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I want to highlight a new Free Search Engine targeted specifically to find CommentLuv Enabled Blogs, the CommentLuv Global Search Engine.

As a follow up, of my latest post announcing my CommentLuv plugin premium winner, I would like to tackle this new free service developed by Andy Bailey, the creator of this marvellous plugin.

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Global CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search

No matter the niche you’re, if you comment on other blogs (NOT spamming) and you get a backlink to your blog, then is a great bonus. But if instead, can you get 2 backlinks? Well, this can be achieved commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Not sure about CommentLuv? Read my review of this premium plugin.

Why is it useful?

You’re capable of improving your links pointing to your site and this is a big factor (between others, of course) considered by:

  1. Google, for the PR (Page Rank) (higher is better)
  2. Alexa, for the Alexa ranking (lower is better)

…also other services that judge these traffic metrics, like: search engines, advertisers, even for guest posters before to submit a guest post.

And again, why should you bother with that “tech”-stuff? My friend, if you’re a blogger and want more traffic, more comments and eventually more advertisers, this is a point to have in mind πŸ™‚

  • Google takes apparently into account, most of your individual comments done on the same blog as individual links (if they are indexed), and it uses this data to elaborate the Page Rank.
  • Alexa on the other side, no matter the quantity of comments done on a specific blog, and on different posts, from this blog is counted only as 1 link.

Therefore which is the lesson? Jump outside of your comfort zone, promote your blog in a wise manner and fundamentally build solid relationships with other bloggers out of your niche!
This is the motto that I repeat over and over, don’t be all your day simply commenting in your niche.

This is my case; I read and comment when I’ve a possibility according to my commenting policy – on tech, food and social blogs.

Does it mean that you need to comment only on CommentLuv enabled blogs? The answer is NO, but it helps a lot to make comments where you get a nice combo of two incoming links for the “price” of one. Damn it, we all love bargains πŸ˜‰

Let me show you in action, the new CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search

Today, if you’re not a free subscriber, you’ll see the following screen:

Search Engine Commentluv

After you’ve subscribed or perhaps if you’re already a subscriber and entered your email, you’ll have access to the search engine plus the page will refresh automatically.

So, I’ll find out new CommentLuv blogs for example, on “foods you can eat to lose weight”:

Comment Luv Enabled Food


Now, on the “social media” scenario:

Comment Luv Social Media Blogs


The blogs you can find has Comment Luv installed, perhaps the free version or with the premium plugin.

Other tedious manner to do the same:

Use Google and put your keyword, more in quotes +”powered CommentLuv” or “this blog uses Premium CommentLuv” or “Commentluv enabled”

But, why do you need to complicate things, when you can do it in an easy way πŸ™‚ There are also some posts with CommentLuv enabled blogs, but nothing compares to an updated search engine that change their results, in seconds or less.

Other point to consider are do-follow or no-follow links (a big theme) but after the several Google Panda updates, it’s clear that the better way is to get natural links (both). And naturally, you cannot control the entire cyberspace to get only do-follows (this is unnatural) so, the healthier recipe is getting a mix of do-follows AND no-follow incoming links.

I know that not everybody has a “policy” about commenting, exclusively, for incoming links (unless the human spammers!).
Also this isn’t my way of thinking, I comment if I like the article even on unknown blogs for me, but if you can get a nice return in traffic or backlinks is a nice plus.


  1. Are using the Global CommentLuv Search Engine?
  2. Are you finding relevant results or maybe you know other way to find Comment Luv blogs?



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Deborah, no – this tool does not show PRs. You can use SEOquake for this and it’s free too πŸ™‚


CommentLuv and KeywordLuv love encourage visitors to put comments. Even the great spammer will be turn to commenter sometimes because of this plugin. There is no need to spam when you are given the freedom to put your keywords. All in all, this plugin is so great.


The CommentLuv Search engine is awesome. before I discovered it, it was hard to find great blogs to leave comments on

John J Callanan

I just installed comment luv on my blog and I do not notice a huge amount of difference in the comment posts? Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks for your feedback and Happy New Year to all. John


    John, in my own experience you’ll notice and increase in traffic and eventual comments as time goes by.
    Several people will find you via the Commentluv search engine or directly via Google looking for specific sites with “Premium CommentLuv” installed.

    The Best 2012 for You and thanks for coming by!


Comment Luv is definitely the way to go. It has gotten me tons of new traffic.



My first time to know the Comment Luv. There are more things i have to study.

Derek Morton

I love the commentluv search!!!! It’s helped me make a lot more connections with other bloggers within my niche.


I am using CommentLuv for quite some time and i am very pleased with it. It offers a unique opportunity for users to leave their last post and links. Great job.


Thanks, you mentioned this information, i have been researching on commentluv trying to find out is it good or bad ? few people have bad impact on caommentluv, finally i found that i most people recommending it. so i am gonna give it a try.


I didn’t know about this search engine. That’s pretty sweet. Now to read more of your articles to see what else I can learn!


I just discovered that commentluv existed yesterday. I think it is a wonderful thing for a community of bloggers to be able to promote interaction on our sites as well as reward those who leave useful comments. Thanks for this post.


Not all. You win more control on spam, more comments and more social sharing.


I’m confuse about build relationship with other blogger out your niche. Is it still effective to make our blog bigger ?

Jim Jenks

This is a great tool, I haven’t found anything even close to Commentluv. Great post. I would have to agree with one comment about it being a shame that spammers run this tool into the ground a little bit


Commentluv is one of the best tools for those who are promoting their websites. With regards to the search engine, that is really awesome! I don’t see any other tool that comes close to Commentluv. If you know of one, let me know. πŸ™‚ Thanks!


I have been reading a lot about CommentLuv recently. I personally don’t use it (yet) but I am starting to be convinced.

Stan Winchester

I’m so happy we found commentluv, its great to be able to interact with other foodies and food blogs while helping each one grow!


    Totally with you Stan! Commentluv is a great tool that improve traffic and boost social media presence, vital points also for foodies πŸ™‚


I never knew about the commentluv search engine. This opens up a whole new avenue for traffic generation.

Isha Singh

well, now this is best feature by Andy. From quite few months he is working it service better and better. I just loved his idea!!


It is really good to comments with CommentLuv. I already know something about CommentLuv but not such a information which you have given. Thanks for your advance information about CommentLuv and benefits of these blog comments.


I like commentluv great way to increase traffic.


A great plug in! I’ll have to check it out…




Once again, something really interesting and useful for us bloggers. Thanks πŸ™‚


No David, once you’re on the list, your email grants access – free – to the search engine.
Thanks for your input!


    Chris your email address is saved in the database of Commentluv, and it’s your “password”. If your browser memorizes your email, is just pressing enter when you access to the application and ready. If not, yes you must enter the email address each time to confirm it, per session.

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