CommentLuv Plugin Premium Winner and Global Launch

CommentLuv Plugin Premium Global Launch

CommentLuv Premium is Relaunching on 23rd August 2012, for being the 1st year anniversary! Take a look the video about it.


CommentLuv Plugin Premium will be available again and also the CommentLuv Premium Giveaway has ended!

My CommentLuv premium plugin review helped to give a detailed landscape of this multi-plugin for newcomers or even for users for some time, because Comment Luv is morphing constantly and always for a better performance or new functions.

CommentLuv Plugin Premium Global Launch

Have you installed on your blog or planning to have it? Whether you’ve purchased or plan to buy, you can try it, right now, leaving comments and see it in action.

Well, well, today I can announce the random winner, via Rafflecopter. This excellent service includes a total random drawing and here we go…

And the Winner of the CommentLuv Plugin Premium is…Drum Roll

Winner CommentLuv Plugin Premium

Congrats Herbert!
and many thanks to all the entrants. I’m contacting you to confirm your details.
You know, I can give away only 1 copy of this fabulous plugin, but I’ll try to make more free giveaways like this, in the future.

In case you didn’t have luck on this time or perhaps you don’t have it yet, Comment Luv Premium is being launched again until end of this month.

I’ve explained deeply all the CommentLuv benefits, in my CommentLuv review but the remarkable advantage of this plugin is for the Inside and also Outside your Blog.

What does it mean?

– Inside Your Blog: with all the internal components that improve the fighting to spam, control of keywords on comments, social enticements, etc

– Outside Your Blog: You use the plugin, out of your blog. While you’re commenting on ComLuv blogs that have CommentLuv enabled, you’ve a drop-down menu with your 10 recent posts, but also add to the recipe 5 extra posts or pages, to choose from.
(You can check a beta, not official yet, search engine developed by Andy, only for CommentLuv enabled sites)

These last 5 options, can be special posts that you want to promote and – only owners of CommentLuv Premium – have this chance.

Fantastic for link building or in the social sharing-realm, because you’ve 50% more chances of someone to click on those 5 additional posts or share them.


CommentLuv Plugin Premium Bonus

Now on this limited time launch, until the end of November, you can…


# Get the Full Unlimited License Version, for the same price as the single site license (Saving up to $80!)

And I’m able to announce now to all my readers, new EXTRA Bonuses for free (previously sold for $27, both):


# WordPress Dealpon Premium Plugin

  • Ideal to run special offers with countdown
  • Offers that expire if users don’t subscribe to list
  • Time limited bonuses


# WP Mail Ads with Private Label Rights

You’ll have a sales page, psd files (you can edit internal images) to change the box cover and sales page design…more a video that explains exactly how to completely rebrand the plugin.

Here’s what you can change…

  • The name of the plugin
  • The author (you’ve permission to do this)
  • The support link
  • The social links
  • The settings page video
  • The settings page appearance


Habitually, you see similar concepts on sites that have costly sale pages, but now those plugins can replicate the same (of course I need to try them to get the full concept behind) So, I’m excited to try them as soon they are live 🙂


# Dashboard Luvvers Widget

Exclusive to Unlimited License holders.
I installed it and really is so simple and powerful too. I can see who is eventually pending for a reply or to find out how many times commented on my blog.


# Ebook with 15 great articles you will ever read on traffic generation


Thanks a bunch for all the inputs on this giveaway!


Are you enjoying CommentLuv Plugin Premium on your site?
If not, you can get your own copy with those bonuses -> right here


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    claudia lamascolo

    Yeah woo hoo and congrats to Herbert!


    Yay, Herbert! You are always chock full of goodies…will check with our expert about this!


    Congrats to Herbert on the win. I like the inside and out perspective Gera, brilliant and so true. The premium plugin is not only more advanced, the free extras are a great bonus!


      Thanks so much Kathy!


    Congrats, Herbert!!!

    Well done on a successful contest, Gera.


      Many thanks Ana!

    Deeba Rajpal (

    Yay Herbert, lucky you!


    Congrats to Herbert!

    Comment Luv is something I’ll have to look into…




    Congratulations Herbet! You lucky Dude! 🙂


    In this case the premium worth in every aspect you can consider.


    That’s good for Herbert. I wish I could participate in this one day and become a winner as well.


    Hope you’ve had a great vacation. Need the confirmation of your email. I’ve sent you an email directly. Please confirm it.


    Hey Gera,
    This event of yours is really great, especially when I know that the price is a premium commentluv plug in. It is really an awesome thing to win and have it implemented on your blogs and articles because o it’s usefulness and its great pack bonuses. Herbert is so lucky. 😀


    Congratulations to Herbert!What a wonderful prize, Gera!


    Hi Herbert! I would like to extent my greetings to your win! Congratulations!


    Successful Contest Gera! Hope lots of contest that will be sponsored by you. HEHE..

    Congratulation Herbert for being the winner.

    Deanne H. White

    Hi Gera,

    Thanks for this post. I have been using commentluv plugin premium for months now. But the problem is my friend told me that whenever they use my commentluv nothing happens. The link that they want to put did not appear. Can you help me?


      Thanks Deanne! Perhaps Commentluv is not configured properly, if not you’d contact to support that they can assist you better.


    Nicholas – the new version of comluv also flushes away spam, no? I’ve installed it on my blog and it works beautifully.



    Jerome, you can try the free version just to start 🙂


    Hi Mark,

    Spam is a big problem everywhere. CommentLuv plugin premium can help, practically, to stop the automatic spam via GASP and also Trackback validation visit my CommentLuv plugin premium review for more info about them.

    If your spam is coming from humans, well, you’ll need other extra measure like Cloudflare (free) that protect from human spammers, virus and speed up your site at the same time.

    Also with Keyword Name you can control how many keywords to allow or not, and this is a way to minimize people that just put one comment – for the sake of a link – and you will never see it again.

    Many thanks for your visit!


    I just open one new forum 4 dating and… I have not yet completed the background and themes as well as forums and I have over 500 comments in 4 days…Comments without anything. Those people just wanna backlinks i think…This is totaly crazy i think…Thank you again 4 really great blog and honest comments from other visitors.


      Mark I know, I know it happened to me. It seems all are automatic, you need GASP for that case 😉


    The more I read about Commentluv premium, including all the information you have on your site, the more I think it’s well worth the money. I am running the free version on a few sites now but the amazing number of features added in the premium edition makes me seriously considering buying it. Until I do though I’m really happy that Andy has made a free version available.

    And congrats to Herbert! What an excellent prize.


      Thanks Melanie! Really Commentluv premium has all benefits and if you have several sites, you can install it in all of them, with the multisite version. You’ll notice the difference 🙂

    Usman Ali Iqbal

    Is there a free version of comluv or not?????
    Please reply


    Really great post you share with us. its very informative and valuable post for me.


    Anthony there is a Commentluv free plugin installed with Intense Debate that attends other platforms (but buggy, at least it was in my case)


    Jenny, yes there is a free limited version to try here

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