Promoting Your Blog & Promote Your Business

Promoting Your Blog & Promote Your Business

Promoting your blog, business and website in this social media world, today is crucial to succeed.
Then, I want to help YOU to conquer your goals!

Promoting Your Blog & Promote Your Business


I’m offering and opening my “closed” spam-fortress, well..with its own spam holes – only for this post!

In this case I’ll drop a bit, my own rules about human spam. As a social media – networking geek, I feel that I need to give and give even more to the blogging community.

On this post you can promote your blog or business, right here, right now.

I know that several new people will come here, you’re welcome! I expect some of you could be new readers, and eventually new online friends. Therefore, I want to do a tiny introduction about this blog and my person.

# What would you expect from this social blog? In a nutshell, this blog is about social media content, blogging tips and a bit of food-health connections.

The “logical” SEO rules dictate that the more technical-blogging-social themes should be separated of the more foodie-related, but I don’t want to have two blogs for the lack of time. But anyway, I permanent insist, again, that if you’re blogger (no matter the niche) you need to know more about social media and blogging.

If you’re a businessman, you necessitate even more being into the social media realm, in a clever way to have a return of your investment of resources in time, personal and money!

As you see social media and social networking is trendy, real and you can touch it at every second, everywhere.

# Now aboutΒ  me, personally, aside from those points I like, mentioned before, my way of thinking is quite non- conventional. Why?

When I was in my engineering-study state, I hit my mind against a concept-wall, once, twice and several times about connections, all and everything is connected in a way or other. Today this idea is part of me.

There are fusion cuisines and also there are fusions of ideas plus concepts to achieve certain goals.
Need examples that things can be connected in non – conventional ways? Here there are tangible bizarre-combos that were engineering-projects long time ago and today are completely live and real:

  • Mathematic model of a cow applied on computers = nowadays related to computerized farms, to boost the dairy production on rural environments
  • Radar technology directly associated to the kitchen = at present the glorious microwave oven
  • Mathematic models of human organs = today applicable on computers to bio-engineering and actual devices like PETs, MRIs, and so forth.


Now, I suppose that your mindset can be opened to see that ALL can be interlinked. And therefore, you can also notice why in my mind tech, food, and other things can be connected πŸ™‚

Enough related to me, it’s your turn! Now let’s cut to the chase, it’s time you write – Yes YOU!


Promoting Your Blog

Tell us from your heart deeply about you, shamelessly promote your blog or promote your business.

  1. Introduce yourself and give us a landscape of what you do
  2. Make an introduction of your blog / business / website
  3. Share your success, failures, doubts or frustrations on this social media world
  4. Tell us what you feel about blogging or social media and which are your social media strategies
  5. Have a social media marketing plan? Or you spend your social time aimlessly?


Next Steps

You know me and I know you a little more, then don’t be shy and stay a while on this blog.

Explore my other posts
that can HELP YOU in your social media efforts, technically with your blogging or enjoy some titbits of the food of my country.


Take a look few of a more techie posts:


And what about of being more social and laser targeted in your goals:


All right, take a break and I enjoy some Uruguayan food (my country):



I really APPRECIATE if you can:

  • Leave comments on other posts you’ve found interesting, speak your mind.
  • Bookmark this post in your preferred social bookmaking sites
  • If you liked this backlinking love I give you, I love also that you spread the world on this post!

I’ll share this post on all my social sites, follow me also on my social channels and both we will gain more exposure πŸ™‚


Few Rules

I stress again my blog commenting & social networking policy and Yes, I need to put few rules, here there are:

  • Most of the comments without names (only keywords) in the name field, will be deleted.
  • Please, no links to adult sites, gambling, pharmacy (you have the idea) autoblogs or anonymous blogs.
  • The comment can be of any length (more descriptive and detailed it’ll be beneficial for all the readers) But it must be Unique and not Duplicated from other site.
  • You can put a link to your principal site(s) and social sites. Don’t spam me with tons of links inside, because you know the result πŸ˜‰


I’ve been playing with this idea for long time and I jumped into it, after read a similar concept by Ana, who I thanks.
Indeed, I’ll extend this especial-post model concept that I had on my mind, to other social sites.


My Duties

Keep notice that several new comments will be sent to moderation or eventually to the spam folder (I’ll try to rescue them as soon as possible) Also take notice that I’m not 24 hours online, so be patient!


Ready? Stretched and warmed your fingers? (Hey, I’m a runner need to warm muscles often πŸ˜‰

All right! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 Β Β Β  Go! Go to comments!




    Gera is a techie & foodie passionate about how to succeed in social media. He focuses also on successful blogging tips and food connections. You can connect with him on Google +. Subscribe to his Free WPulsar Newsletter about WordPress Plugin & Theme Reviews, Blogging and Social Media.


    I’m glad you decided to connect Brian. It isn’t easy to sell things online, no matter the niche. I think you’d also improve your SEO to get additional organic traffic, perhaps this can help.

    Thanks for coming by!


    You’re welcome Dennis!


    I join all in saying what a great post. You are always there for us. I feel very fortunate to be able to count on you.


      Thanks so much Norma!


    You’re welcome Cynthia! You’re right independently of the specific niche, social media is for all type of bloggers. Great you came via Ana’s blog, she is a master in ideas about traffic.
    I’m in the same mindset like you, mixing different worlds more the ones related to the social media arena. SEO is vital in all the cases.

    Many thanks for your visit Cynthia πŸ™‚


    You’re welcome Gary! Good luck with your SEO services πŸ™‚


    The comment luv plugin is a great addition to the “blogosphere”. Props to the creator ! I also recommend livefyre, it’s pretty much the same thing.


      Yes comment luv plugin is great, but livefyre is a complete commenting system. Comment luv is just a superb multiplugin for WP πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the introduction.

    I am a newbie trying to rank my blog on chosen keywords. Although many of my niche website are on top 5 or 6 on 1st page of google, my site is not getting much traffic. It have great search volume and good cpc, but no conversion.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Sam it seems that you need to be more specific in your chosen keywords or the themes of your posts to have more conversion. Try adding more related keywords and call to actions on your desired hot zones, like click here, etc.
      Are people really interested on those keywords?

      Good luck!

    Larry J

    Hello Gera,

    Thanks for the opportunity of shameless self-promote myself and my blog!

    I am Larry J from and I teach my readers how to improve their body through changing their activity lifestyle, their eating habits, and committing themselves to burning belly fat and losing weight.

    So if you are interested in losing weight head over to my Totally Weight Loss blog.



    Oh!! Thanks for share it :)!!


    Thanks Mary! I agree the easy way can be boring and all saying the same stuff.

    Pleasure with your visit πŸ™‚


    Boot you’re welcome! And the best with your logo business πŸ™‚


    I have been commenting on this blog but I have just recently come across this particular post.

    ur website is basically a brochure website to display the Reproduction furniture, traditional furniture, bespoke furniture and antique reporduction furniture which we make here in the UK. They are all hand made by crafts men here using the finest woods.
    You can access a list of our distributors or stores where you can get our furniture on our website.
    So if you are looking to refurnish your space,check us out :D.

    Thanks for this Gera. Keep up the good job


    My pleasure!

    Just in case, when I was on Blogger, I installed ID with Commentluv but my overall experience wasn’t good with ID. The latest glitches I had with Intense Debate ended with my transfer Intense Debate to WordPress.

    I wish you a more pleasant experience with them πŸ™‚ and thanks for coming.


    Thanks for the chance to describe our blog and business! This is actually a client’s page, but the name of the company is CMS and they provide call center outsourcing services and live telephone answering. They answer telephone calls and handle communication on behalf of other businesses. Their blog features content from blogging to human resources and staffing.

    Commentluv enabled!

    Hope to see you there and I’ll definitely be stopping back by.


      Melanie you’re very welcome! As soon as I’ve more time to move on after these hectic days, I’ll visit there.

      Outsourcing the contact with clients is vital for business to reduce costs and improve the relationship with them πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by!


    It is very important to have a good strategy in promoting blog/websites. You have pointed out useful techniques about promoting blogs/websites effectively. It is also very true that social media can now help a lot in promotion and marketing. With perfect strategy and right timing, you will surely conquer the blogging world.


    So glad to hear that, Malli πŸ™‚
    Welcome to Sweets Foods Blog!


    Hi Gera

    We share with you our passion for Uruguay, chivitos and writing.
    Thanks for all the good tips which we will bookmark and try to use in our own writing.

    We will keep in touch

    Thanks again!!



      Thanks Charly! Saw you enjoy Uruguay and more nowadays on Punta del Este, that is at maximum πŸ™‚
      Greetings also to your social marketing agency in Argentina.

      Thanks for the other comments and +1 too!


    Dave Rosset

    Hi Gera,

    I am definitely new in blogging. I have big difficulty to get traffic to my blog. I use wordpress, because it’s simple and easy to learn than other CMS like Joomla, Drupal etc.
    Right now, i don’t have any social account, like stumbleupon, digg or even twitter, so i can’t add twitter account here. Silly me..
    Maybe i should start to get social.
    Anyway, Thanks for your advice!



      Dave you can drive traffic to your blog leveraging your SEO and today also your social networking. More specific, with Google Plus that is primordial to be there after they are affecting results in searches by G+.

      Thanks for coming by!


    These days to promote your blog many techniques have been introduced but one thing which is very important is that the content should be useful for the readers so that they can visit it again and the other that it should be original otherwise visitors will not show interest.


    Great tips you have shared to promote my blogs and business.It can really help me as I am new blogger .Your post is revealing the secrets of success.


    Improve your social networking being active in your social sites that you feel more comfortable and also perk up your SEO to have a better organic traffic via keywords related to your niche.
    Also, do guest posts on other blogs to boost your online presence πŸ™‚


    You’re welcome Suresh!and thanks for coming by!

    Stan Winchester

    Good tips, its obvious that seo plays a big part getting people to our social networks. Being real and authentic is so key though. The spamming is what causes all the changes and problems with panda to begin with.


    Promoting of a blog or product is not that easy as I think. But if you can promote it nicely it is sure that you will get more sales.

    As I think you should build trust on your customers mind in online business since we never met our customers before, isn’t it?


    Ryan so true about spammers, is just simple to read a little the article and to put a coherent comment to be approved πŸ™‚
    Thanks for coming by!

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