Commentluv Plugin Premium Giveaway (Closed)

Commentluv Plugin Premium Giveaway

The CommentLuv PluginCommentLuv Plugin Premium Giveaway! Win a free copy of this flexible and powerful WordPress plugin, and install it in all your blogs or sites.

Yes! I’ve the chance to offer this plugin premium to my readers, and maybe you can be the lucky winner of it πŸ™‚

At the same time, I’ll do a very brief recap about this potent plugin, and the advantages you’ll have in your installation:


CommentLuv Plugin Premium Benefits

Perhaps, you still don’t have a clear landscape about this 8-1 multi-plugin and need some refresh. Here we go:

GASP (Anti-Spambot Plugin) – control automatic spammers
Trackback Validation – disable those spammy trackbacks
Keyword Name – total control on how to show, or not, keywords in the name field
Social Enticements – possibility of sharing your post via to Google+, Twitter and Facebook
DoFollow / Nofollow – manage when and how to pass this factor to your commenter in the plugin
TwitterLink – add an extra Twitter field to your comment from, rewarding your readers
No Self Ping – disable auto-pinging of your own posts
Top Commentluvvers – reward your best commenter with this nifty extra plugin

…and more, you’ve the possibility of adding also your top 5 favorite posts or pages, apart of the 10 recent posts.

This is useful when you comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs, because you can target, exactly, what post/page to show – much better if you’ve anchor-text-keywords-reach when you’re promoting your blog.

As always, don’t forget that social relationships are extremely important and don’t do social mistakes of commenting on other blogs, without reading the post AND showing other insights, or adding something to the conversation. Don’t be a human spammer πŸ™‚

-> You can read my full CommentLuv Premium review for a detailed vision about it.

Also as new information, possibly CommentLuv Premium will be enhanced, even more, in the near future with new extra-plugins inside of the plugin itself! In other words, it’d be a 9-1 or 10-1 plugin, cutting off the number of necessary plugins.

What does it mean? Less individual plugins are less possible incompatibilities between them or with your theme, less updates and more speed for your WordPress installation.

As you may know, Google is requiring faster sites and with less plugins, this is a good perk. Nowadays this is an essential aspect on blogs and websites.

CommentLuv Premium is not available by the moment but it’ll be soon, the second week of November 2011.
In the meantime, why not testing your luck and get your own Free copy of the CommentLuv Premium, as soon as is on the market again?


CommentLuv Plugin Premium Giveaway

As a reader of Sweets Foods Blog, you’ve the possibility to obtain a free Developer License of the Commentluv Premium (valid for unlimited domains of your own – woot!)

In addition, I’m also offering technical assistance to the lucky winner on how to set it properly or according to your needs.

This giveaway will end by November 15th when I’ll pick a random winner, and I’ll announce who is the lucky person.

How to Enter, Is Easy:

One thing is mandatory to enter, only one, just complete the First Step, where you get +3 points.

You’ll have lot of extra chances to get more points, and being nearer to win.
Extra chances are: Commenting on this Post, subscribing in a RSS reader and spreading this giveaway on your social sites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google + and StumbleUpon!

Ready to Start?

Complete the unique necessary first step: Visiting the Site, Watch the Video inside (it has a fantastic description of the plugin) and also Sign Up to the Mailing list to be noticed, when it’ll be available.
This objective is a MUST. Then, fill up the information required and press the “I Did This!” button to obtain your +3 points. Easy, right?

Afterwards (not necessary, but worth the effort to get more extra points), continue with the next steps! Always remember to hit “I Did This!” button to complete each step! With more effort and more “luv”, it can return back to you πŸ™‚



If you’ve any questions about this giveaway or about using the CommentLuv premium, just do it on the comment area.

I know that you love free stuff, why not start, right now, generating points?

Best of the luck!


Update: We’ve a winner!

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    Good luck with the giveaway Gera! I have been way too busy to keep up with my work never mind a comment luv giveaway. Being too busy is a good thing for me, finally work is picking up!


      Thanks Kathy and work is always first!

      Good weekend πŸ™‚


    I love commentluv Premium! So many more benefits that the regular one. Good luck to the winner! Your going to love it.

    claudia lamascolo

    Good luck with the giveaway off to tweet you!


      Thanks for the feedback Claudia!


    CommentLuv made a great thing by creating CommentLuv Premium, they really know how to create a great thing. I love CommentLuv and use it on all my WP based websites and I’m very happy with it, it’s very useful and brought me a lot of comments and activity. Thanks for sharing!


    It seems I saw the video before for the commentluv premium. Has it been out and made available for commentluv “standard” users? Anyway, I did watch it again because I would LOVE to get the premium version. Very valuable.


      Joanne there will be more bonus and extra videos on next days. So stay tuned and good luck πŸ™‚

    Deeba Rajpal (

    What a great giveaway Gera. I’ve read up so much about this wonderful plug in. Just gets better and better!


      Thanks so much Deeba! πŸ™‚ Good luck and yes worth for all the things you can do with it.


    Not by the moment, but you can keep sharing on your social sites πŸ™‚


    Vicki Yes you can enter still being on Blogger but it doesn’t allow any type of plugin.
    On Blogger you must touch your code-template by hand, the less touch there, much better and is very restricted the things that you can add there.
    You can keep it for your future WordPress installation or a good idea is to give it to a friend, that is today hosted on the potent WordPress.


    Don’t know really….


    Great giveaway! Now that many bloggers are already using premium commentluv plugin, its improved features are known to those who haven’t used it. Finally, this is the time that they can take advantage of it.


    Thanks Nik! This plugin is a great addition to the WP arsenal.


    Great to know it Ray!

    Yes Raffecopter allow setting to share on your social sites once a day. This is to avoid spamming several times per day, but it’s allowed perfectly to share on Twitter/Facebook everyday of the week and you get +2 points for each of them πŸ™‚

    Gabriel Gutierrez

    Great giveaway!Many bloggers are already using premium commentluv plugin, its to improved features are known to those who haven’t used it.Thanks for this one.

    Shiva Chettri

    I would like to win the Commentluv Premium plugin because I have always been a great fan of Commentluv, I use it in all my sites. I have read and watched (in the reviews) that the premium version comes with a lot of new added features and is infact an all in one plugin which will save me the effort and resource of using many other plugins. I have subscribed through your link. Thanks a lot for organizing this giveaway.

    Isha Singh

    CommentLuv Plugin can replace most of the plugins which can make my blog load faster.


    Sorry Tuan, the giveaway ended today automatically πŸ™
    Anyway thanks a lot for your feedback! πŸ™‚


    Unfortunately the giveaway ended today automatically. Thanks for your shares and for coming by! I’m sending you by email an invitation πŸ™‚


    this plugin is very great but i’m too late you have winner congratulation herbert!


    Adrian, I think that it’ll be hard to get other giveaway about this plugin, because the big launch has ended. The last word would come from the developer Andy πŸ˜‰


    James I’m sure that this comment was for my post about Android app list


    Gautam, I say the same when I lose a giveaway too πŸ™‚ I’ll try to do another giveaway when I can.

    Meantime, you can contact Andy Bailey the developer of this great plugin, via his principal sites: and
    Also by twitter @CommentLuv

    Best of the luck and thanks for coming by!

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