Three Alternatives to Not So Healthy Foodie Favorites

Stay Healthy Foods - Apple


No doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of committing to a healthier lifestyle is sticking to a healthy diet. With so many deliciously tempting snacks available, finding a way to resist urges for greasy potato chips, sugary candies, and fatty treats can be quite the challenge.

All too often, people trying to lead a healthier lifestyle commit to denial rather than compromise. In other words, rather than tell ourselves that we can never have any snacks that are sugary or fatty, we should try to find healthier substitutes for these alluring treats. Try these three healthy and delicious substitutes for three guilty pleasure snacks that are hard to shake cold turkey.

Stay Healthy Foods - Apple

Apple Chips

There is no better diet breaker than the ever tempting potato chip. Full of fat and carbohydrates, potato chips have little to offer other than a tasty and greasy snack. A great alternative to snacking on greasy potato chips is eating apple chips instead. Apple chips have fewer calories and significantly less saturated fat.

Now obviously, you can’t base your diet off of eating apple chips all day, but if you get a snacking craving, rather than reach for the fatty bag of potato chips, try munching on some apple chips instead. While these apple chips can be a bit hard to come by in your local grocery store and can be significantly more expensive than traditional chips, they can be made at home fairly easily.

With just a few ingredients and a couple apples of your choice, you can make this healthy snack at in your own kitchen.


Dried Fruit

Obviously sugary candies are not dieting material. However, the second I start dieting, candy is typically the first thing I begin craving. Rather than denying yourself all sweets, try substituting your sweet tooth for processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup with a taste for dried fruits.

Dried fruit can be a great substitute for sugary candy because it still has a delicious sweet taste and it somewhat resembles candy in texture and appearance. In many way, eating dried fruit as candy can trick your mind and body into thinking that it is satisfying its craving for sweets.

While some dried fruits can still have relatively high levels of calories, all dried fruit has the better fats and sugars that your body needs. Buy dried fruits such as dates, figs, and plums at your local grocery store for a snack that has less than half the amount of calories fruit mimicking candies do.

Replace that bag of skittles at 250 calories with a whopping handful of dried plums at 110 calories. While this substitution can take some getting used to, dried fruit is a healthy alternative to super sugary candies and treats.


Almond Nut Butter

Many of us may not know just how fattening peanut butter can be. With generally just under 200 calories (per average serving) and almost 70% saturated fat, peanut butter can be a huge setback for many dieters. Almond butter can act as a great substitute for peanut butter.

Now, many think that almond butter is just as fattening as peanut butter because it too contains high levels of fat. However, the fat in almond butter is unsaturated, which is heart healthy, rather than saturated like peanut butter. This means, that while you are ingesting just as many grams of fat, the fat in almond butter is good for your health and heart.

Almond nut butter also contains a substantial amount of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and can help lower your cholesterol. Again, almond butter can be more expensive than a generic jar of peanut butter, but it is most certainly worth it.

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    Those are some good suggestions. But, I try to watch my blood sugar really closely. Are there any snacks that are healthier like these but are also higher in protein?

    Protein helps me keep my blood sugar levels under 100. That is my goal. Those kinds of snacks are tough to find.


    I always eat dry fruits and like cooking with them also.


    I really don’t have an answer that why the geeks like you always keep talking of getting slim but there can be people like me who actually want to gain some weight. Please please do some post regarding easy and frequent ways of putting on weight.


    I’m a big fan of banana chips, they are cheap and plentiful over here. I don’t think I could give up the peanut butter though, I think it gets a bit of a bad rap, if you buy the natural stuff it’s actually quite healthy, lots of protein as well as some other vitamins and minerals. It’s actually mostly unsaturated fat, but yes it is definitely calorie dense so care must be taken to avoid eating too much of it, but like most things, its good in moderation


    The thing that kills me is ice cream cravings. I really, really want ice cream as a dessert. Thank goodness that there is frozen yogurt available nowadays at every street corner grocery.

    Murray Lunn

    I’ve recently stepped on working on my overall health because the last few years have basically been in front of the computer working on my websites.

    Now, I’m biking every single day (3x) and eating healthy again; I get tempted by snacks but I’m trying to stick with my plan. Thanks for sharing; a lot more bloggers probably (and should be) taking care of their health above all else.


      Good points Murray! I know that sensation when I stop doing some type of exercise for months. I suggest that it’s nice if you like, to mix biking and jogging (as an active break).

      Of course try to eat healthy is primordial 🙂

      Thanks for coming by!

        Murray Lunn

        I’m definitely going to mix in some jogging soon. I admit that I’ve packed on the pounds but not that far out there (about 200, 6ft) so I need to lose about 30 pounds.

        The one problem is that I haven’t jogged in a while that it’s too hard of an impact at this time so I’m just getting used to biking and then going to start doing a bit of time at the local gym.

        Eventually, one day, I’d like to do some kind of 5k event or a smaller ironman competition ha.

        Blogging and exercise; I guess things have changed 😀


          The better exercises to lose weight are the aerobics (swim, run-jog, bike)
          Several years ago, I had an accident when I was training and I needed to stop for almost a year to do some exercises. When I started again, it was hard to do something.

          I recommend walking for some minutes and later jog 1 min and walk again, several times in one day.
          Other day, walk and 2 mins of jogging and so on. The rhythm should conversational (you’d jog with enough air to talk normally with other person, if not you’re out of the rhythm)
          And you never know, step by step you start with 5K, 10K, 21K, 42k…ironman…haha!

          Blogging and exercise is an excellent combo 🙂


    My local store now does vegetable chips – carrots, parsnip and some others I think. Not tried yet. I wonder, are those really any healthier though? Not seen apple chips either, I am in the UK some maybe we do not get them here.


    Yea,apple chips are great i’ve been eating them for about a year, I just love them


    Thanks for the ideas. Apple chips are great, they have them at Subway too for a great alternative to the usual. I’ve been eating a lot of vegetable chips too, like them even better than greasy potato chips!


    Recently I discovered soya beans. OK< not chips or any root or tuber vegetable kind, but a nice alternative that goes well with a Saturday evening beer in front of the tele.


    These alternatives are very good, especially the Apple Chips which are absolutelly delicious. It’s so hard to stay away from fast-food nowadays, and from junk food, we must go for the healthy food, choosing these alternatives can help us very much.


    I like apple chips and my ultimate favorite is the dried fruits. Its not only healthy but taste so good too.



    bananas have got to be good they are a great fruit for weight loss plus loads of other medical benefits

    Larry J

    The best way to lose weight is cutting out all sugars from your diet. The bad thing about sugar is that it results in the body storing fat. I like good wholesome snacks like almonds and non dried fruits.

    Srinivas Reddy

    Good post, Barbara. I agree, there are countless healthy alternatives to processed foods that are loaded with sugar, fat and salt. That said, time-honored good saturated fats are unnecessarily getting a bad rap, thanks to our pseudo food-science. I urge (and dare) your readers to find out for themselves the truth about fats.


    I used potato chips so far but from your post i knew that it’s not healthy product and also side effect on our body so that i will try to change my habit…Thanks for sharing…


    popcorn is a good alternative to chips don’t use melted butter, you can melt in a little low fat cheese or spray with a low cal butter


    Staying healthy is a bit difficult thing to maintain nowadays. Especially that many unhealthy foods are available anywher we go. So it is important for us to be aware of the healthy and unhealthy foods that we are eating in order to maintain a healthy body most of the time.


      i know what you mean James but you have to stay focused, you cant give in to the mouth watering smell of junk food, once you do your addicted that is why they make it smell so nice it just draws you in

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