google maps is the application with out which I can’t survive, because I’m doing a lot of travelling.

Deborah J. Henninger

Wow! this are great apps! I’m using Samsung galaxy right now I think I need to have some of this apps for my phone. One of my friends told me that their is an application in android that will help you monitor secretly other android user. Is this true? what software is that?


The only thing about Android, that sometimes annoys me, and believe me, I love my Android, is that I cannot do screenshots.

It’s a very comfortable thing to actually do screenshots, so easy with iPhones, and I’m not an iPhone fan. Apparently you need a rooted Android mobile phone, I don’t want to do this, too much risk, I guess :).


I am using Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. At the moment I am using Google maps and barcode scanner. What I want to know is can I add all above apps to my mobile device?

Anyway your post is great.

Hope you will reply.
Good luck.


    Hi Sajith,

    I didn’t write this article, it was a guest post, but as I know if you have android in your mobile, you can install them, just check the android market for those apps more info 🙂

    Thanks for coming by!


      Anyway thanks for replying my comment. I’ll check them out on android market.

      Good luck.


I have used these all applications and I like all applications but Google Map is my most favourite. I also use other android applications as Facebook for Android, Winamp, BBC News and Shareprice.”


Cut the Rope is incredible, almost as good as “Doodle Jump” or “Fruit Ninja” for me.


All 8 Android application are verty goodand would make sense to anyone who has an Android phone.


The Autocad sketch book app was a new one to me. Thanks for the list!

nando eriawan

those lists are a must to have by everyone’s android. I really love to google sky maps app, they really cool. If I may recommend, it’s whatsapp, it’s a really good messenger. But, I wonder if from a country to country, it could work.


You’ve got a great list here. I already have some of them and I think I’m going to get apps #s 7 and 8. Love this site!


Hey Gera

Thsoe are some really awesome apps , thanks for recommending them.


I know, hope this new service will be fine and compete with dropbox 🙂


The list is written here is main applications you should have in your smartphone, because they will greatly help you in your busyness. I also frequently use the applications (although I have not tried all of them)

Ahmad Fauzi Ahsan

Wow, I never think about them.
Recently I use Google Maps and AccuWeather because it is useful for my life.


Cut the rope is the best android game and will extremely chalengge my IQ. Instead of angry bird that play with velocity.. =)


I just LOVE cut the rope and Google Maps. Don’t know about others, but these two surely make my life more sweeter. Rest of your suggestions look awesome, too! I’ll definitely check ‘em out. Thanks Gera for recommending these apps.

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