CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review: 7 Reasons Why this Plugin Rocks

CommentLuv Premium Plugin

Updated: October 13, 2013

This blog is now CommentLuv Premium Plugin enabled!

In other words, more power-luv to everybody 🙂

I couldn’t apply to be a beta tester, but however, I got it later – only a few had that possibility, before launching to the public.

If you don’t know about this new CommentLuv Premium, 8-1 multi-plugin, here there is my CLP Review:

  1. CommentLuv with Social Enticements to Google+, Twitter, Facebook
  2. GASP (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin) – see why I’m already using GASP
  3. Trackback Validation – see why I’m already using TV
  4. Keyword Name (An updated better version of the old KeywordLuv plugin)
  5. TwitterLink – Add your Twitter Profile to your comments
  6. No Self Ping– avoid pinging to you from your own posts
  7. DoFollow / Nofollow – control the juice-link of the plugin as per your taste
  8. Top Commentator widget, called “Top Commentluvvers”

What a better way to explaining the CommentLuv Premium plugin with some videos about it, more my own personal settings and screenshots.
I’ve selected some videos done by Andy Bailey (the great coder of the CommentLuv Premium plugin!) that show the ingredients of how to cook the different settings of the plugin for maximal performance. Let’s get rolling:


CommentLuv Premium Extra Benefits over the ComLuv Free Version and Videos


Video CommentLuv Premium Main Settings Page



Video CL Primary Settings and Appearance


1) CommentLuv Premium, More Keywords Control

Now, you can manage when and how you give @ Keywords
One thing of being a do-follow + keywordluv enabled blog is the human spam coming.
With the outdated keywordluv plugin, you give the name @ keywords, but you’ve the security risk of a very old plugin, plus no control the “how” to give them.

I’ve set it to be 3+3. Nowadays, after having 3 comments approved, the KeywordName plugin allows 3 keywords as a reward. Sorry spammers, till you don’t have 3 comments approved on this blog, you don’t have the possibility to add your keywords. See more details on my social blogging comment policy.

CommentLuv Premium Keyword Name


Video CommentLuv Premium KeywordName


2) Complete Control of Dofollow on the CommentLuv Premium

The dofollow attribute now is improved and you’ve total control on how to share the dofollow-luv.

If you’re logged in on your blog, don’t forget to enable the dofollow for your own posts, to give rankings to them! (unless you allow other users to register; this is an option to consider)

Commentluv Premium Dofollow


3) CommentLuv Premium Trackback Validation Stats

This is a techie-theme, but in other words here you’ve now full control to see if the trackback IP address is legitimate or you’ve the real permalink pointing to your blog.

Commentluv Premium Plugin GASP Trackback

I’ve set it, again like the free version, to discard illegitimate trackbacks instead of send it to spam. Wonderful, less spam 🙂


Video ComLuv Premium GASP Plugin Trackback Validation



4) Social Enticements on CommentLuv Premium

For commentators that not have 3 comments approved, sharing in their social preferred sites is a way to show 10 posts on the Commentluv field.
A win-win situation for not-frequent readers plus for you, as blogger, to get more social expose of your posts.


Social Enticements CommentLuv Premium Plugin

As you see in the screenshot, you can the options to:

* Google Plus+1 – give an “up” (called +1 in Google Plus) show 10 posts – hey, meantime take a look of Bloggers on Google Plus to Follow.
* Tweet – with a retweet the system allows to show 10 posts – bonus, the plugin suggests also to follow you on Twitter 🙂
* Facebook liking this post allow to show 10 posts

All those cases are for people without 3 comments approved. If you’ve 3 comments already approved, I’ve set to show directly 10 of your last posts.


Video Social Enticements CommentLuv Premium Settings



5) GASP Trackback Log Stats

You’ve on your dashboard, where the trackbacks are coming from and the latest 50.
You manage them according to your needs, sending to spam, discard or moderate, by your default.

Trackback Logs Commentluv Premium


CommentLuv Click Stats

Perfect to see the traffic coming from your CL links posted on other blogs.
Although you can deep on Google Analytics, this very handy directly on dashboard.

Trackback Logs Video


6) CommentLuv Premium Profile Bio

Independently of your blogging goals on the long term, when you comment on other people blogs, you can eventually have backlinks to your home-blog.
The law of reciprocity can be present here or not, it depends of you.

Clicking the bio on CommentLuv shows now, clickable links and you’ve till extra 5 favorites links (10 latest posts + 5 more) Sweet!


CommentLuv Premium Profile Bio

Video How to Show Favorite Posts and Add More Power to your CommentLuv Bio



7) CommentLuv Premium Plugin Give you More speed and Less Plugins

Last but not least, I’ve deleted the “old” several-individual plugins because all of them are incorporated on Premium CommentLuv.
After the panda update of Google, blogs/sites that load faster are ranking better.

Before the premium, I’ve had individual plugins for:
CommentLuv, GASP, Trackback Validation, TwitterLink and KeywordLuv.
Now, all of them are integrated into the plugin CommentLuv Premium, more the new ones.
Less plugins it means your blog is faster and less updates to be done, perfect!

The CommentLuv Plugin

If you’re using the CommentLuv free version and I bet you love it, with the CommentLuv Premium you’ll be fascinated.

Is the premium version polished? Of course not, because it’s still on beta – but it’s going out of beta soon.
My own experience is good with the installation, although I needed a re-activation after a red-notice that a Twitterlink table and a WP-data were missing. But after the re-activation everything was fine. Also there is a forum and support if in any doubt arises or suggestion you need to do.

Even if you don’t have it installed, I bet you’d like to increase comments, traffic, less spam and more social love. Therefore, the CommentLuv Premium is a good option for that.

The plugin CommentLuv Premium is for WordPress hosted blogs, not for users.

Bloggers on Blogger can enjoy the free version of the CommentLuv using IntenseDebate as way to get comments. Anyway, I don’t recommend Intense Debate because I had problems with it, and it was the last trouble that fired my transition to WordPress. (See my tricky migrations from IntenseDebate comments to WordPress and the transition from Blogger to WordPress)


UPDATE – 12 March 2012

After the big launch on Oct 2011, the plugin CommentLuv Premium is now public and enhanced with new versions.

In case you opt for the CommentLuv Premium plugin, you’ll enter automatically as an affiliate, getting a commission as a referral for people that purchase the plugin via your link. Nice bonus 😉


CommentLuv premium plugin comes now with  4 extra bonuses.

Aside of the full review I’ve done in this article of the 8-1 useful plugin, you obtain also now:

  • Bonus 1: Pro report about 15 ways to generate traffic.
  • Bonus 2: WP Dealpon plugin you can run your own groupon type offers
  • Bonus 3: Dashboard Luvvers Widget (premium) showing hidden unanswered comments, and if the person has commented before, etc. (I’m using it and it’s a great addition)
  • Bonus 4: WP Mail Ads PLR plugin (previously sold for $27) and now it’s included for free. You can add your own message on the end of every email that your WordPress blog sends out.



 UPDATE – 21 June 2012

There are new features in the CommentLuv premium:

  • Enhanced even more the spam control
  1.  Banned search terms– people coming from search engines with certain keywords, can trigger a warning message and comments are disallowed immediately after their arrival.E.g. of keywords/phrases could be “dofollow”, “leave a comment”, “CommentLuv enabled”. Typical human spammers wanting to put spammy comments just for links, are not welcomed 😉
  2. Minimum amount of keyups on comments– catch people that prepared a comment to copy and paste everywhere. You can control how many keyups are necessary to validate the comment.E.g. if you set a minimum amount of 25 keypresses and the user only copy and paste (Ctrl + V), these are only 2 keyups, hence this comment doesn’t pass the filter.Fact: bots and automatic comments do not make keypresses, therefore “hasta la vista baby”, bye bye human spammer!
  3. Action to take if comment has no author URL– really this one is brilliant too. I’m tired that people post a comment with a URL, get the CommentLuv link, but before sending the comment, they delete the URL that put before.Why? In that way he/she gets a CommentLuv backlink, but the problematic URL does not trigger the Akismet plugin. That person gets 1 Cluv backlink and the comment pass without any problem with the spammy URL inside the CommentLuv link. Now, I set the plugin to delete those comments, right away!
  • Possibility of removing Twitterlinks – this is also brand new and very useful. People that left their Twitter usernames are shown on the admin comments list. If the Twitter ID was erroneous or this account was banned, why do I need to have it on my blog? I delete those Twitterlinks that are giving broken links.



Take a look all these functions live; watch the following video that shows everything:




If you’re a WordPress user, have you enabled the CommentLuv plugin?
What type of characteristics do you love of it or perhaps not?

Are you considering picking the CommentLuv Premium plugin?

You can try it in my comment area, right now 🙂

Updated: October 13, 2013  – CommentLuv will be changing its subscription mode to annual payment or similar soon, is not defined yet. Also it has improved the GASP plugin to the new spam generated.


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Steffani Cook

Indeed, CommentLuv is really helpful in bringing traffic and more comments to blogs! After reading it on other blogs, I will install it on my blog, too! : D


    Totally Steffani! With this plugin, you can increase comments, traffic for luv-links done on other blogs and control spam in a centralized way, worth it. Do it quickly only few days left and it’ll be withdrew of the market again. I don’t have information when it’ll be available and which will be the new price after that.


Great review Gera. I’m loving the plugin so far as well. I still have to go in and tweak some things. This plugin definately makes it easier and gets you noticed with the extra little + on the heart. I like the icons for tweeting,faceboook like and google +1 that were added at the bottom of the posts.


    Thanks Darren!
    Yes as it’s a power plugin, you can control many variables then you need to think for some time, to see what you like to show or not ,on all those settings. The social enticements are great 🙂


this plug-in has always been my favorite. This time they have made it more customizable.
Nice Plug in.


Very interesting content. I have also purchased my CommentLuv for my new blog. As what I have read from various post regarding the plugin, I cant see any negative review for it. It is simple great.


    Thanks Herbert! Really it’s very good, I’ve had only a small glitch with it and now is fine.

claudia lamascolo

Gera you always bring such new innovation to the net… this one looks like it wont dissappoint,. Great job!


Comment Luv tool is great for building a community for your site. I have already started installing this on some of my sites. It’s really worth a try.


Hey Gera, Spent my last forty but got the plugin! Thanks for the heads up on the early bird too.


Gera, your article convinced me. I’m going for it. The part about automatically being registered as an affiliate was news to e.


    Yes, this is an extra bonus that you’ll have it immediately. I didn’t pay much attention on the first pre-sale information, but I find it later. You’ll see after login that you’re already added automatically. Go and take it before the offer expires.

    Today even there is a plus of an ebook and templates for ebooks too inside in the download area.


      Will this version work on WordPress blogs hosted elsewhere?


        I don’t have information of the possible servers and their compatibility. My experience is with Hosgator; Andy is on GoDaddy and I know several are hosted on Bluehost too, without issues.
        Reading internally into the forum the glitches related to host are really minimal and all were of the earlier versions. Today was issued the version V3.0.1.1.
        This is all the information I’ve until now. Hope this can help a little.


I read this after I ordered, “The plugin CommentLuv Premium is for WordPress hosted blogs, not for users.” I think I made a mistake because my blog is not WordPress hosted.

Also since I ordered my machine has been working very slowly — an e-mail seems to be timing out my system.


    Sorry to hear that. I supposed that you were in (hosted) blogs.
    Plugins are for hosted WP. is hosted for free, but they not allow installing plugins, ads or affiliating links.
    Majority of users end migrating to hosted WP because on the first you cannot install anything. So the plugin can be an asset for the future.

    As per virus or similar, I don’t think so, this is installed on thousands of machines. My antivirus said is ok and also on my WP installation.
    Anyway you can talk with Andy (the developer) for all the points mentioned before.


Gera, Postscript: I just successfully installed premium CommentLuv and it’s fabulous. I learned that Vipre was quarantining ALL the e-mails generated during registration!
If this happens to anyone with Vipre, just go to the Vipre e-mail section and take off the quarantine (save the restored e-mail to your Documents folder; Vipre defaults restore to the Computer folder, which is dumb because you can’t find the restored e-mail) It’s very easy.
And I want to add this: even though the problem was at my end, Andy Bailey provided stellar customer service and even did a workaround to help me get set up.

Premium CommentLuv has one happy customer! So glad I got in on the limited time offer!


    Good to hear that and excellent to know that you’ve installed premium. Didn’t know about Vipre, interesting tips, thanks for sharing!

Stephan Hilson

I never thought of a commentluv premium could offer many benefits. I guess there are more things to love in commentluv aside from showing the readers’ recent post. GASP (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin) and Do-Follow/No Follow seem interesting features. Maybe I should save $40 for this plug-in.


    Stephan, you’re right, there are lots of more benefits of this plugin that cannot be posted here to not doing a super long post.
    Better management of trackbacks (less spam), superior and new control of keywords, disable autopings and so on.

    If you’ve the possibility and are interested, is a good idea to take the CommentLuv premium plugin as soon as possible, before the offer is taken out of the market in 2 days. After that the plugin won’t be available for several weeks/months ( I don’t know) and later the price will be higher.

    Thanks for your visit!


You seem to have it all sorted there Gera, you’ve got your blog locked down like Alcatraz, no spam comments here. Have been considering turning on dofollow comments but scared of how much spam that might attract.


    Lyndon spam is less but not zero, you’d see my spam folder coming daily! Having control with several plugins is vital. I know bloggers with nofollow receiving tons of spam also, then the control is important, no matter if you’re dofollow or not.

    Thanks for stopping by!

Stefanie Reichow

I like the new premium version of the plugin. The fact that Andy has taken the time to not only create some great improvements over the standard CommentLuv plugin, but even go further and combine his other plugins into one. I am always a fan of reducing the number of plugins that I have running on my blog.


    Yes Stefanie, this is a great plugin and more that cover 8-1 – so few plugins mean less potential troubles in the future 🙂


Thank you for this informative post, it is very helpful.


I went ahead and bought CommentLuv premium, but I totally forgot about the Dashboard Luuver plugin until just recently! It lets you keep track comments on your site, like ones that you haven’t replied to yet.

There’s also a couple more ComLuv dashboards that are helpful: the GASP Trackback Log and Click Stats. These are designed to give you info at a glance and save you time!

CommentLuv has turned into something really quite amazing. It’s almost like a club you join — one of like-minded bloggers, helping out the community as a whole.


Gera, thanks for the reminder about the 4 bonuses! I had become a premium member but completely forgot about them. I went back to the premium members site and downloaded them before the deadline. Thanks to you I got back in time.
The e-book is quite cool – advice on leaving comments, comment etiquette . . well I’m still reading.

The Dashboard Luvers plugin is a VERY cool bonus. It shows up fairly unobtrusively . . . at the bottom of your dashboard! Lets you know your commenters who could really use a hug and other info.
The e-book MS Word templates? Well, I’ve got ’em if I decide to write an e-book. Can’t say I quite understand the WP Mail Ads plugin (yet) but I’ve got it.
If it weren’t for your article I also would have missed the whole premium CommentLuv sale. Only a couple of hours to go. tick tick tick


    You’re welcome! Yes it seems that the bonuses will be gone in few hours. The Dashboard Luvers is really helpful to manage comments (great to find all the comments of one person)

    The WP Mail Ads plugin I haven’t installed yet, but it looks like very useful. I’ll try with enough time to see how it works 🙂


Hi Gera, It is a easiest and perfect way to remove all the spam for the blog because if most of spammer do comment on do follow blog then it become a problem for owner but it is nice to read that it removes spam so anyone can use dofollow easily. thanks for your post

Rizwan Sultan

I try comment luv plugin in my blogs.But there is too much spamming comments hits on my blogs.


    Rizwan I’ve installed Commentluv for long time on the free version and when I didn’t have it, the spam was the same. But I know that every blogger and niche is targeted differently by those spammers.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!


Wow. I am a big fan of CommentLuv Premium already and thought I knew all the reasons why…but then I read this and was like, oh man, that’s right! It does that, too! There’s so much going on with CommentLuv Premium, it’s hard to keep track of everything. SOLD!!


    Kristin, you’re right it’s so powerful that take some time to set it and to know all the different angles behind it. Moreover, with all the new stuff that Commentluv will have in future 🙂

    Thanks for coming by!


I already have it installed on my blog and it is doing great at the moment.


Thanks Edward! Happy you find it helpful and really worth the the money.


Thanks for the great post Gera. I purchased CLP and I too forgot about some of the bonuses and added perks. Thanks for a great and informative post!!!


You’re welcome Julie!

This Comment luv premiun plugin has many angles to cover and this is good 😉

Now a new version has come and you can show social enticements to all the readers, a great social bonus 🙂


Thanks so much Scott! Tried to do it helpful.


You’re very welcomed Astro! Hope you’re enjoying the benefits of this great plugin and you’re right the “VIP treatment” is extremely useful. I choose on those 5 extras, posts or pages that are important or are hidden, because on 10 recent posts are show automatically. For affiliates is so helpful 🙂

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